Blood Tests and Cloning
We've been conditioned to accept blood tests as a standard method of analyzing various health conditions, and yes it is possible to gather much information doing so, but is this the only reason? Where are those vials ultimately going to and for what purpose?

After one or more drops in that vial is used to analyze your health, what happens to the rest of the blood? Is it thrown away or flushed down the toilet, or is it frozen, shipped, and stored somewhere, as a permanent record of you -or even used for cloning?

Blood samples are not the only sources for cloning but they are major. Skin grafts, organs, hair, saliva, urine, and most body parts can all be used as cloning sources, especially if they contain stem cells. Every cell in your body contains your total genome.

Zublick on Dark Outpost as well as info from popular clones like Marshall Masters report that since 1954, there are clones or potential clones for nearly all Americans in some 800 deep underground bases as well as other bases around the world. Celebrities and politicians are especially valued either for sex, body parts, war, or politics. Others can be used for work or labor or entertainment in general.

Clones have part of your life essence in them and what happens to the clone may be sensed to some degree by the original. This may explain why you experience certain pains, pleasures, moods, fears, visions, or dreams for which you have no explanation. The more clones you have the more drained you may feel.

Clones are definitely all around us and may act as NPC's(non-player characters). They are very suggestible and programmable and usually follow the mainstream or deep state narrative with little or no question. They can be celebs, politicians, scientists, army people, religionists, businessmen, or just plain everyday people. As much as one third to one half of all humans are clones.

Who creates clones? Dracos, Greys, Reptillians, and aliens in general are at the top of the list, using us for mostly selfish purposes. They are located mostly underground or in adjacent pond worlds on this flat plain universe. Others are trained scientists or humans under the aliens. A lot of them find humans troublesome and want to eventually replace all of us as obedient clones, but clones have shown to break down frequently and the whole process is far from perfect.

What happems to clones when they break down and die? They are recycled(ground up) and often end up in lakes, rivers, landfills, everyday products, and even in our food supply. This is why I do not recommend wearing processed make-up or eating ground meat. Nor do I recommend getting blood tests or most other medical procedures. There are other natural ways to know if you are healthy or not or if your suffering from certain conditions.

It's sad but true that humans can be brainwashed into accepting almost anything, and nowhere is this more true than in modern medicine. Blood tests are not normal, and neither are syringes.

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