No One Wants To Die And No One Has To

Everyone wants to live, including the animals, plants, and insects. Life is precious and an opportunity to experience the creation which our Creator made for us. The sights and sounds, the smells and tastes, the simple acts of being, and loving, this is what makes life here worthwhile. So why do we die? Why do we grow old and weak and finally turn back into dust? This is a great mystery.

Ancient records speak of peoples and beasts who were larger, smarter, and longer-lived, and as the centuries passed, great resets or catastrophes occurred which shortened and diminished everything. Even our mangled genome is testimony to this. What caused this deterioration, or is it the natural course of things in this material realm?

Your body continually regenerates itself but at some point the degenerative forces overpower the regenerative ones and we grow old, weak, and die. What are these forces or conditions that kill us slowly, and can they be avoided or reversed?

It is true that material realm is a temporal one and that it is dominated by death, negativity, and destruction, but are there ways to prolong our journey here and make the most it? This has been the primary goal of the elite and humanity in general, but both groups can have very different approaches to it. The evil elite seek physical immortality through blood rituals and scientific or technical means while the good elite and wise or good humans seek immortality through much more natural and ethical means. The first group cheats its way and always fails, while the second group does so by obeying the laws of nature, divinity, and the universe, and usually succeeds.

We die because we do not understand or obey what keeps us alive. Death is not inevitable and can be conquered, even though we have been conditioned to believe otherwise. Your body was meant to last for as long as you want it to provided you obey certain rules or truths. If you kill any living thing, for example, you yourself will be killed. This is the first law. This means no war or human or animal slaughter, unless your own life is threatened. Even then, killing should be the last option. Even plants want to live. You can eat the fruit of a plant as a gift, but not the plant itself which is sentient. Our diet is highly unnatural. We've veered way beyond fruit eating to grains and meats and dairy and tubers and everything is loaded with toxic chemicals to boot.

If you think about it, the whole concept of eating is selfish and destructive and is what eventually leads to pain, misery, and death. The sense of taste is the lowest of the physical senses, just as the tongue is lower than the eyes, ears, and nose on the face. Touch or the fifth sense is neutral covering the entire body. The physical senses were given to us to enjoy this material realm, but at what point do they become abused, and what is the price of this abuse?

People who fast or refrain from eating notice immediate beneficial results. Why? Because this is our natural and intended (breatharian) state. It gives your body a chance to clean up and regenerate rather than spend most of its energy in the digestive tract. It is the evil reptilians and other satanic beings that have taught or encouraged us to kill and eat, plunder, and destroy. While these cold-blooded beings may get a kick out of taking life, we normally do not. As mammals and warm-blooded beings, we cherish love, beauty, and peace. Unfortunately, early humanity was very trusting and naive and has been almost completely taken over by the more selfish and ruthless beings. We've even allowed them to change our genetics so that we are more easily controlled.

Are diet and genetic manipulation the only causes of death and degeneration? No. There is another extremely important element involved here on par if not greater than what we consume. Environment. Physically, we are only as good as our environments, and if you live in a negative or degenerated environment you too will suffer and degenerate. Ever since the baddies took over and denigrated our environments, our lives have continuously deteriorated. All of the Earth was once a paradise with incredible trees and life-giving oxygen and other gases. All life was huge and long-lived. Then they came in and raped and ravaged us as well as our environment to the point we find ourselves today. The destruction of the trees, landscapes, and air quailty was particularly damaging. This destruction was halted by our Creator through a Flood and the damage was partially restored, but it's still a long way back to our original state. Complete restoration remains our task in the coming centuries, as we awaken from the nightmare.

You do not have to wait for the world or collective to repair itself. You can start this individually by living a natural organic lifesyle. Flee the cities and cold zones and get back to nature and simplicity. Technology is a crutch for powers we already have within, but these powers need to be reawakened. Death is not natural. We have the seeds of godhood and immortality within us, given to us by our creators, but we have been deceived into helplessness and dependence, and our beauty and goodness have been selfishly taken advantage of. A large part of humanity has been siphoned off into sexual and work slavery both here and off-planet, and the demand has never been higher. We are the prized delicacies of the universe. Even the gods lust after us. This sad state of affairs does not have to continue, and there are currently major attempts by the good guys to stop it, but we must do our own parts as well.

There was a time when death was voluntary. Tired of life, we would lie down and leave our bodies willingly, self-combust, or in some cases transfigure and take our bodies with us. We can do this again but we need to become re-educated and our minds and bodies regenerated. The whole funeral thing is a wasteful and expensive travesty and we need to wake up and seriously change our ideas about ageing and death. We have been seriously deprived of the knowledge of who and what we are and where we came from and where we are going, and left groping in the dark. The veils need to be lifted, the shackles broken, and the mindset restored before we can fly again. The masses are slowly coming out of their sleep or amnesia now as true knowledge once again abounds but we must act on that knowledge and take back control. Then physical death will become a choice rather than an inevitability.

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