Climate and Food are the Keys to Health

There are two main prerequisites for good health; the first is a hospitable climate and the second is fresh natural food.


A utopian paradise is not possible if the climate or weather is not right. Everything hinges on an ideal climate or environment to live comfortably and grow food. Unfortunately, we live in a very chaotic or unbalanced climate where it is very hot near the equator and very cold far away from it. The seasons are also extreme as are night and day. Why is this so? Would an intelligent creator produce this imbalance? No, Would a modern house builder not make sure that the temperature across the home is uniform or at least controllable? Of course he would.

So what happened to our climate? Old maps and histories reveal a warm and lush environment throughout the Earth with no snow or ice or desert as early as some hundreds of years ago. Then some war or catastrophe occurred that changed all that and the evidence is mysteriously hidden or destroyed. Enough evidence, however, has recently come out to show that the world's major changes or "resets" have occured quite numerously at intervals of 100 years or more.

The last major reset came to a peak in the early 1800's with the so called "mud floods", city fires, and pestilences, which devastated most of the structures and peoples of the time. This destruction may have started as far back as the 1500's when marauding "colonists" in their religious fervor destroyed and erased the generally peaceful natives of the Americas, Africa, Indo-Asia, Australia, and the various islands. World Wars I and II were sub-resets of this and the destruction continues to this day, picking up noticeably since early 2020.

With each reset, possibly going back over 5100 years, our environments and lifestyles degenerate, as though there was a consistent long-term effort of some evil force to destroy humanity. This anti-human force, currently referred to as luciferian, reptilian, or satanic, lives side by side with us and may in fact have been here even before humanity was created or introduced. Regardless, we basically see each other as a threat, and this reptilian/mammalian feud has its human expression in the biblical bloodlines of Cain(serpent race) and Abel(godly or angelic race). As in the movie Avatar, the two have to a large part infiltrated each other's bodies so that it is often difficult to distinguish them physically, except through their fruits or deeds. We know them today as the Khazars or other such groups whose practices are totally foreign or diabolic to us and who have been fomenting all of our wars and atrocities.

Ice and snow and desert or extreme heat and cold are not natural. They are imbalances or ruptures in our eco systems caused by war, radiation, and ill or negative intent. In one's home the temperature is generally uniform throughout, and this is how it should be across our plane, but it is not. Fighting the cold and the heat drains us of our time and energy which should be spent improving our lives or circumstances. So long as there are imbalances in the weather or climate of the world, humanity will never reach its full potential, and the bad guys know it, which is why they want to make it continually worse with pollution, chaos, ignorance, and wars.

The dome above and around us is either damaged or controlled which is why we have the climate imbalance in the first place. There may also be high tech manipulation of our weather through Haarp and such. The repair of the dome as well as the removal of the negative entities behind our tech are absolutely necessarry if we want to see paradise on earth again. There may be a timetable for this collectively, but individually, you can determine your own situation if you really want it. Move to a warmer clime where you can grow your own food and become self-sufficient. Avoid the cities where crime, corruption, and pollution dominate. Strengthen your ties with family and the local community which are the foundations of any society.

Basically, the world can be divided into three areas where weather or climate is concened. There is the tropical area from 30 degrees north to 30 degrees south. Then there are the temperate regions from 30 to 60 degrees either north or south. Anything beyond that is too cold or currently innaccessible to normal humans.

the three main habitable climate zones of our known world

Most of the world's population lives in the northern temperate zone which is the most industrial and dominant, but also the most polluted and corrupt region of the Earth. It includes Canada, the United States, Europe, northern Middle East, Russia, the Stans, Mongolia, Northern China, Korea, and Japan. The summers here are short and hot and the winters long and cold. Not much food is grown here unless it's indoors or near the southern regions such as California, Texas, or Florida, and then mostly in the spring or summer months. With some exceptions, this zone is best avoided if you want to live a peaceful and natural life. Most people, sad to say, are attracted here like flies to excrement. Such is human nature -always attracted first to what is not really good for them (usually the sign of a young or inexperienced soul).

