Why I No Longer Go To Dentists

My teeth have been deteriorating since I was a child thanks to our processed and sugar-saturated society. By the time I was sixteen, nearly half my teeth had cavities, most of them filled with mercury fillings. Then, when I was about 28, I began having arthritic pains and undertook a quest to discover why this was so. Unable to get real answers from the mainstream medical community, I ventured into the alternative "New Age" health field, principally through books since the internet wasn't really in full bloom yet.

Some of the first books, like Linda Clark's Get Well Naturally, actually addressed the issues and gave some possible answers. This was around 1987, and as the years followed, many other books started coming out and the whole New Age thing exploded. While the books gave some helpful clues or possibilities, I basically had to figure it all out on my own. I concluded that diet was the principal cause so I started cutting out certain foods and basically became a vegetarian. I learned that meats were heavily processed or chemicalized as well as dairy and most other foods sold in your typical grocery store.

One of the most eye-opening discoveries was that the two greatest drugs of all -refined sugar and salt, were put in nearly everything we ate, and that they were major bone-destroyers. Then there was flouridation, prescription drugs, vaccines, radiation, polluted air, and the list goes on and on. The final and perhaps most malicious culprit to bone health was, not so surprising, mercury fillings, so in 1992, at the age of 33, I had all my silver fillings removed and replaced with a resin composite. It cost me thousands , but I could not continue any longer with the thought of mercury or metal in my mouth. I was young and relatively healthy so I did not see or feel any major changes after removing and replacing the fillings, but I am certain I saved myself a lot of future grief and problems.

Contrary to what is said, "white" fillings can last as long or longer than the "silver" kind. Not only are they safer or less toxic, but they look better as well. Other options are ceramic(expensive), plastic, or gold(also expensive). So called "silver" fillings are actually composed of 50% mercury(extremely toxic), and other metals like nickel to harden it. They became popular in the late 1800's, replacing gold and other metals, but little did we know then that they would turn out to be so damaging to our health.

Root canals, inplants, and crowns are the worst in terms of toxicity as well as expense. I'd rather have a tooth die or pulled out than get a root canal. Killing the nerve permanently removes your chances of growing a third tooth(which is possible). Also, over time, there is always a build up of bacteria under the newly rebuilt tooth. Because there is no natural buffer, the bacteria has nowhere else to go but in your bloodstream and poisons you. Bacteria can build under your regular fillings as well, which eventually crack or loosen and become a haven for bacteria as well as viruses. This bacteria can be the source of so many problems including arthritis, heart pain, loss of energy, and brain fog. Often, upon the removal of the infected root canal, the inflamed conditions disappear.

Inplants require drilling into your bone and inserting screws which totally violates your body. Bridges and crowns are other horrors. You are not a machine! Teeth shouldn't even be pulled! This is totally barbaric. This best way to handle a cavity is simply let it take its course. Yes, this can be extremely painful for a few days, but once the tooth is disolved, it will close up and not bother you anymore. It is especially advisable to avoid all stimulants such as salt, sugar, or spices, during the decay and disslove process of the tooth.

Having healthy teeth is possible but difficult in our modern western society. It all begins by giving up processed foods and adopting a natural, organic, and chemical-free diet -then you wouldn't have any cavities to start with. Sugar is the number one enemy of teeth. Processed(and even excess natural sugar) will immediately begin to eat away at the enamel which is the outer protective coating of the tooth. Once the sugar perforates through the enamel a cavity will begin, and your tooth is basically lost. Filling the aperture will stop or slow the tooth from deteriorating further -but at a cost to your immune system.

That very high cost is what dentists will not tell you about. Attaching metal, ceramic, resin, plastic, or any other inorganic material to bone will compromise its integrity. Your body is organic or living, and to merge it with an inorganic or "dead" substance will cause conflict. Your body will immediately sense the inorganic material as an "invader" and begin attacking it or try to remove it. Unable to remove it, it will cause your immune system to weaken so that it can better tolerate it, but it will never really give up and will try to find other ways of dealing with it. When the body gives up or has had enough -that's when the problems or diseases start. Tooth fillings have been associated with all manner of "undiagnosable" health problems, from simple aches and pains to full blown chronic arthritis or even cancer.

