Sleep and Regeneration

There's something about closing your eyes and the lying down position that immediately induces sleep and sets you into regeneration mode. Death is the greatest sleep or regenerator of course, but sleep itself(and memory) come a close second. We all have an etheric double which contains the memory and programming to regenenerate your physical being whenever it is abused or damaged. It is in fact this etheric double which creates and oversees the physical. We abuse or wear out our physical bodies daily through our various activities, such as working, playing, eating, and having sex. This wear and tear eventually causes us to become sleepy and tired and so we "shut down" for approximately eight hours during the night to allow our body's regenerative functions to repair the damage.

Unfortunately, many of us do not get enough sleep or regeneration time and this results in a short and impaired existence. This is largely due to a social and economic system designed to benefit the few and burden the many. Most of us work way too long at jobs we hate and eat think or live badly and this takes a huge toll on our lives. All of the negativity in our world is the result of wrong or uncontrolled desires which eat away at our being. Also, all external wars or abnormalities are the result of internal ones. Simply put, it is our base or negative desires that are killing us. Buddha summed it up nicely when he said that to conquer death we must conquer our desire nature. Desire equals death.

Food or eating is our most basic human desire. It stems from a long imbedded insecurity and is triggered by unfulfilled desire or emotion. Total love(of self and others) is the antidote to food hunger. Did you know that the digestive process alone drains most of our energy? That is why we feel sleepy or tired after a heavy meal. Cooked or fired food is unnatural and much more draining than raw or natural food. You will have more energy and require substantially less sleep on a pure or natural diet because it is easier to digest. Also, food is the basis for sex, and our unnatural eating habits are leading to more premature and perverted forms of sex -which drains us even further.

Astrologically, Pluto or Scorpio rule death and rebirth or degeneration and regeneration. The other two water signs or planets: Neptune/Pisces and Moon/Cancer, also rule death and regeneration to a large degree. Neptune kills you through chemicals and deceits whereas the Moon kills you through hunger and negative emotion. Their flip sides is that Neptune causes you to rest or sleep whereas the Moon makes restoration or regeneration possible through the process of sheltering and memory. All three water signs or planets have elements or qualities of the other.

Sleep is ruled by Neptune or Pisces, whose transit we are currently in(Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces from 2012 to 2026). Sleep allows us not only to rest and regenerate but reconnects us to our true soul self which is mostly of a feeling or emotional nature. Without this reconnection we become unbalanced, disoriented, ands lose all desire or meaning in life. Dreams are one way in which the soul expresses or reconnects to itself. Our physical experiences from this life or past lives give our dreams their shape, form, and story, otherwise they would be nothing but shapless sounds, lights, and colors vibrating erratically with intense feeling or emotion.

As you fall asleep, you're etheric double rises out of your physical body, attached to it by an umbilical siver cord, and begins its out of body experience in the form of dreams or astral journeys. Before it does this it remains suspended just over your body recharging itself with etheric current and then transmitting it to your physical body so it can repair itself. Normally the etheric or astral body can recharge itself quite adequately from within your body, but our intoxications prevent this so it must exit the body to do this unencumbered. In short, our wearied or intoxicated state forces us to sleep or shut down so our etheric double can recharge and repair both itself and the physical. When this is done we wake up again feeling refreshed.

Just the act of lying down does wonders for your body's recuperation. Most animal's bodies are in the horizontal position. This allows all their chakras or energy centers to be stimulated equally by the vital energies flowing from the earth's center. Only man is in a constant upright position and the first center that gets most of the Earth's pranic stimulation is between his legs, hence his very sexual nature. Standing on your head reverses this, stimulating the highest centers first, but it is a very impractical position. Only when our auras are fully charged or potent and al chakras stimulated will we be in a position to enjoy full health. Inner Earth peoples have a more equalized dispersion of light and therefore stimulation so that they require less sleep than we do, and enjoy greater longetivity and health in general.

Sleep is in fact a kind of death, where are our activities cease and a judgement or review process(dream state) is enacted. When completed, we return and are awakened(rebirth or reincarnation). The difference between sleep and death is that at death we lose our connection with our body permanently wheareas during sleep we do not. We are still connected by the silver cord or astral lifeline which draws us back when we awaken. The more you need to sleep, the more wearied or intoxicated you are, and the more you need to regenerate. A life free from abuse or intoxication is a life free from sleep. A fruitarian under ideal conditions needs little sleep and a breatharian almost none. When you and your environment are perfect, sleep and death will be no more.

Hibernation is another form of sleep or death which many animals perform to get through the winter. Humans can do this too, but we have forgotten how to do so, or it is no longer required of us because of our technology and modern living. If we were to do so, however, we would probably double or triple our life span. Russian peasants in the Pskov district reportedly practice(d) a form of hibernation called Iotska which lasts six months. The family lies around a hot stove getting up only once a day to nibble on some black bread and water and making sure the stove is running before going back to sleep. The body is capable of falling into a hypothermic or very low metabolic state in order to preserve itself from either cold or starvation.

As an eating and working peoples, sleep is a necessary fact of life. It literally saves us from destruction and insanity. It is our escape or reconnection to the etheric realm from which we were made. Most people require eight hours a day of sleep but if you include the blinking, yawning, relaxing, and daydreaming, it probanly amounts to twelve hours. That's half your lifetime in an unconscious state! Much sleep or rest combined with fasting and/or meditation is an extremely powerful form of regeneration. If you do this long enough you can probably reset the body to its optimum state or even reverse the aging process. Unfortunately, most of us are too ignorant, distracted, uninterested, or incapable of achieving such a state. Those who do, however, will benefit tremendously from the experience,

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