Julia Seton's Shortcut to Regeneration

In her rare book Fasting For Regeneration(the Short Cut), author Julia Seton M.D., outlines a very potent and effective way to fast that will turn back the clock for most people -even the very aged.

Simply put, the individual must eat only one meal a day for ten days with no drinking on the last two days. The meal should be eaten between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM and can consist of anything the individual desires or is accustomed to and as much as he or she wants.

It is better to eat the meal slowly, Fletcherizing the food, otherwise bloating or distension may occur. That one meal a day will come just in time to replenish the energies after the body has rid itself of all its waste. It is normal to sleep less on this fast.

What happens during the fast is that the old flesh body will start to break down and the foundations for a new one will be put into place. It is here that exercise, breathing, massage, and new thinking will form the new body. VISUALIZING the new you is an important part of the process. Your thoughts now can literally shape the way you look.

The ten day process will even get rid of your wrinkles and lines and free up the bones and muscles and any impediments therein. Old emotions and beliefs will also rise to be purged. After the tenth day one can resume one's regular diet and this is when he or she will fill out again and see the new results -a younger, healthier, and more attractive you.

In summary, here are the six steps she outlines for the fast...

1.Eat only one meal every other day for ten days.

2.Eat a mixed diet -eat all kinds of foods -and eat between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM.

3.Drink all the water possible until the 8th day then quit drinking to the point of a hard thirst.

4.Empty the gastrointestinal tract every fast day -any watery cathartic will answer the need.

5.Bathe, swim, exercise -walk -dance -climb, all things that cause rapid respiration and muscular action

6.Sleep all you want for the first three nights; after that -cultivate awareness. Four hours sleep nightly is sufficient.

Seton emphasizes that the first obstacle is to overcome your doubt in the process. You must convince yourself that it can be done, otherwise you will falter. Your mindset is half the battle and actually doing it is the other half. She has personally fasted many old people who regained much of their youth and health. And this is only physical fasting. In the rest of her book, she goes on to more advanced forms such mental, emotional, and Illuminati fasting which I will not go into here.

Note: people who are ill or infirmed should always be supervised by someone who understands the process, and pregnant women should delay the fast until after birthing.

Julia Seton's book is obtainable through various sources online or in special bookstores.

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