Ray Maor:...Breatharian

Ray Maor is perhaps the most recognized breatharian in the world, producing many videos and teaching and offering many services geared towards a food-free lifestyle. He was born in Israel and went food-free at thirty years of age through a 21-day fast and pranic initiation and has never looked back. He does drink juices from time to time and indulges in an occasional light meal for social occasions. He explains that we have two digestive systems working side by side: one pranic and one food-related. The key is to reawaken the pranic. As a breatharian you are not obliged to stay food-free permanently. Like Jasmuheen(whose book he was inspired by), you can have treat every now and then so long as you do not make it a habit or addiction. Ray is married(yes, breatharians can still have sex), and has a baby girl.

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