The Sad Truth About Vaccines

The hypodermic srynge was invented in 1853 in Europe, but mass-marketing of the plastic and disposable version didn't begin in earnest untill 1954 following a call for the distribution of the Salk(Jonas) polio vaccine to about a million children(the culling begins!).

The idea behind vaccination is to introduce into the body foreign elements which will incite your immune system to combat them and therefore develop an immunity, but some of those elements may be too powerful to overcome, causing chronic disease and death.

In fact, many of the constituents of vaccines are never even tested or poorly so and put the receivers at great risks. The push for such vaccines is often financially induced and conspiracies abound of cash-hungry pharmaceutical companies in tandem with government and science.

At the extreme end are those who say vaccines are nothing but tests for biological warfare or population reduction schemes -with humans as the guinea pigs.

What is really bothersome is the cumpulsory or mandatory nature of some of the vaccine programs. The anti-vaccine groups of the late 1800's and 1900's which grew up alongside the the makers and promoters argued that vaccines were not only inneffective but dangerous as well, and that good hygiene and diet would counter any proclivity for disease. This author agrees. Forcible or mandatory vaccinations that threaten your job or inflict fines are Nazi-like in nature and reveal disturbing aspects about our leaders and governments.

The whole idea of injection is a foreign or anti-human concept. Where did people get this idea of sticking needles and substances into a person for promoting health begin in the first place? Children have an instinctive fear or dislike of needles and vaccines and this alone should sound off the alarms.

The closest example we have of this in nature is the mosquito, whose proboscis is ideally designed(not by God I think) to rip through your flesh and suck the life-giving blood out of you. Only the females go for the blood which contains certain proteins or elements necessary for egg reproduction. The males basically suck on plant juices. Also, the mosquito releases an anti-coagulant keeping your wound open while it sucks up the blood.

Most people hate mosquitoes and think they are evil and ugly and nasty and I would agree. The Japanese texts say they are the reincarnations of evil or bad spirits. Personally I think they were created or designed by the dark forces themselves, as were some of the other grotesque insects and animals on this planet.

While most mosquitoes in the West are harmless annoyances, those in the tropical or sub-tropical regions can be quite dangerous or even deadly, spreading malaria, encephelitis, West Nile, and other viruses. The funny thing is that the spreaders themselves don't die of such diseases.

Today's hypodermic srynges and needles look and act a lot like the proboscis of a mosquito and serve similar purposes -to withdraw blood and in some cases transmit disease. While some vaccines are harmless, others are quite harmful or even deadly. At best they actually do strengthen your immune system by your body's ability to successfully overcome the material injected. At worst, they destroy your immune system and kill you. Personally, I would neither want to get bitten or injected.

If the srynge and needle can be likened to the proboscis of the mosquito then the administrator of the injection or vaccine can be likened to the mosquito itself. All adminitrators of vaccines can therefore be likened to bloodsuckers and disease spreaders(lots of Insectoids among us)! Blood tests are no better. Where is all that blood really going to anyways?

A simple way to know if your blood is healthy is to look at your finger nails. Press the bottom of your finger tips to highlight the blood. If the blood is pinkisk in color then you're fine. If it is some other color you may have some issues,.

Humans can be brainwashed into anything and the elite know this, which is why they're getting away with Heaven and Earth on this planet. People, wake up! Nobody really cares about you except yourself. Don't give over your power, money, and life to others -especially science and medicine. Forget logic and reason for once and follow your feelings and instincts(which are older and wiser) and maybe this time you can escape the collective machinations we've been through countless of times before.

Want to stay healthy? Forget drugs or vaccines. Go out and get some sun and fresh air. Avoid processed sugar, salt, and most all commercial or man-made food products. Eat plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Exercise. Rest. Live a positive and ethical lifestyle and listen to and heed that inner voice or conciousness that knows what's best for you.

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