Fasting Hurdles

Besides the initial three days of discomfort, there is another feature of the fast that is highly disturbing and which few experts on the subject rarely if ever talk about -emaciation or the "look of death" upon resuming eating.

Many beginning fasters are put off, not only by the initial discomfort of fasting, but by the often large amount of weight loss they experience after a few days. For those who are already large it may not be a problem, but for thin people it can be devastating. The discomfort is often due to the withdrawal of addictive substances in the diet and bloodstream which must be "exorcised" or expelled especially during the initial days of the fast, while the excessive weight loss can indicate poor tissues or a diseased condition. Sometimes a disease or condition is so deep-rooted that it requires your body to strip you down to your bones to get to it and hopefully fix it.

Even if the native is healthy, sudden eating or gorging after a few days of full fasting can produce "the look of death" syndrome which can scare the faster into giving up the whole exercise and eating even more in an attempt to regain one's previous weight or appearance. This is a common mistake which aborts the whole process and undoes much of the benefits.

This disturbing "look of death" phenomenon is rarely discussed by fasters, but its understanding is crucial to the success of the fast. What happens after two or three days of fasting(with or without water) is that everything in the body shrinks or tightens as part of the cleansing or healing process, and to introduce foreign matter(food) at that stage causes a shock to the system producing an emaciated or death look. The larger the amount of food and the more solid it is, the greater the shock. It can also knock you out or cause you to need sudden rest or sleep. This is because the body is resensitizing itself to its original state which is a non-food state. In this state, the body takes in its nourishment steadily and in evenly dispersed amounts(much like the breathing process) without shocks or imbalances as is done with regular eating. Even in regular eating there is an overload(stomach bulge) from which the body takes in even amounts and so even here the weight and appearance stabilizes.

So when you suddenly eat after a long fast(at least two or three days) you disrupt the process and all of your energy suddenly drops from your face/head down to your gut for digestive purposes and you exhibit the "look of death" or emaciation(especially the face) that scares both yourself and others into quitting the fast and trying to stuff yourself back to "normal" despite the fact that you still feel ok. I've experienced this all too often and it took me many years to understand it and deal with it. I learned that breaking a fast is a delicate matter and that if you want to avoid looking bad, break your fast very carefully and slowly and preferably at night when there's nobody around to gawk at you. By the morning your body will have overcome the initial shock and and adjusted to some degree so you won't look so bad from then on, slowly returning to "normal" again. It is only in the fasting state that the true effects of food on the body are seen or felt clearly, and they are not good.

I've also learned that the benefits derived from fasting are temporary, especially if you return to the same diet again. What's really required is a radical and permanent change of your diet and lifestyle. Your environment and social circumstances will to a large degree determine your ability to fast properly or to even change your diet. Cities and cold zones are the worst places to fast or regenerate. Yes, you can adapt, but you will fare much better in a warm or natural environment and lifestyle. There is less pollution or radiation south of the equater and this will be a factor as well. Society and the environment have changed a lot(mostly for the worse) over the last sixty or seventy years, but it is still possible to fast or regenenerate successfully if you take the right steps.

The first is to stop relying on governments or corporations for your food and health(and most everything else) and become as self-sufficient as you possibly can. Modern society is on a self-destruct course and if you remain part of it you will go down with the ship. Our food isn't food anymore and the water and air are also being poisoned. Selfish and ignorant people and enties are leading everyone astray(including themselves). They are repeating the same mistakes as earlier civilizations and only catastrophic pain and suffereing will change them(maybe). You do not need to suffer with them. In every age or dispensation a way out has always been offered. The internet and inner guidance are tools everyone can use to escape the coming calamities and create a better future.

And it all starts with your stomach and your health. People have been miseducated or brainwashed concerning true health and living. Technology, science, religion, and politics are the problem rather than the solution. It's a consumer-mad world, when instead, we should all be controlling and disciplining our run-away appetites -which are the cause of all our miseries. Fasting is one sure way to make us all sane and healthy again. We are a drugged or addicted species, more so now than ever before, because of our chemically saturated lifestyles. It used to be easier to fast or become a breatharian before 1950, and even thrive on it, but no more. Most of us are too damaged(calcified pineals) to even conceive of doing so. Pollution, flouride, GMO's, social, political, and religious restrictions, and the electronic soup we live in is making it nearly impossible for us to regenerate. The anti-human powers that be are doing everything they can to destroy us but we will prevail as we always have, and will be better and stronger for it.

The great secret, of course, is that you do not have to eat to live, and our controllers know it but make us believe otherwise. Food is for pleasure rather than life. If food gave us life we would all be healthy and live forever. Instead we are all sick and dying. Our controllers have made food so addictive that we feel we will die without it. Yes it's painful to get off of food but so is any addiction. In fact, the more a food is addictive, the more harmful it is. Processed sugar and salt are the two most common addictive substances and they are purposely added to nearly everything we eat. And if that's not enough, basic foods like fruits and vegetables are changed or hybridized at the cellular level to hook and degenerate us even more. We have all become hopeless drug addicts of the drug mart for the benefit of the food corporations. The cooking process itself denatures our food causing it to be more addictive and destructive(anything that is overheated becomes a drug). We don't even know what natural is anymore.

