Orgonite For 5G

In this wold of wireless high tech we are swimming in all kinds of electonic fields and are bombarded by all kinds of waves, most of them harmful to our health and well being.

It all started with radio and the telephone and television, and every other kind of electric apparatus, and while the fields or emanations from these were only mildly disturbing, it went to a new level with the introduction of computers, cell phones, smart towers and meters, and now 5G.

1G(1st generation) developed with analog voice only in the 1980's with a transmission speed of 2.4 kbs(kilobytes per second). 2G began in 1991 with basic cell phone texting and imaging with a maximun speed of 50kbs. 3G began in 1998 weith video calling and mobile internet with sppeds varying from 384kbs to 2mbps. 4G(current standard) came out in the late 2000's and is 500 times faster than 3G(10 to 100 mbps) making possible high definition TV, video, mobile, etc. 5G with transmission speeds of up to 100 gigabytes per second(100 times faster than 4G) will make possible much greater and faster connectivity among the world's 20 billion or so devices(2020 estimate), but very likely at a much greater price to our health and well-being.

The go-ahead for 5G occurred in July of 2016, but the actual implementation or required infrastructure didn't begin until 2019 with the addition of more towers, meters, actuators, sensors, routers, electronics, software, etc., and all at closer range to each other. The pulse-like EMF radiation emitted from such devices go through everything -including our bodies, and this can interfere with or change DNA or vital body rhythms causing discomfort, headaches, sleeplessness, pain, disease, or even death. It is believed, for example, that the Wuhan China virus disaster was enhanced by the 5G rollout in that city in combination with the mandatory vaccines and smart dust from the chemtrails. Wuhan was a test or experiment and the same could happen elsewhere, so we need to prepare ourselves.

While we can't get rid of the towers or the technology, we can mitigate or even neutralize the radioactive effects of 5G or any other technology with a few simple strategies. The first is to stay healthy and grounded by eating right and practicing an ethical lifestyle. Stick to fruits and vegetables, organic if possible, practice fasting and grounding and other spiritual disciplines, and limit the use of technologies, especially wireless. If you live outside the city and in a warm climate you are definitely better off. Cities and cold zones(which require electrical support) will be the first and biggest casualties. Electric vehicles will just add to the problem. The closer you are to nature or living naturally in a way that is self-sustaining, the better off you will be.

For those who are in crowded or highly concentrated tech zones, you would do well to familliarize yourself with aluminum or lead sheilding which can block or deflect EMF, or create or buy what is known as an orgonite device which absorbs and transmutes negative radiation into positive ions. These devices(commonly called hhg's) can be made or bought and placed in or around the house, at the office, in your car, or on your person. They come in various shapes and sizes and are composed of four basic ingredients: resin, metal, crystals, and a spiralized copper wire(see images below).

A container(usually a muffin pan)is filled with aluminum, metal, or copper bits or shreds, with crystals(usually quartz) nested within, and finally a spiral copper wire on top. Then resin with drops of hardener is poured into the container(s) covering all the metal and crystals and the copper wire, and allowed to dry or cure. Note: the curing should be done in a well-ventilated area and preferably outside as the fumes expelled by the resin can be quite powerful and toxic. After several hours the orgonite cakes will be ready but may still be hot to the touch so be careful. Remove them from the pan(they should slide out or require a light tap) and enjoy(and employ) your creations. Some people like to create their orgonite under special conditions or specific planetary alignments -this is entirely your choice. You can create pyramids or pendants in the same manner using more specialized moulding containers.

The trapped metal inside the orgonite draws and holds the negative radiation or energy while the crystals cleanse or transmute it. It is then pushed out or radiated by the spiral copper coil. The resin itself may also have a filtering or purifying effect. I have often wondered whether these orgonite devices can be used by the powers that be to spy or influence us in some way, but have not had any such experience thus far that I can tell. I have created many such devices by myself and "gifted" various areas, and the results appear to be positive, although I cannot verifty with certainty to what extent the benefits have been. I'm not sure what the range is, but small devices of one to two inches can be good for bodily protection while the larger or more concentrated ones(cupcake or larger) can protect an entire room or house or even neighborhood. Using several palm-sized hhg's in around the house will ensure efficacy.

If you do not want to create your orgonite yourself or with someone, you can always order one online. There are many vendors and sites that do this. Just be careful to choose a reputable dealer, as some orgonite makers will not always use authentic materials or make it the right way. The spiralized or "galactic" copper wire, for example, must be twisted in a left to right fashion, as right to left can attract negative energies instead of positive ones. The crystals should be genuine and compatible with your nature and the cakes themselves should not be created in a negative or stressful environment. They can be activated or christened in any number of ways(chant, prayer, meditation, thought, intent, etc.) by you or the vendor. It's good to wash or cleanse your orgonite after excessive use or negative build up and to reaffirm the intention.

Orgonite or hhg's are God's secret weapon against negative spirits or energies and their influence or technology. They can't stand being around them: it's like garlic or sunlight to vampires or kryptonite to Superman, and will work to maintain a positive environment. Those with psychic vision can see spirits or elves dancing around orgonite devices. Even animals are favourably disposed to them. Mountains and trees are nature's orgonite devices and The Earth itself is a giant orgonite device with its naturally embedded metals and crystals, but unfortunately these have largely been mined or removed weakening its power. Even the Earth's blood(oil) is being sapped for selfish or destructive purposes.

I have not yet tested orgonite against 5G but others have and this can be researched onlline. I am confident, however, that orgonite will mitigate some of the negative influences of 5G as it has with 4G or lower. Time and testing will tell. If you are interested in orgonite simply type it in your browser(alternative browsers such as Duck Duck Go will yield more results) and educate yourself. Or you can type "orgonite and 5G" and see what you get. One good site where you can learn about or order orgonite is Fix the World (Project) Morocco or Forbidden Tech with Naima and Tivon

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