The Emotional Freedom Technique
for stress relief and self-realization

Here is a simple but effective exercise video designed to realign or reinforce your body's electrical meridians so that emotional(and mental) balance and peace is restored.

At first I was doubtful and even felt a little silly, but after trying it I was amazed!

I suffered from persistent heart palpitations due to stress and worry twice in my life, and after trying EFT my heart rythm was reset and the palpitations gone! This stuff really works!

The affirmations help to focus or address the problem, but what really does the trick is the tapping which is a kind of accupressure technique. Soon after you're done, a calm or relaxation descends upon you.

You can also use EFT to reprogram your subconcious and achieve all sorts of good stuff, like quitting smoking, stop overeating, pain reduction, and realizing goals and wishes. The more often you do it, the more it works.

Thank you Dr. Joseph Mercola and Julie Schiffman!

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