Air Is What Heals

Air or oxygen is what heals the body. It is not food or fruit or drugs, or anything else. The body is self-healing and requires no foreign substance except the air you breathe, or more precisely, the solar radiation in the air you breathe, to effect its healing.

When you get a cut or bruise the body's programming naturally goes to work using light and air to heal it. It heals because it is exposed to the open air which has sun or light energy in it. Air is a DISTRIBUTOR of this sun energy or prana which is the basis of all life. Breathing brings this energy to all parts of the body. Direct sun energy can burn or damage the body, but the air insulates us against this. That is why we have an atmosphere. It filters the more dangerous levels of sun energy or radiation.

When this energized air does not reach a certain part of the body, within or without, it dies or degenerates. Most of us stay clean on the outside, but are dirty or blocked on the inside due to wrong foods or overeating. This blocks the tissue linings reducing or entirely eliminating the air or oxygen absorption and cauising all sorts of ailments and disease. Some of this foreign material hardens causing long-term or even permanent damage and pain.

All processed or unnatural foods take longer to digest and eliminate, causing problems for the body. Only fruit, which is mostly water, digests and eliminates quickly. That is why fasting is often necessary; it allows the body to rid itself of offending food or drink or other irritants so it can reestablish the necessary oxygen contact needed for proper functioning. Sleep does this to some extent but fasting is more powerful. In fact, it would be ideal if we did not eat or ingest anything at all, so that full oxygen intake would remain constant.

Most people do not realize that food or drink or any other intoxicant is mostly for pleasure. Food does NOT give you life but rather death. It does this by clogging your insides, cutting oxygen intake, and slowly aging or wearing you out. Even fruit can do this but it will take much longer. Raw living foods DO contain life-giving elements, but less so than air or sun. A wise person once said that work kills you from the outside and food from the inside. Of course, most of us are too addicted to give up our destructive diets, but if you can go vegetarian, vegan, or even fruitarian, you will already be steps ahead.

Air or oxygen is the key to healing and good health. Smoking, living in a polluted environment, or breathing toxic fumes or chemicals should be avoided whenever possible. This will shorten your lifespan and deteriorate your health dramatically. Air, which actually powers your body, is the first thing we need to live, followed by clean water and natural food. We need to stay outdoors more, in the fresh air and sun. Living in the city or a cold climate will limit your access to good air or sufficent sun. We also need to fast more often so the body can clean up or repair on the inside and reset itself.

Good health can truly be simple and free. Unfortunately, the majority of us are brainwashed into all sorts of health dogmas concocted by the people who want to sell you stuff that do little or nothing for your health. The medical professions would pretty much dissappear if they taught you the full truth about real health, and so would most of the food manufacturers. Third World countries seem to know more about health than most Western nations.

God created your body perfect and self-maintaining. He/She also created a perfect environment so your vehicle could thrive in it. It is the selfish, fearful, ignorant, and evil few who have messed up this creation and created death and disease. These people need to be removed from our midst or restrained, and the simple truths be told so that we can take back our power and our health.

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