Of course they are. But you need to know the causes before you can do anything.

some of the causes of aging and death
Our bodies our constantly regenerating, but at some point the degenerative forces overtake the regenerative ones -due to our persistent bad habits and error ways, and that's when aging(the body's breakdown) truly begins. This usually happens around age 30 or the Saturn return in our modern civilization, but there is no need for this to be so. Beyond Saturn the reaper is Uranus the liberator with the truth that will set you free. Everyone wants to be young(Gemini) and beautiful(Libra), but you need to know and live the truth (Aquarius) that will make this so.

You need simply to learn WHY you are aging and dying -and then take action to reverse the process. That's easier said than done. We live in a world that hides the truth so that the few who possess it can benefit at the expense of everyone else. We are not taught about the destructive habits and lifestyles that slowly and imperceptibly kill us, and are basically left to our own devices to discover this. Then, when a few of us learn the answers, we are silenced or ridiculed so that the deception and financial profits can continue. Our money system is the prime vehicle for this deception and controls almost every facet of our lives. Politics, religion, science, and war are the other tools of our controllers.

The interaction between ourselves and our environment is the basis for our health and longetivity. When this interaction is negative or disrupted we suffer. Our world and lifestyle was fine until the invaders came and corrupted us. They changed our climate and imposed their strange way of life on us because we were too trusting or naive, and now we are paying for it. While their sciences, religions, and social and economic systems have benefits, they also have great flaws or detriments. The war, waste, and pollution caused by their systems have destroyed countless other worlds and are now threatening our own. There is a continual war going on between the good and bad angelic forces of this universe and humans are caught inbetween. We were basically created to serve these gods but have the potential to become like them as well. The good forces want to see us evolve into gods while the evil forces just want to use us and may ultimately destroy us. Most of our leaders have sided with the dark forces but more and more humans are awakening to the good forces. Humanity cannot sit in the middle forever. We have the seeds and potentials of the gods within us and need to activate this and take control of our lives and destinies. This can only be done by learning the truth about our dire situation and taking the right actions to remedy it.

Thanks to the freedoms of the Internet, there is more opportunity now to pool together our knowledge and wisdom and make great strides in our evolution. Humans always thrive and prosper when the controllers relax their controls or let down their guard. This is what happened many times in history such as in Atlantis, The Tower of Babel, the Renaissance, and to some degree today. Then when we advance too much for their liking they bring us down again. We must seize whatever opportunity we get to become our own peoples and species and plane or planet. This means that enough of us must act on the truths now being revealed to awaken as many as possible and achieve our independence. The good masters of Earth and beyond are waiting to work with us to turn this planet around. Are you striving to become one of them? Only spiritual masters -those who have overcome themselves and the challenges of their environments, can properly rule this planet. Our human political leaders have and always will fail utterly.

Mastery means to overcome all of your lower desires which are the source of all our problems and miseries. If food, sex, drugs, fame, money, or power still control you, then you are not a master and are not fit to rule over others. Only those who can control these appetites will fully regenerate, defeat aging and death, and truly and successfully lead our world. Food is a big one. We are all basically slaves to our stomachs and so long as this is so we will always sell ourselves out. Becoming a vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, liquidarian, and ultimately a breatharian is the way to master food. Yes, you can live without physical food altogether and thrive on it, but this takes great knowledge, strength, and time. Most of us are too weak and need social and spiritual prodding or help. Fortunately such help is available and all you need to do is reach out.

True eating or food was intended as an occasional pleasure given to us as a gift from our Creator, but instead. over time, we have turned it into an addictive and destructive lust. God gave us the sweet fruits of the trees, but this did not satisfy so we developed agriculture and farming which have become abominations. With the help of our controllers, we have moved away from simplicity and truth and are paying dearly for it. The exodus to the cold climes and cities and the adoption of a heavily processed and chemicalized diet is slowly but surely killing us -and most of us can't even see it.

We take aging and death for granted when they are in fact not normal. Aging is the accumulation of our sins or error ways -and that includes our unhealthy diets. It takes time for your body to become sick or diseased. It always puts up a valiant fight, but at some point there is an overload and deterioration sets in. This can come from bad food, a toxic environment, overwork, or even negative emotions and thoughts. If these factors are persistent they will surely break you down.