Next is the equatorial zone where the Sun is closest and strongest and where temperatures are generally always warm or hot and where you can grow your food year-round. This includes Mexico. the Caribbean, Central America, most of South America, most of Africa, southern Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and north-mid Australia. Housing or shelter is not as important here as in the temperate zones and survival is basically assured unless you live in a desert or jungle or in a coastal area prone to storms and flooding. Once again, away from the cities is best. Cities are alluring, offering many temptations and comforts but end up becoming traps or jails. They are man-made centers of disease and control. Most of humanity should be living in the tropical sun zone where health is greatest but many become bored and so they head for the cities and cold zones. If they knew anything about regeneration or true health they would stay in the tropics, but apparently they don't (which is also the sign of a young or inexperienced soul). Of course, the tropics are not ideal either. There is too much concentrated heat here which should be spread out across the more northely or southerly lattitudes, and which can cause fatigue or laziness, but at least you won't freeze to death.

The third region is the southern temperate zone which includes the least landmass. This includes Argentina-Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, Southern Australia, and New Zealand. There is less population and pollution here but the winters can be cool to cold limititing your food production and requiring adequate housing to stay warm and secure.

There are no doubt other landmasses we are not told about in all three zones and beyond, but there is not much information or comfirmation about them. There is reason to believe, however. that our level plain extends far beyong our known world, and that countless other continents and civilizations exist. This is not even taking into account the Inner Earth or subterranean realms where temperatures are much more stable and conditions much more livable. One day, when our surface world is fully restored and reconnected to the rest of our much larger Earth, we will see the climate restored as well and our lives greatly enhanced.


Having satisfied the first prerequisite of life which is a good and healthy climate/environment, the next step is food or whatever we consume. Food comes in many forms, from gases to liquids to solids. Sunlight or radiation is actually the first and most important food. It is distributed through the air or gases and densified as liquid or solid. Even our bodies are made primarily of light energy. The sun literally creates our food in the form of fruit and vegetation and bakes it into maturity. Everything else we eat is man-made or modified and inferior. That is why we are so sick or unhealthy; we live in the wrong environments and eat the wrong things. We have strayed so far from natural living that most people would be shocked if you told them the truth about food - that it is mostly a drug for your enjoyment, and that like all drugs, it comes with a heavy price tag -your health.

Yes, the first people did not have to eat. It was an option and indulged in only occasionally. Of course times were different then; we lived in a paradisical environment where the richness of the atmosphere itself sustained us. It is only when we started sinning(experimenting) and indulging in foods other than certain fruits, that we went downhill. We were removed from our edenic garden and placed in a corrupt clime or environment where we could do our own thing, but were left to fend for ourselves. We then became gardeners and farmers and butchers domestics and what we know of as today. It is possible that the Adam and Eve story may suggest being removed from Meru or an Inner Earth location to the Outer Earth or a sector of Bharata reserved for rebels. Humanity then continued to deteriorate until the Flood of Noah which may in fact be the vaster Vedic flooding of Bharata in 3102BC. This further cut the quality and duration of our staures, lifespans, and lifesyles to what they are today.

This degeneration of humanity does not change the food rules. Fruits and greens are always best, followed by nuts, and seeds. The more decrepit gods, whom we adopted as parents or authorities, taught us about farming and science, war and religion, politics and economics, and everything else. We began to eat grains and dairy and meats, which these gods loved, and which we became addicted to. These same foods clogged or inflamed the body and caused us to deteriorate even further, and it has been this way ever since. We are truly a drugged or fallen humanity living a fraction of our true potential, all because of a damaged environment, bad foods, and bad company. The gods that rule us are as sick if not sicker than we are, and the worst ones literally feed on us.

the unhealthy cooked, fried, and processed diet on the left, versus the healthy raw diet on the right

Even today, if you only eat fruits and greens, you will be incredibly healthy. It's all the other processed or cooked stuff that gets us into trouble. On top of the bad weather and chemicals, and radiation, the modern or standard Western diet is absolutely bad for us. Our bodies can handle it up to a certain point, especially if you are young, but then comes payback time in the form of pain disease, and eventually death. And if that's not enough, our food, water, and even air has been so tampered with by the evil forces that our bodies must fight even harder to eliminate all the toxins. Yes, toxicity (and stress) are at the root of nearly all of our health problems, yet we are resiliant and hard to kill. We are wondrously made so that if you give your body the slightest opportunity to heal, it will.

