Food Affects How You Think And Feel

Food has EVERYTHING to do with how you think and feel. It a shame there is so little valid mainstream information on the effects of food and nutrition over all aspects of our being. Perhaps this is because most doctors receive little or no training or education in this department which is a huge travesty. No doubt the food vendors and pharmaceutical companies and their backers are largely responsible for this. They would lose out big time if the public knew that food in itself is a kind of medication that has powerful effects on our minds, bodies, and spirits and that certain publicly accepted types of foods are actually slowly killing us. There appears to be a conspiracy of sorts to subtly control humanity via food, drink, drugs, environment, and just about everything else.

Whenever you eat, drink, or ingest anything you are playing chemistry with your body, and most chemistry experiments end up going bad. Your body is perfect as it is. It is self-regulating requiring only a few simple basics, such as light clean air, and moisture, which are plentiful in natural environments. The problem is most of us are living in highly unnatural or artificial environments(cities, cold zones, deserts, etc). Also, our planet or realm is basically damaged or tampered with and we are basically living on minimal life support This explains our rather short and mostly difficult lives.

If our oxygen intake were to be increased by only 5 or 10 percent we would see drastic improvements in our health and environments. Instead we continually lower oxygen by cutting or burning down all the trees and forests and by living in congested and polluted cities. Cities have much lower oxygen levels than the outlying areas, and most of the food in cities is inferior because it must be preserved from spoiling(usually with harmful chemicals). Most crops and produce today suffer from spraying and hybridization which negatively impact our health. It sounds all so dire, but humans are very adapive and resiliant, and with a little proper education, and guts, we can get back on track and achieve our intended state.

One of the biggest mistakes we make today is to downplay the body's importance. Most religions say that the spirit or soul is more important, and while it is true that the life force(spirit) and its accumulated life experiences(soul) are the primary components of our being, the physical body(vehicle for the spirit and soul's expression) and the mind(conciousness) that it gives us are in my opinion just as equally important. Without the body we have no anchor or base and roam around like mindless demons.

Our bodies are great gifts having undergone countless refinements throughout the ages. It is the goal of material Creation to produce the ultimate vehicle for spirit's expression, and this is an ongoing process. The curent human form, although much degenerated or tampered with, is still the most advanced vehicle for spirit and must be honored and well taken care of. As menioned previously, the human body was originaly designed to be self-sustaining and repairing, and still can be, but we have soiled it with bad eating and living practices.

Originally, Earth was a paradise and we did not have to eat, and when we did it was only fruit and only for pleasure or social occasion. We were basically immortal and our minds worked like computers. Unfortunately there were other(fallen) creatures around to tempt us and that's when we fell. Curious or eager to try out new foods or lifestyles(against our Creator's advice) our light(spirit) dimmed and so did our mental and psychic capacities. We became addicted to these new foods and lifestyles, and hungered for even more stimulating sensations, and the rest is history.

Humans are fallen or addicted spirits and their carnal lusts(food, sex, drink, drugs,etc.) are the basis of all their wars and miseries. This state is reversible but is extremely hard to do, and often requires "divine" assistance. Fasting and prayer are two of the most powerful tools for our regeneration, yet we are mostly discouraged from doing so, especially in modern societies. The onus is on eating or intoxication which encourages sex and reproduction and overpopulation, so there are more of us to feed upon by the "gods".

Today's "standard" diet is responsible for nearly all of our problems and diseases. All "food" other than fruits leaves most of us in a drugged or stupored state, unable to feel or think clearly. Meat and dairy are inflammatory, encouraging lust and passion, and are responsible for nearly all our diseases or illnesses. Next come grains and vegetables which dumb us down and cause all sorts of joint issues and arterial problems. Perhaps most insidious of all are the "chemicals" which are added to our food for flavouring and preservation, two of the biggest being sugar and salt. All of these foods affect our moods and thinking making us stupid, weak, or overemotional, and little or nothing is said of it by our goverments and institutions.

Our bodies are temples designed for the highest energies to come through. Most foods clog or putrify our temples so that we are largely cut off from these divine enegies. Instead we allow lower vibratory energies our entities to influence or even control us, resulting in a mad and dangerous society living only for their lusts and pleasures.

It's no accident that food and mood rhyme together. Anyone who says that food doesn't have any effect on your thinking or feeling or behaviour is either lying or misinformed.

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