Your Garden Hose Water May Be
Killing Your Lawn Or Plants

Do you see white spots or residue on your plants or leaves shortly after watering them with your garden hose? This may be a sign that your water is toxic or contaminated and needs to be filtered.

I've only noticed it within the last two or three years: white spots or a white film over the leaves and plants wetted by my garden hose. It wasn't like that before. That white coating or film then dries and burns the leaves, especially on hot sunny days. It's obviously something they're putting in the water that shouldn't be there.

Then I remembered how they turned off the city's water treatment plants(twice within the last three years) to enact pipe repairs, allowing vast amounts of sludge and pollutants to freely mix into our tap water. They warned us to boil our water for a few days each time but the damage was done; vast amounts of sludge and chemicals were released into the water supply, perhaps permanently degrading it. Luckily we had water filters in the kitchen and shower so we weren't affected much, but our garden hose had no filter, so the grass, garden, plants, and flowers sufferred.

Even after they turned the treatment plants back on, they told us the water would clear up over time, but it never really did. The spots are still there, ruining the plant leaves and slowing down the growth of my lawn. I noticed that on rainy days everything picked up again indicating that rain water was far better for our vegetation than our treated city water, so I limited my hosing activity, and avoided directly wetting the leaves, watering the soil around instead. The earth or soil would act as a natural filter for whatever harmful chemicals are in the hose water.

This helped but it was not enough, especially for my lawn. It's bad enough we have to deal with scorching summers, drying everything up, but the chemicals were the final straw. Patches of yellow still abounded, weeds were plenty, and reseeding failed most of the time. The lawn seeds just wouldn't pick up.

There were only two solutions now -get a whole house water filter, or a garden hose water filter. I wasn't gonna spend a thousand dollars or more on a whole house water filter so I decided to get a couple of garden hose filters. They're not that expensive and if you can't find them at your hardware store, you can easily order them online. Aside from the occasional clogging, they filtered most of the chemicals, and my lawn and plants improved dramatically.

I'm not saying everyone should filter their hose water -it all depends on your location and the quality of your water. If you're living in the city, however, chances are your water is highly treated and often unsafe, so I reccommend a filter. Also, the way our governments are going, I wouldn't be surprised if they intentionally poison our water, not just to kill our vegetation, but to damage or dumb us down as well, so be advised and take care.

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