We Should Only Eat What Grows On Trees

Nearly everything we eat today is unnatural and responsible for most of our diseases. We are totally addicted to man-made foods that are slowly but surely destroying us as well as our environment. Most processed foods are full of chemicals designed to keep you coming back for more, and sugar and salt are two of the biggest. Cooking is another disaster designed to make normallty unedible foods palatable or tasty. Dead or denatured food is big business, and it's pleasurable and addictive, but the long term effects are deadly.

The first humans were naturally breatharian and didn't have to eat at all, and if they did, it would only be what grew on trees -fruits, berries, and nuts. Then along came some of the fallen gods or angels who introduced us to farming and hunting and everything went downhill from there.

Fruit is the only true food for humans and the variety is endless. They are water-rich and do not greatly tax your digestive system taking only a few hours to eliminate. Vegetables, grains, dairy, and meats take much longer to digest causing us to require more rest or sleep. They also produce unnatural conditions(disease) in the body which eventually lead to aging and death.

Sure, fruit isn't what it used to be, especially if you're living in the city and buying it at the grocery store, but it's still better than most of the other crap we eat. If you can't handle eating just fruit try adding some grains -it's a satisfying mix. After a while on this diet your body will become much more sensitive and may react negatively to other foods so be careful. Also, don't over do it. The less you eat of anything -the better.

Being a vegetarian(refraining from meat), while helpful, does not necessarily lead to good health. It does, however, leave the animals alone, who have as much right to live as we do, and it is therefore a good thing. Farming animals for food is a curse and an abomination introduced to us by ungodly beings. It produces much violence, suffering and pain and is a step away from cannibalism.

Being vegan(refraining from meat and dairy and animal products in general) is a step better, but even this does not guarantee good health. Vegans still eat grains and legumes or vegetables which can harden the joints and arteries and have deleterious(drug-like) effects on the mind. All vegetables are derived from grasses and artificially grown or maintained proving they are not natural. Cultivating the soil is unnaturally laborious and destructive to the Earth and ecosystem.

That leaves us with fruit which is God's gift to us in terms of food. In the ancient and forgotten past there were many more trees on this Earth plane and they were much larger, and this produced a better environment and greater health. Then the evil ones came in and started cutting down all the giant trees(including the largest which was the Tree of Life) and ruining our environment as they continue to do so today.

We need our giant trees back and the delicious fruit and beautiful environments they produce. Deforestation must stop, and so must most modern industry and agriculture. Only then will we regain our true health and sanity.

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