Victor Truviano:


Victor Truviano was born in Argentina near Buenos Aires. He was trained as a violinist since childhood but developed tendonitis of the elbow which made him search for a cure. With the help of his spiritual Guru, Maha Avatar Baba, and a 21 day water fast(7 days dry), not only did Victor cure his condition but was led to become a full-time breatharian. Since 2006, Victor has not eaten anything, and rarely drinks water. As a result, he is in perfect health and always happy and smiling(although he does admittedly look somewhat emaciated).

At one point Victor was flying and was about to crash and he fell out landing on the ground and breaking his spine and other fractures. The doctors wanted to fuse metal to his spine but Victor refused. Instead he was put into a brace and within some weeks or months the spine fused back together again. He is also widely known for growing a third set of teeth. He went into seclusion losing all his former teeth and within seven(often painful) months grew another set. Obviously, in the breatharian state, stem cells are reproduced quickly to repair any part of the body. Once asked what teeth were meant for if not eating, he replied "for a beautiful smile".

Today Victor travels all over the world giving lectures, interviews, and inspiring audiences with his unique way of life. His current home(2019) is in Bali, Indonesia.

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