Can Too Much Fruit Give You Diabetes?

Fruit is the healthiest food on the planet, but can TOO much of it be bad for you?

As a mostly raw vegan, I love eating fruit, but as I get older I find I must balance it more and more with leafy greens and vegetables, otherwise I am in danger of developing diabetes.

Today's fruit is not what it used to be. It's been hybridized into its current inferior state over the centuries. Bananas, for example, were once a hard vegetable with black seeds, but growers found a way to soften it and get rid of the seeds. The result was a sweeter and seedless product which many of us love today. The changes, however, have their drawbacks, as does anything man touches. Bananas lack water content water and can dehydrate the body. Also, the oversweetness or high sugar content can contribute to diabetes.

In fact, all seedless and waterless fruit can be bad for you, especially when consumed excessively. The bible says you should eat only seed bearing fruits and herbs(Genesis 1:29). Food is also best from your garden or right off a tree. Never spray your trees and plants. If the bugs are there it's because the fruit is of a weak or hybrid variety. Parasites love sweetness as much as humans, and today's hybrid or GMO fruit are way oversweet. It's important to balance sweetness with non-sweetness and this is where raw leafy greens and raw (or lightly cooked) vegetables come in, preferably organic. Fruit in the morning followed by a salad at noon and a lightly cooked meal at night is a good balance.

I began to notice the early signs of diabetes in my mid sixties; my toes were losing sensation and my feet would puff up. It would really become obvious if I consumed any bread or flour products which basically turns into sugar in your body. As soon as I cut out all bread or flour products, consumed more greens, and drastically minimized my banana consumption, the swelling went down, and the sensation in my toes began to come back. My thoughts during this time went back to famous Sun Sign astrologer Linda Goodman who late in life developed severe diabetes and died by trying to go on an all-fruit diet. Nor sure if that story is true or not, but it sent me a warning.

It's really tough giving up your favorite foods, most of which are highly addictive, but it's either that or bad health. Humans, sad to say, are an addicted and addictive species. We're all drugged to some degree or another, and the great challenge is to overcome this. You need to kill your addictions before they kill you. Easier said than done of course, but persistence pays off. Sometimes praying to God or group therapy works, and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, you end up dying and hoping you can kick the habit in your next life. That's why we keep reincarnating, by the way -our unconquered desires draw us back here, whether it be food, sex, power, or anything else.

Nowadays I'm on a very restrictive diet of fruits and greens (mostly fine lettuce, celery, cucumbers, and tomatoes). I love avocados and wish I could eat breadfruit but that's difficult to find in my area. I keep nuts and seeds at a minimum and find most dates to be too sweet. I rarely eat bananas anymore and try to avoid seedless fruits. My body seems to have adjusted well to this diet, and I'm pretty healthy, but it's a race against time. The older you get, the more you realize, you're better off without food altogether. Maybe I'll become a liquidarian or breatharian. That would really isolate me though, so maybe not.

Food isn't the only thing that seriously affects your health. Your environment and lifestyle are just as important. I would say that the chemicals in your clothes and linen or the toxic environment you work in come second or third after food. Yes, it all starts with what you put in your mouth and body. I avoid all vaccines and medications and rarely if ever see a doctor or dentist. That's because I'm so healthy and awake I don't need to. Eat and live right as nature and God intended and you will be fine. Do an occasional fast, pray, and stick to fruits and vegetables only. Leave your animal friends alone. They want to live and be loved as much as you do. Live in a warm rural or country setting if possible away from the killing cold and the toxic enslaving cites.

We all started out as fruitarians (maybe even breatharians) and will return to this state when the wicked ones are removed and the Earth is restored. You can do this now, but you need to be strong and go against the tide, for as the bible says; wide is the path that leads to destruction and narrow is the path that leads to life.

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