I began my healling in my late twenties when I noticed increasing pain in my joints. This was in the 1980's when there was little or no internet and very few computers. Doctors had no real answers for my condition so I scoured the alternative section of the bookstore and found a few good books. I discovered that the sugar and salt and other chemicals found in nearly all of our foods were the primary causes of my arthritis. That and the fact that I shouldn't be eating bread or pasta or dairy in the first place. So I starting cutting out certain foods, especially those filled with chemicals. I made my own salt-free bread and prepared my own meals as much as possible knowing exactly what went into them. I also gave up meat for ethical as well as health reasons. These dietary changes alienated family and friends, but my health was more important. This was only the beginning of even more changes in my diet.

Becoming a vegetarian (no meat) was easy, as was becoming a vegan (no meat or dairy) and it did improve my health somewhat, but it was not nearly enough. The real kicker was when I became a raw foodist many years later(1990's). People were becoming much more food and health conscious by now, especially when the internet exploded in mid 1990's, and information was more readily available. I learned about raw foodism then and this was a giant leap or improvement in my health. Basically, cooked food is dead food, unrecognized by the body and difficult to process or eliminate, so it is stored as fat (inflammation) in the body. Yes, cooked food tastes better (the water removal enhances the taste) but it must then rob water from your body (thirst) to make up for it. Cooked food offers little or nothing for the body. It is mostly for taste and to feel full. It makes you sleepy or drowsy and takes longer to eliminate, causing all sorts of problems and diseases in the process. Raw food has life and enzymes and is easily assimilated or eliminated. The biggest benefit of a raw diet is the improvement at all levels of your being -physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual..

What does a raw foodist eat? Fruits, some veggies, nuts, and seeds. You do not have to become 100 per cent raw. Even 80 per cent raw is major. It's important to start raw in the morning with some fruit or a smoothie, followed by a salad around noon, and some cooked food in the late afternoon or evening. The sooner you can go all raw the better, but this can be difficult in the city or a cold climate. The social as well the environmental pressures of the city may require a certain amount of cooked food, but if you are strong enough you can be perfectly fine all raw here as well. Not only will your physical health improve, but all other levels as well -mental, emotional, and spiritual. This may cause you to want to change environment or relationships as a result. It's important not to stay around negativity when improving your diet and health.

Changing your diet for the better can be a long process. For some it may take weeks or months, for others it may take years. It depends on your age, education, mindset, and situation. It is a very individual process, but the sooner you start the better. Older people can do it too but it will take longer for them to minmize or repair the damage already done. One way to speed up the regeneration process is through fasting which gives the body its best chance to fix itself. Done properly, it can clear up a lot of problems like nothing else can. Most people don't realize that we fast every day when we sleep. Short fasts of one day are advised in the beginning followed by longer ones as one gets acquainted with the process. Yes, fasting can reverse aging, but it can also kill you if you are not ready or suffer from an extreme condition. Read up on the subject and follow your intuition on whether it is right for you, or seek the advice and guidance of experienced fasters.

Is breatharianism (living without food) possible? Yes, but it is a rarity these days. We were originally all breatharians, but quickly slid into eating through temptation and weakness. When the environment and conditions are right it is possible for the body to survive on air, light and moisture alone, but there are great risks here, especially in today's dominantly negative world. Fear and negativity and boredom and lack of love is what make us eat. Food is basically a substitute for love. You've heard of people in love who lose all their hunger, and this basically true. When we are filled with light and love and surrounded by such we will all become breatharians again.

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