Fruit and the Beginnings of Sex fruitful(full of fruit)and multiply(have sex/reproduce)...
Genesis 1:28

The word fruitful can literally be taken to mean "full of fruit" which is what our first parents had before propagating. Adam and Eve were natural breatharians before they began eating, and fruit was undoubtedly the first food they ate. Fruit-eating was mostly for pleasure and did not affect the spiritual nature in any real negative way but it did induce a gentle sensuality which put the first couple into a propagating mood. Some fruits of course were heavier and more stimulating than others such as the banana, avocado, persimmons, or coconut, while others such as the lemon. lime, orange, and grapefruit(citrus fruits) were lighter and less conductive to sensual arousal. Cherries, peaches, and plums were also fairly sensual, while pears, apples, and quince were neutral.

A fruitarian diet, which is the natural diet of man, will not only keep you young, attractive, and healthy, but will give you a healthy sexuality as well. Women on this diet menstruate at much longer intervals and the bleeding and psychological effects are very minimal, whereas men are more virile and do not ejaculate prematurely. Our modern diet of cooked or fired and processed foods often turns healthy natural sex into a lustful and sometimes violent desire. This is especially so if you eat lots of meats, sauces, spices or condiments, and dairy products. Vegetarianism or veganism will go a long way in curbing this base lustfulness.

While the kinds of foods we eat have a huge impact on our sexual nature, personal differences must of course also be taken into account. In general, however, the heavier(denser) or more unnatural the food the more sensual or sexual we become. Fruits and berries which have a high water content and which grow on trees have the highest vibration,followed by nuts and vegetables(most of which need to be artificially cultivated), seeds grasses and grains, milk and dairy products, and finally meat.

Real food is edible in its raw or natural state. If you need to cook or fire it or dress it up with spices and chemicals then it is not real food and should not be eaten. Cooking or heating food not only kills most of the nutrients but becomes toxic or rancid in your system and gives rise to unnatural cravings and desires. These cravings have a drug-like effect on the mind lowering the vibration and causing all kinds of misery and problems.

The cold and unnatural climate zones caused by the destruction of the Earth's canopies, and the resultant invention of fire and cooking to offset this, are what brought about humanity's demise in terms of our diet and health. Our planetary eco-system needs to be restored before humanity as a whole can truly enjoy a healthful, natural, and bountiful diet.

In summary, the introduction of fruit into our diet was also the introduction of sex and reproduction for the human species, although on a much higher level of purity than the kind of sexuality we currently experience from our modern cooked and processed diet.

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