Ever since learning or understanding this, I have made a concious decision not to go to dentist anymore. Yes, they can DELAY the loss of your tooth, but at the cost of compromising your immune system. Metal(or plastic) and flesh or bone do NOT mix. They are incompatible and will only cause problems or side effects -especially over the long term. It is better to be toothless than to have a mouth full of fillings or implants. It may not look good, but the alternative is bad or failing health. If we could see people's mouths for what they really were -it would truly be a horror show! We are living in a fake world of fake smiles! It's sad but it's true. The only way to really keep your teeth whole and healthy is to stay away from processed food and unnatural environments and to do this from birth. This doesn't leave many of us.

So one day when I was headed for the dentist with a painful cavity I made a momentous decision. I said(in my mind) -f--k this! I'm only going to be forking over tons of money to have someone plant literal "timebombs" in my mouth that will temporarily take away the pain but ruin my immune system over the long run and make me susceptible to other kinds of problems. It ain't worth it. Besides, I'm eating better now and I'm not a model or a speaker and don't smile or socialize much, so I headed back home and never returned since. Looking back I know without a doubt that I made the right choice. My long term health is more important than some missing teeth.

What happens when a cavity is allowed to progress without treating it? Most dentists or health professionals will scare you with that awful word "infection" but don't let that fool you. If you eat right and keep your mouth clean, there is no chance of that happening. Your mouth knows what to do. Just stay the hell away from sugar, salt, spices, or anything that is highly stimulating. This will aggravate your cavity and the pain will be unbearable(which is why we go to dentists). Even when taking these precautions, a dying tooth can be very painful, especially for the first two or three days.

I've lost a few teeth naturally, and the pain was almost unbearable on and off for two to three days. That's when the fine nerves are dying away and dissolving along with the tooth. When the tooth finished dissolving(after a few days) I felt a pulsing, indicating that the main nerve was sealing or closing up. Then flesh or gum grew over it naturally, leaving some of the jagged parts of the tooth sticking out. Your body knows what to do, but at the first sign of pain, instead of sticking it out, we rush to the dentist and make matters worse.

If you're going to clean and fill your cavities do not install almagrams or mercury fillings. My resin fillings lasted me twenty years and some are still in place, and are much less toxic. I'm letting them fall out naturally without replacing them. This will naturally expose the inner tooth and the cavity will likely resume its course and stay sensitive until the tooth is fully dissolved. This is exactly what happened. Sometimes the tooth is loose enough to be picked out with your fingers. Or if you don't, it will dislodge by itself. There will be a little bleeding but it will quickly close up. At other times the tooth will remain in the socket and close up just the same. Either way is fine.

The remaining jutting parts of a dissolved tooth(which are usually usually dark or black) allow you to continue eating with them. I've seen someone with a fully cavitated mouth continue eating with the little protrusions he had left. The inside of his mouth didn't look pretty, but it was still functional! Ingenious, isn't it! Yes, the body is economical and designed to handle cavities -if you let it!

Why do some animals like sharks continue growing new sets of teeth indefinitely, while we humans are stuck with just two sets? Aren't we superior to sharks? Somehow, it seems, we have been shortchanged. Is it possible to grow a third or even fourth set of teeth? Of course it is -just do a search on the internet. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. It appears oxygenation is the key. A good supply of oxygen to the gums can prod those stem cells to give us another set of new teeth, but the nerve must still be in tact(that's why I advise against root canals). In our polluted and artificial lifestyle, the last thing we get is a good supply of oxygen. Living naturally is a must for those who want a third set of teeth.

Fasting may also be a way to prod those stem cells. When you fast for long periods, instead of digesting, all your energy goes into cleaning, eliminating, rrepairing and regenerating. A breatharian called Victor Truviano at one point lost all his old teeth and grew entirely new ones. It took seven painful months, but he is now smiling with joy.

In the end, all of my fillings will come out, and I will probably lose half of my teeth(mostly the lower back ones), but I'll still be able to eat, at least the softer or more watery foods. Besides, I'm aiming for breatharianism, so it doesn't really bother me that much. Most importantly, I'll have preserved my immune system and overall health. I'm convinced that some of my longstanding arthritic problems are due to my fillings. When the last filling falls out and my immune system breathes a sigh of relief, the pains will finally vanish and my bones will regenerate as they should. I will have taken a huge step towards becoming responsible for my own health.

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