Toxcity and Stress
- the causes of all disease

Toxicity and stress are the root causes of all disease and their removal is the cure.

Toxicity comes in many forms, the most notable being all those chemicals in our food, drink, air, products, and environment.

Air and radioactivity are number one because they affect us almost immediately; polluted air from car exhaust, factories, chemical dumps, smoking, dirty vents, indoor staleness, etc. can do great damage both physically and psychologically. Cities are the number one source of air pollution and radioactivity. All those technological wonders designed to make our lives easier, such as rado, TV, computers, cell phones, smart meters and towers, x-rays and scanners, etc., come with a heavy price to our health by disrupting our biofields and damaging our DNA and causing all sorts of cancers

Processed or manufactured foods are loaded with preservatives, artificial colorings and flavourings, and enhancers that wreak havoc with our health, mind, and spirit. This is basically the result of living in cities and cold zones which must import or manufacture most of its food. The solution here is simple: get out of the city and cold zones and grow or produce your own food. NEVER inject your livestock, spray your crops, or genetically tamper with your seeds or products. Raw plant-based foods are best. Hunting or slaughtering animals are crimes with heavy karma. All life forms want to live and should be left alone. Fruit or whatever grows on trees or vines is the ideal food for both humans and animals. Humans and animals eat meat because they have learned it from our reptilian controllers.

Our waters are fllled with garbage and chemicals from our modern artificial and wasteful lifestyles and must be filtered before drinking. So many diseases come from drinking unfiltered polluted water, and many skin conditions and allergies come from commercial softeners and detergents. Use borax, baking soda, or vinegar instead, or just plain water with lemon or other citric juices. Make-up, creams and lotions should also be avoided as much as posssible. Buy a water filter for your kitchen and shower and if possible for your whole house.

You will find that the better you eat the less drinking water you will need. Salty foods make you thirsty. Eliminating both processed salt and sugar, which is found in nearly all store-bought foods, is one of the great keys to health. Eliminating processed meat, dairy, and flour is another. What you are basically left with is fresh raw fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, berries, and seeds. Hard or root vegetables can be steamed. Raw salads and smoothies are great. Intermittent and longer term fasting and colonics will help cleanse and even rejeuvenate the body. In a perfect world, we do not even need to eat, but we are not there yet. Food is a substitute for love which is the perfect food.

Bad relationships and financial conditions are the primary causes of stress, and yes, stress can kill or make you sick. A bad upringing, family violence, a poor education, drugs, drinking, gambling, debt, infidelity, divorce, job instability, lack of direction or purposee, disability or health problems, loneliness, depression, etc. -all of these and more will contribute to stress and even suicide. Who's to blame? Partly, it is our own failings or weaknesses. The other part is our social and/or economic system which is largely rigged to milk the most out of us.

Human nature, of itself, is largely weak, fearful, and ignorant and we need good examples to follow or spur us on, so we look to our government leaders and media persons for this. Unfortunately, most of these become corrupted and misleading and down the path we go as well. It has fallen upon the few good public leaders and truthers in the alternate media to pick up the slack. We have reached a point in our society where we can trust no one anymore, not even ourselves, and so look to superhuman or divine guidance for the answers.

Unfortunately, even religious or spiritual sources can be deceptive. Many are simply human or demonic masquerading as gods. The few good ones often reflect what is already the highest part of ourselves. Ultimately, we must become our own gods and creators. We have simply forgotten how. The fire we are passing now and in the years to come will wake up and purify many of us from our fallen state. The rest will perish in the flames of their own evil and lust. A new humanity will be born from the cinders of the old one to start afresh on a new earth and sky and the cycle will repeat itself.

In the womb, we are free of toxicity and stress, floating in a heavenly sea of plasma, all of our needs taken care of by our supreme mother. As soon as we exit the womb the onslaugt occurs, from the bright lights and loud sounds to the first shock of breath that kickstarts our physical life process and stamps us astrologically as an independent being. Slowly we learn to use our physical senses to maneuver our new physical reality and stand up on our own, and this process continues until adulthood. Unfortunately, much of our growth or development is stunted by those jabs we get as a child attacking the pineal and disconnecting us in large part from our higher god self so that we are more easily indoctrinated into this world of evil and lies. I will tell you over and over again that NO vaccines are good for us and that they are in fact ALL detrimental to our health and well-being.

We accept the propaganda from our parents, and even our school years are slanted torwards serving the state rather than developing our godhood. The TV, the radio, the books, magazines, and newspapers, the cell phone, i-phone, computer -they're all distractions designed to brainwash and lead us astray, and ultimately create more toxicity and stress in our lives. What we need is less technology and more one-to-one contact. We need to reconnect with the earth and the trees and the animals and nature in general. Our whole Western way of life has increasingly dissasociated us from our true and essential selves and will turn us into souless cyborgs if we continue this path. This is in fact the plan of the dark ones who hate us and wish to see us destroyed. They are indirectly responsible for much of the toxicity and stress in our lives. I say indirectly because we have let our guards down and stupidly given them permission to do what they are doing to us. We must turn this around if we are to survive and it remains the responsibility of those who are awake to awaken the others.

Remove those masks -they are a sign of submission. Do not take the jabs -they are bioweapons designed to weaken and enslave you. Do not comply with any of the pandemic restrictions -they want us divided and defenseless. All of these mandates(a mandate is not a law and therefore does not have to be followed) are creating enormous stress(and toxicity) in our lives. They are INHUMAN and most likely originate from the edicts of the archontic luciferic races that want to destroy or enslave us. These fallen ones control most of the governments and institutions of the world which in turn control humanity. The weaker we get the stronger they get. We are however starting to fight back and the good forces are helping us. We need to permanently remove or dissasociate ouselves from these evil ones so that humanity can finally flourish and develop into its full potential. Currently the weeds are being divided from the tares and we may soon see two entirely different camps or societies in the world. In the end, only the tares will survive and prosper.

Elimination of the evil forces in society and the ensuing reeducation and restructuring of society based on truth and love will greatly reduce the toxicity and stress in our lives, at least collectively. Individually, we will still have our own personal battles to deal with, but they will be easier to solve in a world of peace and plenty.

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