Coughs and Fevers
are Your Friends

It never ceases to astonish me how in this upside down modern society of ours we almost always go contrary to the wisdom of our body. Coughs and fevers are a case in point.

Rather than just indicators that there is something wrong with us, coughs and fevers are the body's mechanisms of trying to make you better.

Instead, what do we do -we try everything to repress those two symptoms, from cough syrups to aspirin to antibiotics. We are suppressing the very mechanims that are trying to save us -how stupid is that?

When you are sick, the body naturally goes into fasting mode, conserving all its energies to fight the problem at hand. The worst you can do when you're sick is to stuff yourself with food. This puts an overload on the system and you get sicker. Liquids or broths or anything that doesn't overtax your digestive system is fine. More importantly, you'll need lot's of rest so that your immune system can best perform its duties.

Coughs are the body's way of loosening or expelling whatever offending material is making you sick. It's the lungs or esophagus or larynx trying to shake off something(usually phlegm or mucus). It is true that coughs can get out of control and that is when some intervention might be required, but for the most part, coughs are there to help us, no matter how bad they sound. If you are coughing blood, well that is another, matter, but normally coughs are harmless and actually beneficial.

Fevers are the body's way of BURNING whatever garbage is troubling you. High fevers are indicators of excess bacteria or filth or of a stubborn virus, pathogen, or even parasite. The excess heat of a fever will normally kill the pathogen or at the very least send it back into hiding. A fever during fasting can even melt away a tumor and subsist off of it -that is how economical the body is.

So when we get a fever, what do we do, -we try to surpress it! Supressing a fever will not only lower your immune system and reduce your chances of healing, but it will also strengthen your malady or virus creating complications, so that the next time it hits you it will be even harder to get rid of.

Your body is a self-healing mechanism! Taking good care of it will ensure good health. This means sun, clean air, natural foods, exercise, rest and good relations and working habits.

Of course, diseases aren't always purely physical. Mental and emotional health will also play major roles. All of those bad thoughts or negative emotions can make you sick as well. A happy moral lifestyle is also crucial to good health.

So stop repressing your body's natural reactions to sickness or disease. The body is your friend and will always try to do what's best for you. Follow your intuition and adopt natural living practices and take control of your own health. This is not always easy in a modern society gone terribly wrong, but more options are available now than ever before.

Remember, coughs and fevers are your friends, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

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