Your Gut Is Your Second Brain
-Keep It Clean

Also known as your enteric nervous system(ENS) or "emotional" brain, it does far more than just digest or assimilate the food you eat. It also regulates your moods, emotions, and mental functions. In fact, there is the idea that our cranial brain is an offshoot or outgrowth of our more primordial gut brain. It's referred to as a second brain because it often works independently and consists of half a billiom neurons. In truth, it even looks like a brain -only rolled out or stretched out more, from your esophagus to your anus.

So what are we doing putting all kinds of garbage(processed food) in this brain, and then wondering why we become sick or tired or confused and depressed? The problem is cooked food. Heat or cooking not only kills vital nutrients but changes the molecular structre of our food in such a way that your gut cannot really handle it. The result is waste and disease and sickess and death. Raw food on the other hand, is live food, that not only preserves all of its nutrients, but also takes far longer to decompose so that by the time it is expelled your gut is still relatively clean(and healthy).

Cooked(killed) or processed(adulterated) food decomposes quickly in your gut and has a powerful addictive or drug-like effect that is responsible for nearly all of our ills and diseases.

Raw, organic foods(basically fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds) do not decompose quickly in your gut and are far less addictive and far more healthier for us.

Eating raw foods is what nature originally intended for us, but climate change and perverse habits have changed all of this. We were meant to be in the sun and warmth and in the outdoors and eating only what nature already produces on trees and grasses. Unfortunately, we have migrated to cold and inhospitable areas where we must import nearly all our food, much of it changed or denatured. Our gut or second brain has become a sewer or cesspool of filth and stench and the result is sickness, disease, aging, and death. It's no wonder many of us can't think or feel properly or live our lives happily and successfully -your gut or second brain is polluted and not working properly.

For the more advanced or initiated, fasting or a food-free lifestyle, will unlock the full potential of your second brain, re-uniting your concious, subconcious, and higher selves, and reawakening your extra-sensory organs and faculties.

We need to go back to warmer climes and readopt fruitarian or vegetarian lifestyles which will not only heal us but our planet as well. It will be a slow and painful initial process for most, but the long-term rewards will be more than worth it.

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