True Health For All

Most of the articles here have been written years ago but have been revised or updated where necessary. Much of the advice or info in this section is soley the author's and does not constitute professional advice.

Key Tips to Good Health

Going Raw Is The Answer

Raw Vegan Diet

Raw Versus Cooked Food

Living on Salads and Smoothies

Raw Noodles for Pasta Lovers

Essene Bread

The Fruit and Bread Diet

Raw Tomato and Avocado Dip

The Banana Nut Drink

Oregano Oil

Soap Nuts

Boric Acid

Water Rich Foods

The Coconut Water Fast

The One Day Fast

Fasting Hurdles

The Nature Man

Fruits and Nuts: the Natural Food of Man

Kitchens are Drug Factories

Fruit and the Beginnings of Sex

The Sad Truth About Vaccines

Why I No Longer Go To Dentists

Coughs and Fevers are Your Friends

Sleep and Regeneration

Shortcut to Regeneration

Your Gut is Your Second Brain
-Keep It Clean

The Emotional Freedom Technique
for Stress Relief and Self-Realization

Aging and Death: Are They Reversible?

Drugged Humanity

Ray Maor -breatharian

Jericho(Genesis) Sunfire -breatharian

Victor Truviano -breatharian

Akahi -breatharian

We Should Only Eat What Grows On Trees

Orgasm and the Length of Life

Food Affects How You Think and Feel

Corona Virus = Carnivorous

Successful Fasting

Grains Cause Arthritis

Diet and Death - a Play on Words

Annette Larkins - Raw Vegan Wonder

Orgonite for 5G

Why So Many Fail On The Fruitarian Diet

Blood Tests and Cloning

Those Evil Jabs

Toxicity and Stress -the Causes of All Disease

The Banana, Avocado, and Kiwi Mash

Why Regular Bananas Make Me Cough

Your Garden Hose Water
May Be Killing Your Lawn

Climate and Food are the Keys to Health

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