Raw Versus Cooked Food

The harnessing of fire or heat to cook, warm us, or fashion the elements is turning out to be a greater curse than it is a blessing. Yes, it has produced all of our conveniences and modern lifestyle, but also all of the problems and diseases that come with it.

Fire or heat has the power to change the structure of any element so we can refashion it into anything we can think of or imagine -like car parts and armaments and plastics and technologies. This is part of the creative process for humans -to create like the Creator, but, like children, we're also making a huge mess in the process.

Fire or heat also makes normally inedible food edible -like grains and tubers and starches. Most of us would not eat potatoes or rice if they could not be softened or moistened through the cooking or heating process. Raw or uncooked meat is also unappealing to most humans. We were simply not designed to eat such foods, but because of fire or heat, we do.

The problem is that cooking or heating process literally "kills" the food and its all-important enzymes(which fascilitate or regulate digestion), rendering it unusable to the body. It also dries out the water and moisture thatt also fascilitates digestion. Most foods start to lose their structure around after 118 Farenheight or the temperature of the Sun on an exceptionally hot day. Your body must then recreate the missing enzymes(and water) taxing your biological resources. This robs you of much of your health and energy and is the underlying cause of most ailments or diseases.

Raw edible foods(mostly fruits, nuts, berries, greens, herbs, seeds, and some vegetables), on the other hand, have everything they need to both satisfy you and peacefully exit your system. They are "alive" and impart to you their very own life essence.

After nine months on a raw food vegan diet, I decided to try some cooked food again(mostly vegetables) and immediately felt a lowering of vibration and later some pain or inflammation in my joints. As soon as I got off the cooked food the pains slowly but surely went away. I tried this several times and the result was always the same. There's just no way around it -cooked, heated, or fired food is bad for you! Even steaming!

It is true that cooked food is often tastier and more satisfying, but it's also much more addictive and destructive. Raw food, on the other hand(especially if it's organic or naturally grown), can be just as tasty if you are creative or let your taste buds become resensitized -and this all without the harmful or inflammatory side effects of cooked or heated food.

Those transitioning will have the best of both worlds, but in the end, most of us will have to decide one way or the other -eat a highly stimulating but destructive cooked and processed diet, or adopt a less stimulating but but far more healthful raw vegan diet. The sooner you adopt a natural diet the more chances are you will succeed in sticking with it, but it's really never too late to change. Better education is needed -something our money-driven society has failed miserably at.

If you are coming from a SAD(standard American diet) diet, you can still make the change, but it will require time and discipline. Slowly introduce more raw food into your diet until you learn to appreciate the taste and the benefits. Get rid of the coffee and eggs or cereal in the morning, and have a green smoothie or some fruit instead. You can also have a nice salad for lunch, and in the evening you can have a regular cooked meal if you feel the need to. Eventually, most, if not all of your diet should become raw, but even if only 50% of it is raw, the improvements should be noticeable. You will be lighter, clearer, happier, and healthier. It worked for me. Why not give it a try? You'll not only be helping yourself, but the planet and all living things on it -less killing, less pollution, less misery, etc.

Cooking is a bad habit we acquired in colder climactic conditions or because certain "gods" or entities introduced it to us. Before that, we lived for thousands of years in an idylic paradise where fruits and herbs were the norm. Then the "gods" came and introduced us to agriculture and vegetables or grains, as well as meat and dairy. So i n the course of a few thousand years, we went from a pure and peaceful diet to a highly unnatural and war-inducing one. We need to reverse this dietary descent which has only led to war, pain, misery, and slavery. A raw food vegan diet will restore humanity very closely to its original ideal state.

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