One effective way to counter aging is to adopt a pure or natural diet which will slow down or halt the body's deterioration. This means no cooked or processed foods or GMO's. Cooked foods are dead foods and only burden the body. Processed foods are not fresh and contain too many preservatives or chemicals that can harm your health. This is the curse of living in the cities or crowded places. We must import all our food, much of it dead or poisoned. We have become dangerously dependant on the food manufacturers whose only real interests are financial profit. We must return to the country and learn to grow our own food and become self-sustainable again.

Fasting is an even more powerful means of halting or even reversing the aging process but we are not taught this in most Western schools. Most of the body's energy goes into digesting your meals and is the main reason we need to rest or sleep. When you fast, you liberate that energy to do what it's supposed to do -fix you up and keep you functioning properly. Most diseases can be cured through fasting, rest, and fresh air or sunlight. Instead we go to the doctors who often make our conditions worse.

Most animals instinctively fast when they are sick and humans should too. Fasting is the best and most natural way to heal or detoxify yourself and it also strengthens you spiritually. All of the great prophets fasted and benefitted from it. Long and frequent fasts will also make you young again! This is because we were not meant to age or die, but to keep on growing stronger and wiser, but hardly anyone will tell you this. The first humans ate only for pleasure, and ate mostly fruits, and lived hundreds of years or longer. Death was largely voluntary; you would lie down and peacefully and willfully exit your body or burn it up or transform it(painlessly) with your kundalini power. Today we spend thousands of dollars for embalming and caskets and funeral services -what a joke!

Aging is in effect a slow death caused by toxicity and stress. When you are pure and food-free the full quota of your spirit flows through you unimpeded and you virtually become immortal. When you eat or sin you impede this flow and compromise your health. Food or eating is the basis for sex and sleep. The more toxic the food the more sensual or tired you become. A vegetarian or raw organic vegan diet is recommended for most people who are on on the path to enlightenment. Liquidarian and breatharian diets are for truly evolved or spiritually awakened souls.

Conquering your carnal appetites also leads to conquering money, fame, power, and war. With your health and peace of mind there will be no need for these things. All we really need to survive and thrive on this Earth is clean fresh air, sun, light, warmth, clean water, fruit trees, and truth and love. Those who war and ruin the Earth are corrupted by their lusts and need to be stopped and reeducated, and if they are unwilling to change they must be removed or destroyed. We are here to enjoy each other and the planet, not mindlessly kill or destroy life.

What about all the people who have died already? Can they be brought back to life? According to Scripture they can! The bible calls it Resurrection. Apparently God has the power to bring anyone who has died back to life, whether it be from the the bone DNA that is still in the ground(as he did in Ezekiel 37) or from the Akashic records. Nothing is ever lost permanently! In the Great Judgement, all who have ever lived and died will be brought back for an accounting and given another chance to live correctly.

Listen to your inner being or Christ self. It will always steer you right. We have been so conditioned to THINK or REASON that it is destroying us. Intellect is a child compared to intuition or instinctive inner knowing. If you heed your intuition, which is older and wiser than your intellect, you will naturally be led to the truth that will set you free. This is because you have been here before and have faced similar situations, and your instincts or intuitions are the result of this. We also carry within us deep racial and planetary memories which we can access or use to guide us.

The Flood waters(canopy) that fell to Earth during Noah's time radically changed our climate and drastically reduced our quality and length of life
Another major cause of aging and death, which is perhaps more significant than food, is our disrupted environment. Our plane was originally created perfect for sustaining life, but has been damaged or tampered with by the dark forces. The damage may extend to the other planes beyond ours as well. The poor weather and unbalanced climate here is the result of a broken or damaged dome or firmament which needs to be restored or repaired. In Noah's day, it acted like a greenhouse giving us paradisical conditions, giant bodies, and extremely long lives. Then the invaders came, some possibly through breaches in the canopy, and that's when the waters came in and caused the Great Flood.

