Humans Drug Themselves Three Times a Day and Don't Even Know It! Then theyDrug Themselves Some More and Wonder Why Their Lives Are So Short and Miserable!


ANYTHING you ingest is a DRUG, and ANYTHING you do often is a HABIT.

It is, in fact, the biggest drug habit of all!

(the desire to incarnate is perhaps stronger)

"But if I stop eating I'll die!" Not True! This is the biggest lie in history! It is not food that keeps you alive, but your WILL. In fact, it is food or eating(your DIEt) that is killing you!

We wonder why we age, or get sick, or smell bad, and finally die; this the DIRECT RESULT of eating! Eating is a destructive act. To eat you must kill or destroy something and we all know what the penalty for killing is. Because we have built up resistance, we don't die right away but slowly, and we call this aging!


Sleep(a temporary form of death) saves us by immobilizing us so all of our energy can be concentrated on eliminating that last big meal you had and/or the ones before it. The bulk of your energy that normally resides in your brain keeping you concious, goes down to your stomach or gut and you feel drowsy or fall asleep. When the work is done this energy goes back up to your brain and you feel alert and awake again.

Were this food be allowed to rot in your gut you would most certainly be poisoned, and contrary to popular opinion, only the life force within the food is assimilated and not the food itself. This means that if you eat four pounds of food you will defecate four pounds of food, minus the life force. The same goes for liquids.


The stomach is an abnormal inflation designed to store excess food until your digestive tract can deal with it. When you fast or stop eating it shrinks back to its original tubular state, allowing your solar plexus(directly behind your stomach) to start beating again.


The intestinal tract of humans is bulbous in nature and was not designed to be a sewer system for our abnormal appetites. It was ideally designed as an aereation device or vent for the inner body, fascillitating the all-important distribution of oxygen and other gases to all parts of the body. Over 90% of your body's needs come from oxygen alone! Oxygen builds blood and blood builds bone and tissue.

When we eat or drink we block the full supply of oxygen from reaching its intended destinations, and the result is the general impairment of our bodily functions and personal performance. It's like filling your car tank with anything other than gasoline. Food not only acts like dirt, it IS dirt.


Your body is always trying to revert to its original non-eating state, but we keep interfering by eating again to stifle those hunger pangs which are part of the withdrawal process. This hunger fades after 3 to 4 days after which the regeneration process begins in ernest. Muscles contract, organs shrink, and the inside of your abdomen basically reconfigures to set up an electrical dynamo that makes you feel light as air yet strong as steel. Dormant organs, which up until now appeared to serve no purpose, reawaken to give you extra-sensory power or ability. This process takes two to four weeks after the complete cessaton of eating(and drinking).


The first humans neither ate nor drank nor slept nor died. Adam was physcally immortal and covered with angelic light and could telepath and teleport and was the awe of everyone and everything around him -until he began eating. Then his light went out and he fell to the ground unconcious. When the fruit was eliminated from his system he regained strength and conciousness. Unfortunately, once you start eating, the taste sears your mind, and you develop a craving or addiction for more -and the rest is human history!

Humanity is an addicted race and has been so nearly from its beginnings. The reptilian or serpent race, who are the biggest eaters of all, were instrumental to our acquiring this nasty habit. They want to bring us down with them so they encourage eating in all its forms. Eating leads to sex and this another favourite reptilian activity. Eating unbalances the sex hormones and is what changed bisexual humanity into male and female.

Breatharianism, or living on air and/or light is the ideal state for humans, sadly, the presently polluted state of our planet makes this very difficult to achieve. One would have to live in a relatively pure and peaceful environment in order to succeed. The same goes for fruitarianism(eating only fruit) unless one lives in the semi-tropics and picks his or her own chemical-free fruits.


We eat and indulge for many reasons: boredom, curiosity, taste, pleasure, stimulation, excitement, novelty, emptiness, lack of love, escape, repression, habit, etc. Most of the reasons are negative. Eating is basically a substitute for love. We live in a love-starved(and truth-starved) world, and we try to substitute this inner hunger with food, sex, drink, drugs, etc. Unfortunately, these substitutes give only temporary satisfaction, and are in fact destructive in the long term.

Realize that hunger is mostly EMOTIONAL(and mental) and not physical. The body(like the spirit or life force) is complete: it is self-maintaining and self-repairing and can basically take care of itself. It gets everything it needs from its surroundings, and all it really needs is light, air, and moisture(which it absorbs from the air). So unless you're living in a desert or frozen wasteland there is no need to worry about your body's requirements. Your emotional(and mental) body, on the other hand, can easily develop abnormal or negative desires which we try to quell or satisfy through food(and sex). Same with the mental body and its restless state which is often a trigger for the emotions. When we eat from our emotions and thoughts we disrupt the even and measured intake of nutrients our body naturally absorbs to function optimally -hence disease and death.

There is also an interesting theory that collectively, as a race, we have suffered some kind of horrible trauma, which remains deeply buried in our psyche, and the only way to keep it buried is to continue eating and partying, or diverting attention from it. Unfortunately, one day it will have to surface and we will have to deal with it as this is the only way we can truly be healed. On an individual level, certain traumas during this life or even past lives can bring on the binges.

Also, your secrets and sins which you bury deep down become cancers and devourers which need something to feed or chew on -otherwise they will destroy you. That is why you need to cleanse yourself spiritually as well as physically, otherwise you'll never make it as a breatharian.

Another theory is that ever since the collapse of the water canopies surrounding the planet, we have been unable to get everything we need from our atmosphere, so we turned to the earth to make up for this. Also, each of us needs to maintain a certain level of vibration dictated by both personal and environmental factors, and food helps us to do this. In this sense, food becomes a MEDICATION.

There is also the idea that we eat to lower or adjust our vibratory state to that of our planet so we can stand living here. The vibration of planet Earth, especially outer Earth, has been artificially or parasitically lowered so that lower vibration entities can live here -much to our detriment. If that vibratory level were to be raised or normalized, all the low-lifes would dissappear and most of us would become light beings.

Finally, most of us have had incarnations as animals, and are subconciously re-enacting our animal drives and desires. This is especially true of those who have just crossed over from the animal kingdom. Those who have had numerous past lives of spiritual growth and progression will definitely have the advantage when it comes to overcoming the animalistic eating habit.


Whatever the reasons for our drugged state, it is clear we are sick and must be healed. Many of us are in so deep we live only for our sensorial pleasures. Unfortunately, many of these types end up in the highest posts of power manipulating the general masses for their further amusement. We prostitute ourselves daily by working for such pimps with the aim of obtaining our own gratifications.

Hunger is a demon, and it needs to be exorcized! Most people can't imagine living without food -but it can be done. We need to be re-educated and told the truth. Unfortunately our leaders are not in a position to do this -it would mean the end of their power and control over us. Individual efforts are needed to set positive examples in our road back to a sober and regenerated humanity.

While not everyone is ready or even interested in becoming a breatharian, this is the eventual goal. There are even steps beyond breatharianism, but that is only for the truly advanced. In the meantime, most of us will do fine as vegetarians, vegans, raw vegans, fruitarians, liquidariarians, and(when the conditions are right) breatharians -each according to his or her own level of development.

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