Arthritis - The Cause and the Cure

Eating the wrong foods is the main cause of arthritis. Impure water or drink is another cause. Then there are emotional and psychological reasons as well.

A buildup of chemical deposits form around the joints and harden making movement both difficult and painful. These deposits go first to weak or injured areas and then the body as a whole. Exercise or therapy can break up these deposits re-enabling mobility, but if the diet is not purified they will come back again.

Arthritis is not just a joint problem but a whole body problem and if the root cause is not addressed no amount of therapy or medicine will solve it. As stated earlier, the root cause is the diet and the emotions which affect the diet. Most of us are emotional eaters and there are emotions which only certain foods can quell. Emotionally unstable people will tend towards highly stimulating diets or even hard drugs to pacify themselves. When these emotions are dealt with or under control one can more easily move towards a better or healthier diet.

It can also work the other way around, where the food or drug is the cause of those unstable emotions. Removing those foods or drugs can result in a calmer or saner disposition. Processed sugar is a case in point. Most processed foods or drinks contain processed sugar or salt which are the two biggest drugs of all! They are extremely addictive and damaging and should be the first things to be removed from the diet. Of course there are tons of other chemicals in processed foods that can be just as harmful, but begin with those two.

If you cannot find sugar or salt-free foods then make or grow your own. Make your own bread or pasta or drinks; then at least you'll know what your getting. Unfortunately, if you live in the city or a temperate zone this will be hard to do. I've always said cities and cold climes are traps and that we should live in rural and warm regions which easily allow you to take control of both your life and your health. But of course, the governments and corporations hate this. They want you to be their docile slaves.

Forget pills and medications for your health woes -they never solved anything and never will, and only make things worse in the long run. What you need is to get back to a simple and natural lifestyle. Eat raw fruits and edible greens and vegetables without the spraying or chemicals. This is the only thing that will cure your arthritis and a host of other ailments or diseases at the same time. Cooking denatures food, is not readily recognized by the body, and takes longer to digest. It is a major cause of arthritis. Eat mostly raw living foods, use a water filter, get enough sun and fresh air, and stay positive and active.

If you've had arthritis for a long time you won't heal yourself overnight. It will take time and discipline, but every day will see some improvement as the body naturally works to remove those calcified deposits which need to be broken up and removed, and which will allow you to be fully mobile and pain-free again. Fasting will speed up the healing process but a diet change is recommended first.

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