Annette Larkins: Raw Vegan Wonder:

Aged 78 in 2020 and still going strong

Annette Larkins, currently aged 78(as of Jan.13,2020), is recovered and still going strong after experiencing a major setback in 2019. She was walking barefoot in her garden when she stepped on a piece of broken glass and became infected. She shrugged it off, not taking care of it properly, but it soon became evident that her condition deteriorated severely to the point of being unable to move or walk properly without extreme pain. She slowly overcame it through a special combination of herbs and her raw vegan diet which flushed the toxins out. Today she is back to her normal self, writing, speaking, and espousing the wonderful benefits of a raw vegan diet.

Her latest video describes her ordeal.

Uranus is the breatharian planet, and it's unusual how many famous health phenomenons come from the generation of Uranus in Taurus, which means liberation from matter or solidity. Breatharian Wiley Brooks was also of this generation. Perhaps the Uranus in Capricorn generation(liberation or freedom from age) may produce outstanding examples as well, and our current Uranus in Taurus transit will certainly stimulate more of this.

Annette was born January 13, 1942 in Asheville, North Carolina, USA, time unknown, and has been a vegetarian since 1963 and a raw vegan since 1985. She has been married for 60+ years to the same man(a butcher!), who tried to go vegan for some years but went back to a standard American diet with all of its ills and medication. She doesn't even take aspirins and looks great for her age. You'd think she was in her 40's or 50's but she's almost 80! She claims she has also never had plastic surgery thus far although may consider it at some point. She's been on The Doctors TV show and written several books and speaks several languages, most notably Spanish. She grows her own fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds in her Miami-Dade(Florida) garden and eats everything raw which seems to be the key to her youth and health. She drinks distilled rain water and juices and blends and her recipes can be found in dvds or booklets.

Her planets for noon EST Asheville, North Carolina are as follows...

Sun in Cap 22/54
Moo in Sag 08/53
Mer in Aqu 06/40
Ven in Aqu 21/11r
Mar in Tau 00/53
Jup in Gem 12/15r
Sat in Tau 21/43r
Ura in Tau 26/32r
Nep in Vir 29/50r
Plu in Leo 04/54r

She has lots of fixed signs, most of them in Taurus which explains her persistence or endurance in her marriage, diet, and general lifestyle. A grand earth trine indicates an ease or facility with material or financial matters. There is no water in the chart which may indicate a lack of sensitivity, emotion, flow, or intuition. Venus and Uranus are in mutual reception indicating a powerful blend of truth and endurace, mind and body or matter. All of the outer planets are retrograde so that there is a serious revision or rebuke of one's generational influences. Annette was born under old, negative, or contrary belief systems and traditions from which she was forced or driven to break away from in order to become what she is now. Sun in Capricorn is wise and practical and is known as the sign of reverse aging, with lots of responsibilty early in life and a loosening up in the later years. Moon in Sag is spiritual and open and studious and enjoys travel, outdoor activity, nature, and adventure. Mercury in Aquarius is truthful and intelligent and and believes in the best in others and humanity. They are original thinkers and independent spirits. Venus in Aquarius loves all that is different or unique and value truth, freedom, and independance. Mars in Taurus is earthy and sensual and likes contact with nature and the earth. Thgey are stubborn and possessive and will fight for their values and belongings. They're also very musical and artistic. Mars with Saturn knows when to push or refrain and Mars with Uranus is quick, inventive, and accident prone. Jupiter in Gemini is funny and bright and versatile and good with words, writing, and communication in general. They have big ideas and a youthful spirit. Saturn in Taurus is very earthy and practical and likes security, stability, economy, and productivity. They are stubborn, sensual, musical, and artistic. Saturn with Uranus blends the old with the new, and builds only to break down again. Uranus in Taurus is the bully but also the musical and financial genius. Their values change abruptly and they experience financial rollercoasters. Neptune in Virgo people are addicted to work and cleanliness and perfection and can be cold and critical. Pluto in Leo is extremely proud and deeply warm loyal and loving but also jealous, possessive, egotistical, overly dramatic and childish. Their intense creativity is well suited to the arts and entertainment world where they leave their exclusive mark.

Her name adds up to 55, a master number associated with Mercury and the power to communicate. Her birthday adds up to 30 and reduces to 3 which is Jupiter and the power of faith.

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