After the invasion, some repairs were enacted and part of the waters receded towards the poles and became ice and snow. Life began to flourish once more, but conditions were very different now. We were more exposed to the heavenly bodies and their rays and there was night and day and winter and summer and wind and rain and ecological chaos or imbalance in general. This imbalance greatly reduced our life spans, intelligence, and quality of life to what it is today.

Everything we accept today as normal -the diverse and often unstable weather, night and day, the seasons and extremes in temperature, our short and miserable life spans, the wild and destructive nature of both man and beast, the lust, war, ignorance, and general chaos, is in fact not normal. It is a degenerated state or what the Islamics call the Kali Yuga -the darkest(spiritually) phase of human existence which we have yet to come out of.

Science and industry have become the false saviours of the last three hundred years, and while they have brought us material benefits, they have failed to quench our innermost yearnings and are in fact proving to be utterly destructive and negative. We are still aging and dying and as sick and ignorant as ever. Only in the last few decades has there been a mass awakening to the truths that will truly set us free, thanks in large part to the success of the internet.

Our controllers are being exposed and so is their system of control and repression. The matrix is crumbling and people are slowly taking back their power. If the momentum continues humanity can win its freedom and independence, unlock its full potential, and chart its way to the heavens and beyond. If not, we will fall back into slavery and wait for the next time around.

Individually, you do not have to wait for everyone else. Throughout history, individuals or groups have evolved past the collective. You can still be a leader or pioneer in your own right or chart your own salvation. This can take one, a few, or many lifetimes. It's totally up to you(and your Higher Self). Some people have chosen to awaken now while others have chosen to remain asleep. So if someone is not interested in regeneration, forget it and move on. If mates or family members are involved you will have to work it out as best as you can. Ultimately we are all on our own.

We should be getting stronger with age, not weaker. Apollonius of Tyana was as strong and wise as ever at the age of 100. Most of us have enough life force to keep us going up to around age 30 or so and then something goes terribly wrong; our sins or error ways catch up with us and we start to deteriorate. All that eating and drinking and working and partying is wearing us down and our bodies can't deal with it anymore, and we start to break down. Instead of foreseeing the consequences and making amends, we just continue our indulgent ways and get worse. Only when we get a serious disease, infirmity, or ilness do we consider changing, but by then it's often too late, and we end up dying.

All of this can be avoided by proper education and motivation. Unfortunately, we are not taught the truth -that aging and death are not natural, that desire can be deadly, and that our controllers basically don't want us around and are doing everything they can to get rid of most of us. Our climate, food, water, air, and environment have all been changed to render us weak, docile, ignorant, and short-lived. If it were not for the restraining or intervening of the good forces, humanity would have been completely eradicated long ago.

Of course the evil forces don't have a chance against the good forces. They are merely being used to test and refine us, producing a few gems here and there, and when their time is up, they will be removed or restrained, and a child-like golden age of humanity will begin. During that age, the Earth's canopy will be re-establihed and this outer Earth will become a paradise again, with people and animals eventually growing twelve to fifteen feet tall and living 600 years or greater. The snow and ice caps and some of the oceans will have evaporated(to form the canopy) exposing the polar entrances and reuniting us with our inner Earth brethen. Earth will be properly realigned with the Sun and planets and stars and other universes and a new and united universal communion will happen again.

What about now? Can we still beat aging and death in our current negative planetary environment? Yes, but it will be more difficult or require more effort. Still, this is exactly the challenge many of us want or seek. Most of us are lazy and indulgent and need to be pressured into changing or improving ourselves, and the conditions on this plane currently provides that pressure or impetus. Those who regenerate under the current conditions will truly become gems or diamonds, and having learned their lessons the hard way, nothing will ever corrupt or deter them again. They will never have to come back here and start from scratch.

All those who have died in the past have basically failed in life and must try again until they get it right. Whether they are resurrected or reincarnated, all will continue to be given a chance as our Universe and its Creator are ever merciful and forgiving. Do you kill your child because it has sinned or erred? No, you punish or reprimand him/her until they learn their lesson. It's the same with God and humans. GOvernment plays the role of humanity's parents, but it appears we have rejected our original parents and adopted surrogates who do not have our best interests in mind.

Humanity needs to get back on track and fulfill its divine destiny -and that means conquering aging and death.

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