The only natural food is what is picked fresh off of trees and plants. Even agriculture and most vegetables or legumes are a scam and a burden on nature because they must be artificially grown or cared for. Only what grows by itself and is ripened by the Sun is truly fit to eat. This leaves us with fruits, nuts, berries, herbs, grasses, and seeds. Everything else is an abomination. As you can see, we have strayed incredibly from our true and original diet and are reaping the consequences. Our bodies have adapted to some extent, but not really. The body is always trying to revert to its original state or function in spite of our erroneous habits. Left to itself, the body will naturally revert to a foodless state but we keep interfering. It is our sick souls, minds, and spirits, that hunger, rather than our bodies. The body is complete and self-maintaining and repairing, but we are made to believe it must be sustained with food or water. Even exercise is a huge scam and can cause more harm than good. The real exercise is within you: you must learn to control your lusts and appetites which are the cause of all your miseries.

Why should we be controlled or enslaved by our stomachs? I have always believed I could eat or not eat according to will, but there are obviously consequences to this, especially in today's world and its bastardized diet, and the way we look when we try to recover doesn't help any. We are obviously being drugged or controlled by a very clever and selfish bunch. The first thing one must do is give up cooked or processed foods. Cooked food is dead food and processed food is poisoned food. This must be done slowly of course or it will shock the system. Start eating more and more raw fruits, nuts, and veggies, until the all the old cravings die off. It's either them or you, and it won't be easy but it must be done. Try to eat organic, and if possible grow your own fruits and veggies. Take as long as you need to to make the changes(it often takes years) and don't kick yourself if you backslide (this is normal). Forget the 21-day process -you won't learn or accomplish much from that. Reverting your body to its original or intended state is a life-long process, and the earlier you start, the better and easier it will be. There are no quick fixes, especially if you suffer from some chronic illness or disease. Remember, it took you years to get to your debilitated state, so it will take just as long or longer to recover.

Children should fast only when they understand what they're doing or when they feel they need to do so. The mental or psychological state is extremely important. Most people who have died from fasting we're not ready to fast, either mentally or emotionally. Animals instinctively fast when sick or injured. This allows all of their energy into the healing process. The digestive process takes up at least 80 per cent of the body's energy and is the main reason we become tired and need to sleep. Fasting also sharpens our senses and awakens other organs and senses(psychic) that require our full energy. Because of our debilitated state only half of our chakras or energy centers(the lower ones) are mostly working. When we fast or stop eating, and our body is cleansed or unclogged, and there is enough energy to get the upper centers or chakras fully working again. The upper chakras connect us to our higher self and are the source of our psychic powers. You can feel their extra whirling as though a motor has just been turned on.

One of the very first nerve centers or chakras to start recovering will be your solar plexus right behind your stomach. As yor stomach shrinks back to its original tubular state it makes room for your solar plexus or second brain to start beating again. You can feel this beating like a second heart, and this usually occurs after about two days on a full fast. Your solar plexus and its accompanying etheric chakra will give you extra energy and a heightened intuitive or emotional awareness. When you start eating again, your stomach grows again and muffles your plexus and its corresponding chakra back to sleep or to minimal activity. It's the same with the other centers and chakras which are put to sleep or minimized through the eating process. It is crucial for fasters and would-be breatharians to get these centers working again as it is through them that one has access to the full quota of prana or life force which replaces physical food. Without sufficient access to this etheric nourishment the body will die or wither. Decalcifying the pineal(Vitamin K2 is great) and reactivating or strengthening the organs associated with the main chakra centers is key, and fasting helps speed up this process enormously.

The whole key to fasting and regeneration is to keep refining and lessening your food intake until all you subsist on is air, moisture, and light. Yes we are not plants, we are BETTER -or should be. Instead, we have made ourselves lower or worse through eating. As one of the highest or most complex physical creations, humans should be able to do astounding things -even miraculous. Yet here we are floundering and degenerating and dying. The ability to live without physical food is but one of our incredible gifts or abilities. You were not meant to be a slave to your stomach or the grocery store or the food corporations. Freedom begins with a clean gut.

So the less you eat and the cleaner you become, the more energy you access and the stronger you become, physically, mentally, and in every other way. I would say the breatharian is up to ten times stronger than a food-eating individual. Theoretically, this also means he or she can live ten times longer. Fasting is a foothold into breatharianism or inedia. It kickstarts the process offering a preview or foretaste. If a few days of fasting does you good, and the longer fasts do you even more good, it only follows that a permanent fast must do the most good. Most people however are too weak or scared to go all the way, and there is a certain danger to this. Besides the social stigma, to force solid food into your breatharian body can kill you or make you very sick, and I advise you to at least eat a piece of fruit per day, or some juice or lemonated water, to keep yourself grounded and ready should you have to eat again.

Most people today, however, will not aspire to become breatharians. It is far more likely they'll settle on becoming vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, or fruitarians and liquidarians at most, and this is the destiny of most of humanity in the next hundred years or so. You won't be eating steaks and ice cream in the coming new world or utopia so you might as well start getting ready for it now -or face the pain later. If the prophecy is true, it will take 1000 years(the biblical Millennium) for ALL of humanity to fully regenerate and become "breatharian" or inediates, and even then, there will be some holdouts. Becoming a breatharian doesn't mean you don't have to eat, but rather that you are in full control of the eating process.

During the Millennium or Golden Age, everyone will be re-educated and trained in the basics of proper health and nutrition and every succeeding generation will become stronger and healthier. Also, an electric ring will once again form around the planet or be activated and electrocute all of the bothersome lower predatory insects and animals that will not conform to the higher vibrational state of this period. We will then be able to grow our fruit trees and gardens peacefully without their destructive interference. Even the lions and other carnivours will change and become vegetarian and peaceful again. Negative humans will naturally die off or be removed to lower frequency planes and planets.

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