Why So Many Fail On The Fruitarian Diet

Ideally we should all be fruitarians, as this is the only real or natural food for humans and most animals, but this is currently far from the case. While I cannot find any real serious study or survey on just how many people follow a strict fruitarian diet(fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, and greens), I would say that appriximately 1% or less of the world's population does so, and that it is prevalent in mostly warm or tropical environments.

Yes, environment is a key and perhaps one of the main reasons why so many people don't follow through on such a diet. Fruit is plenty and natural(and largely chemical free) in the tropics, where it grows year-round, and can be readily picked for freshness, especially if you are growing it yourself. This isn't really possible in the temperate zones where we have only three to six months of summer and warmth. Most of the fruit in these regions is imported and sprayed and picked unripe and is less nutritious or even flavorable. Then there is all of the pollution, stress, media deception, and radioactivity, all of which detract from your success as a fruitarian.

Humans should NOT be living in the cold zones where they are often forced to eat other foods such as vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat, all of which are artificially cultivated or acquired, and which give them all of their diseases. Agriculture is burdensome and destroys the soil and landscape and its products(grains and vegetables which are derived from roots and grasses) clog or stiffen the arteries and joints as well as cloud the mind and other negative effects. Animal dairy or milk is meant for the animal's young and NOT fit for humans, nor is it a substitute for a human mother's milk. The desire for meat turns us into hunters and killers, inflames our destructive passions, shortens our lives, and gives us various diseases and parasites. It also sets a bad example for our mamalian friends who suffer, lose trust in us, and become killers themselves.

Fruit which grows on trees was designed especially for humans and most animals. Trees provide shade and oxygen as well as food. They also strenghthen the soil, are visually appealing, and need no looking after. Most fruits have abundant water in them which makes them easily digestible and a complete food. There is no need for drinking when you eat only watery fruits. I am mostly fruitarian and rarely if ever get thirsty. Salt, sugar, and cooked or "dried" foods cause thirst. Also, you will rarely if ever get sick on a fruit diet. Most of us have veered so far from this diet that it has become strange or unappealing. That's because most of us have become hooked on processed or man-made foods which are loaded with chemicals and which make us weak or sick.

Even many of those who become or attempt to become fruitarian quickly become discouraged with this diet, mostly because they are too addicted to their standard diet and/or do not have the will, strength, or motivation to go through with it, or they do not count the cost, or have a long term plan or strategy. Proper education is key. First of all, you cannot become a fruitarian overnight. You must give your body a chance to transition or adjust to such a diet and this can take weeks, months, or even years, depending on your situation. The earlier you do it the easier and the better. After mother's milk, children naturally gravitate to fruits in the form of pablum, then whole after teething. As they get older, they are introduced to the more degenerative foods of their particular culture.

Even if you live in a city in the temperate zones, you can still manage a fruitarian diet, but you will be at a disadvantage. For one thing, you will have to rely on imports and a short growing season(unless you grow your fruit indoors which is not easy and can also be expensive). Secondly your environment and society will not encourage such a practice, especially here in the West, where most people are ignorant about real nutrition and are generally media-indoctrinated into a poor diet. For the most part, your family, friends, and doctors will think you are crazy to subsist only on fruits and you may find yourself socially alienated -unless you can find a group or community to support your lifestyle. Also, most of our leaders or organizations are not really interested in your good health. They're mostly interested in money and profits and will sell you anything they can get away with, whether its real food or not, and some of them want you downright sick so they can profit off of your misery. In the end it all comes down to properly educating yourself and making the right dietary choices, and this can involve lots of trial and error.

Most people are worried that they will not get all their nutritional requirements from only fruit. Here is a great secret almost no one will tell you: your body can adapt to almost any diet and thrive on it. Naturally, it will adapt better to fruit than to other foods, with the least negative consequences. And don't worry about whether you're missing this or that. If you're in relatively good health, your body can manufucture evertything it needs, even if your not eating at all. Your body, for example will produce enough saliva and absorb enough moisture from the air and energy from the sun to take care of all your bodily needs. After a few days fasting you can start to feel a cool around your skin as it starts to breathe again and the solar plexus(second heart) behind your stomach starts to beat again. Yes your body is basically self-sustaining, provided you are in a balanced environment. Sometimes the only monkey wrenches to our good health are our own bad habits. Most of us eat emotionally or because we are bored or unloved. Notice how when you fall in love or are totally engagded in something you lose all appetite for food.

I am saddened when a popular long-time vegan, raw foodist, or fruitarian on social media reverts back to their old standard diet. In some cases, there may be an actual deficiency in the diet, or a change in the life situation may demand it, but in most cases it shows incomplete education or selfish motives. Most people who become vegan or fruitarian reach a certain level and then stagnate or backslide not knowing or realizing that there are further steps one can take to complete one's regeneration. They have no carrot dangling before them and drawing them on to achieve even greater states of health and purity, so they stay where they are or go back to old ways. There is nothing wrong with backsliding -it's all part of the process, but you MUST have a greater goal to achieve at every step of the way, otherwise you will ultimately fail. Veganism or even fruitarianism is NOT the last step or goal of the regeneration process. There is ALWAYS a next step. For me, it is to become food-free(with the option of eating on occasion). Even after that there are other steps, which I cannot go into in this article. I do not accept or like the idea of my appetites ruling over me and keeping me enslaved. Many will not understand this, but it is true, and a foodless or non-eating state is actually achievable, albeit far from easy to attain. Yet it is there, dangling before me, and keeping me on track.

Humans will never truly be free until they conquer all of their fleshy or material appetites. This includes food, sex, money, power, and fame. Yes it's a tall order, but eventually, each of us will have to get there, in their own time and their own way. We started pure and we will end pure, and everything inbetween will be chalked up as a learning experience. We are here to grow and grow continually, not stagnate or degenerate, and this is on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. While total perfection is illusory and not attainable, the striving for it is not. It is an endless and fascinating journey.

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