The Raw Mango and Avocado Snack

If I had to live on just two items of food alone, it would be mangos and avocados. Not only are each of these two foods natural and healthy, they are also absolutely delicious, especially when combined.

As a vegan, this is my favorite, snack, and I can eat as much as I want without getting sick, fat, or tired. Mangos and avocados are an ideal combination of fruit and fat which the body easily digests and converts into sugar and energy and which produce no health side effects. Of course, organic is best but even conventional store-bought fruit will give you benefits.

Simply peel both fruits and slice if desired and eat together in roughly equal amounts. Some like to eat smaller amounts of avocado in relation to mango, but this is entirely personal, and you will figure out the ratio which suits you best. Just make sure both fruits are ripe and sweet. No cooking or heating is required which makes it both quick and satisfying, and you can have it anytime of the day.

Sounds too simple to be true, but the simplest things are often the best. Can you live on mangoes and avocados alone? Yes, your body can adapt to almost any diet, but it's best and easiest if you transition to a vegan or raw vegan diet first. Or, you can go on a mango and avocado fast for a a day or two and reap the benefits of that. Enjoy your mango and avocado snack!

Cutting and slicing:
There are several ways of doing this. My preferred method is to first cut the avocado in half (with the skin on) nudging the knife left to right to loosen the halves from the pit. Then cut the halves into quarters and the quarters into eighths, leaving the skin on until ready to eat. Then I peel the mango and cut the top and bottom halves off and slicing the halves into long bits. Then I remove what's left on the mango pit and eat that first with some avocado. You will develop your own method in time.

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