Those Evil Jabs

Note: The following article is soley the author's and may or may not refect the actual facts.

The fake covid pandemic is being used as a pretext for those sinister jabs that are meant to reduce you to a weak and mindless slave, or even kill you, and if you're not aware of this yet, you're living in fantasy land.

Vaccines or jabs have never cured anything and if you believe they protect you, you are sadly mistaken. Instead of helping you, they may well take away your health and sanity and lead you to an early grave. The deadly chemicals inside most vaccines weaken or destroy your immune system making you far more subject to all manner of disease. They are a man-made concoction designed to decimate or at least control the population, both human and animal. This includes the vaccines you took as a child which may have already damaged you in some way with poisons that were never meant to enter your body. God has given us his own immune system and if he wanted us to take vaccines he would have created vaccine trees.

Satan, the father of vaccines, has always used this tool for depopulation purposes, using the scientists, medics, celebs, and politicians to administer the doses. Most of these people are bought off or pressured into doing so. It is even easier now with the totally fake mainstream media run by devils in human clothing. Every hundred years or so Satan and his puppets come out with a major fake pandemic -as well as its deadly "cure" -as last occurred in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1921. It's all planned well in advance and executed very deviously. Our rulers know human nature very well and take advantage of all of our weaknesses. They have in fact been using humanity for thousands of years.

The first thing the evil ones do is control our weather and environment through their insidious technologies. They then coral us into cities and make us totally dependant on them through a deceptive political and economic system. Then they control our thoughts and views through our education systems and media, and when we get too numerous for them, they slowly kill us off through our food, water, air, and sun. The culling speeds up with the jabs and the 5G, and results in social and economic collapse and war. After much destruction and rebuilding, the survivors are then rounded up and used to restart their society or a new age, and the command is given -be fruitful and multiply.

How many crops of humanity have come and gone is unknown, but it is becoming clear to me that this is occurring in cycles of one hundred years or more. Our current humanity is only a few centuries old, and our history taught in schools is mostly made up, especially before 1800 AD. We, in this last incarnation, are a poor crop of humanity -smaller and weaker than the last, and if our New World Order controllers have their way with us, we shall be in even worse shape in the next decade or so. In fact, we may completely lose our humanity through AI and the like. Technology is NOT the answer. Awakening our inner computer IS. We can do this through fasting or adopting a natural vegan or fruitarian diet, or even becoming a breatharian.

The closest thing in nature to a srynge is the mosquito's probuscus, which is used to suck up blood or spread disease. I believe the mosquito belongs to a second or parallel creation designed by Satan himself. Why would God create such an annoying pest? I believe there are TWO creations among us, one of which is anti-human and incompatible to ours. This is basically the cold-blooded reptilian species as opposed to the warm-blooded mammalian species. The anti-human creators, modifiers, or replicators of this species are responsible for most of the evil in this world. They lack heart and emotion and are scientifically and technologically inclined. They are warring and aggressive as opposed to peaceful and loving. Biblically, they are what you would call the Luciferic or fallen angelic race. Thet were initially good but lost their goodness through pride or ego. They are also the creators of the jab.

With most of us jabbed, it appears that most of humanity will die off in the next few years as the spike proteins do their damage and the nanobots change our DNA. The prophecies of Revelation will come true(again), with only the true God to save us. Do not think Satan and his deep state minions are done with us yet. Yes, God will defeat them in the end, but before they go down they will throw everything they have at us, and were it not for God's intervention, no flesh would truly survive. We may still have to go through REAL wars and pandemics in the near future, but this all depends on us. Will we change our ways and become whole again and push back the demonic forces, or will we continue to degenerate, both collectively or individually and succumb to hell on Earth?

There is a disinct separation of the masses occurring now, and the jab and covid mandates are playing key roles here. Will you follow the evil mandates, or will you stand up and fight for your rights?

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