Sleep and Regeneration 2

Note: This is NOT medical advice: consult with a recommended practioner to ensure safety.

There are three basic postures of the body, each symbolizing great truths. The first is the standing position which symbolizes readiness for action and experience, the second is the sitting position which symbolizes stability and reflection, and the third is the lying down position which symbolizes rest and regeneration.

In astrology, the standing position is related to the cardinal signs which love movement and activity. The sitting position is related to the fixed signs which love stability and purpose. The lying down position is related to the mutable signs which love change and mental activity.

We begin as infants mostly lying down, then sitting, and then learning to stand or walk. As we get old we stand less, sit more, and finally lie down and die. We are full of energy and hope at first, but material life has a way of wearing you down so that after age 30 or so we start to deteriorate rapidly. Most people accept this as "life" but does it have to be this way?

The body is constantly regenerating, so why are we dying? And why are we dying so early? History has many accounts of people living thousands of years but now we live only a small fraction of that. Obviously something occurred either in our environment or genome or both. Plus their are all the conspiracy theories of our controllers trying to make our lives as short and miserable as possible through our food, water, air, society, and everything else.

Still, there should be a way to override all of these negative conditions in life. One way is fasting and returning to a raw natural diet in a natural environment. This cuts out all the poisons and social restrictions. Standing too often cuts the flow of blood to the brain and is degenerative. Lying down, on the other hand equalizes the blood flow encouraging regeneration. Sitting is a compromise between the two. Animals are healthier than us because most are on all fours fascilitating blood flow. They're also less brainwashed than we are, relying mostly on instinct or intuition.

Many people do headstands or or raise their legs and feet when sleeping or resting to improve their health. Simply lying down is sufficient which is what we do when tired or sleepy. Lying down and shutting down your thoughts until you have completely regenerated is probably the best, but how many of us can do that? Most of us are too busy or distracted with work or relationships and other activities. Very few of us are free or patient enough to just lie down and let nature take its course.

If you are free and patient try lying down for as long as possible getting up only to go to the bathroom or stretch and walk a little bit when restless. Resist those hunger pangs which should go away after three days. Drink water if you feel the need to, especially if this is your first fast or you're coming off a bad diet. Let your body's automatic processes take over. It knows what to do as it is a self-maintaining system, but we always interfere with it through eating, and drugs, and other activities. That's why we grow old and die. We are an addicted species.

Lying down and fasting or resting fascilitates the fasting or regeneration process. We do this every day when we go to sleep at night or take a break, otherwise we would surely break down and die. Work or activity consumes you from the outside whereas eating, or drinking consumes you from the inside. Death is the ultimate fast. It allows you to rest in the bardo or astral state until you are ready to reincarnate again.

When you are hungry or thirsty lie down and the craving will diminish or dissapear. When you feel you have completed your fast, you can resume "normal" living again rejeuvenated or refreshed. The fast can last a day or two or three or however long you feel is right for you. Young and healthy people will regenerate much quicker and easier than sick or older people. If you are suffering from some condition, take medication, or are uncertain about the process, than you will need someone to supervise you.

Sleeping your way to regeneration sounds easy but may actually be difficult, not because it requires special knowledge or skills, but because humans are basically weak. We love our foods and addictions too much to part with them for any amount of time and this is the problem. Our strongest base desires are usually the very things that kill us or make us sick. We need to decide what we want more -intoxication or health.

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