Water Rich Foods
Are Great For Your Health

The best foods for you have lots of water in them, like fruit, and this is not surprising considering your body is mostly water.

Dried, dehydrated, or cooked foods are not so good for us because of the insufficient water content which the body must make up for to restore balance or harmony.

Cooked or fired foods in particular are bad because, not only are they dehydrated, but because the enzymes which help to digest are destroyed, and the whole molecular structure of the food is distorted or changed, causing disharmony or "disease".

Water dilutes and magnetizes food causing it to be less addictive and more solarized or life-giving. Dried, cooked, or dead food is more flavourful and addictive because taking the water out emphasizes the concentrated chemical properties of the food.

Narcotic drugs are created in the same fashion -the plant is heated or dried until only the basic elements are left, usually in crystalline form. White salt and sugar, two of the most powerful drugs in processed foods, are basically water-free and in crystalline form.

These hard waterless foods or chemicals do much damage to the body by grating on it and sucking the body's own water or fluids. They also stimulate more hunger and thirst.

The water in fruits is pure and distilled, whereas tap, rain, or spring water contains minerals, and often pollutants. Eating lots of fruit or water rich foods in their raw and ripe state will greatly harmonize with your body and produce wonderful health, and if you avoid salt or other processed chemicals, you will never get thirsty.

The body produces its own water(saliva) by absorbing it out of the air through the breathing process, and often through the skin itself. Since the Sun is the creator or germinator of all natural foods, and air contains moisture or humidity, all of our needs can be obtained through light(or Sun) and air alone.

This "breatharian" state is actually the ideal or original state of humans. Food is meant for occasional pleasure, but has instead become a destructive addiction. Cold weather and cooking have made this so.

We must move away from the cold latitudes and the cities and return to eating fruits and nuts and herbs and berries, and all that nature provides freely. Most of these natural foods grow abundantly and are water rich and will give us good and lasting health.

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