Key Tips to Good Health
Note: the following advice or information is NOT for everyone. Only YOU know what's best for you.

Health can be such a complex issue involving many variables. We are talking mostly about PHYSICAL health here, but you can't really separate the physical from your other basic components -mind, soul, and spirit. They are all woven together somehow.

Let's start with the physical. Cleanliness is obviously one of the first keys to good health. Poor sanitation over the ages has led to terrible disease epidemics. Clean air, clean water, proper disposal, good elimination habits, clean and natural food, proper housing, and a good climate all go a long way towards good physical health.

Climate is perhaps the most important key. A warm and natural climate year round eliminates most of our shelter and clothing needs, and also makes it possible for you to become self-sufficient by growing your own food. In the cold zones we need to import our food most of the year, and there's little time for building or constructing a shelter. Also, we must stay indoors a lot, breathe foul air, wear heavy clothing, use up a lot of electricity and other fuels, and do a lot of maintenance. God help most of us if the electric power goes out during the winter for any extended amount of time.

Another key factor to good physical health is sufficient distance or spacing. Densely populated or overcrowded areas always produce more stress, noise, pollution and bad health. Rural living, while it may appear boring, is much healthier than urban or city life. It allows you to have more control of your own resources. Being herded into the cities over the last few hundred years gives the powers that be much more control over us. Cities are mostly bad and can be likened to pimples or sores on the face of the Earth.

Cities and the cold also encourage all forms of artificial and destructive technology which are slowly poisoning and killing us. Humans were meant to live in the warm zones near the equator, where there is much light and warmth which is good for both the body and spirit, and where technology is kept at a minimum. The best part is that even without power or even housing, no one will freeze to death in a warm climate. Instead of struggling with snow and ice and cold, more time is spent developing ourselves and our relationships. Cities and temperate zones are basically a trap.

Then there is our food. Most of the food we eat in the temperate zones is cooked or processed because this is what artificial environments encourage, and it all leads to sickness and death. In a warm and natural environment nature produces all the food we really need, and most all of it all grows on trees. Agriculture is largely artificial and destroys the earth and soil and animals. Trees provide both shelter and real food(fruit), and yet we cut them down for heating and furniture and housing. Humans were meant to live mostly outdoors anyway -not cooped up in buildings or houses.

There was a time when the WHOLE planet or Earth plane had a good climate. This was before the Great Flood of Noah thousands of years ago, before the angelic rebellion and human wars destroyed or damaged the protective layers(s) of our sky that acted like a greenhouse over us. Giant trees probably held it up but these were cut down or burnt up insidiously. That's when the waters rushed in and the whole ecosystem went out of whack. This led to the seasons, night and day, and shortened lifespans, statures, and mental abilities. Only by restoring the trees and repairing this canopy or firmament will we once again enjoy a balanced or ideal climate. Good climate throughout is the first and most important key to creating a utopia on Earth. Everything else follows.

You can still move to a good climate today, but your options are limited, and then there is always the politics or "system" to contend with. This brings up the other point that unless we remove the instigators of our fallen state, Paradise on Earth will never become a reality. These are the fallen angels or beings who are stuck here with us and who constantly stir up trouble and mayhem. They are everywhere -in our government, in our institutions, in our social circles, and even in our families. They are the spirits of iniquity whose father is the Devil himself. When they fell to Earth, they immediately took over this realm and are still today its rulers. A growing group of spiritually begotten from the true Father, however, are battling the evil ones and will eventually overcome them and usher in a true Paradise here on Earth. Until then, we must do our best to promote peace and harmony here, and this will require putting on the full armor of true Spirit.

What do I mean by full armor? This means living a pure or natural lifestyle -by cleaning up your diet and lifestyle and incorporating prayer and fasting into your life. We all pray, whether we are aware of it or not, but changing our lifestyles is the harder next step, and it is here where most of us fall short. Most of us find it too dificult to overcome our negative habits, whether it's food or drugs or sex or money and power, but that is why we must ask for God's help. Through prayer, knowledge, meditation, and fasting, and God's help we can wipe our slates clean and start anew. All of the great prophets did this and we can do the same.

Fasting or witholding from food is one of the great keys to good health. It allows your body to clean itself up like nothing else can, and if done properly, there are no negative side effects. Most of us, however, take the easy way out and try to solve our ills through medication or surgery, but most often this leads to even greater problems. All animals fast when they are sick and we should learn from their example. Going without food for a day or two and sometimes longer(after you've learned how fasting works), can reset your desires or cravings and help you choose a better and healthier diet. It's amazing how what we eat(and drink) can affect our thinking and feeling, and health in general.

Unfortunately, the evil forces are working overtime, to making achieving good health very difficult for us, from poisoning our food and water and land and air with dangerous chemicals, to all of the harmful radiations and by products of our technological devices. Fortunately, our bodies are very resiliant or adaptable and we do the best we can. Your first line of defence for good health is controlling what goes into your body, followed by what's around it. The list is long and discouraging, but each step you take will bring great rewards.

As mentioned earlier, the first thing you need is a good climate, with clean air, water, and food. If you're stuck in a cold or crowded environment(and even if you're not) -work on your diet. The two things people should do first is to sharply cut down or eliminate altogether, the two most prevalent and harmful or destructive chemicals in your food -sugar and salt. I'm talking about the white processed crystals here, which are added to almost everythin we eat. These two chemicals alone are largely responsible for turning humans into drug addicts and causing nearly every disease known to man. There are other chemicals of course, but these two are the biggest or most pervasive, and we are lulled by the food companies and medics into thinking they are safe and natural when they are not. Withdrawal from sugar and salt is quite difficult and should be done gradually -as with any other drug.

The next thing you should do is to limit cooked and processed foods. Most of our food should be raw and fresh and plant-based, but city life, cold zones, and the corporate media propaganda, makes this very difficult to do. Prepare your own food and ingredients if possible and base most of your diet on fresh fruits and vegetables. The occasional cooked meal is fine so long as it does not overtake your main diet. Some cooked food helps you to ground yourself, and stabilize both your weight and emotions, especially for those dealing with the stresses of modern life. I don't recomend eating meat, especially if it is unnaturally grown or inhumanely processed. Animals are our friends, so let's stop the slaughter. They have learned to kill because of the evil ones who changed them, and because of our own example as well. In the future the bible says we will all be vegans or vegetarians again, including the animals, so why not get a head start now.

Probably worse than meat is dairy products which are responsible for bad skin conditions as well as as various cancers and bone issues. Cows' milk was meant for calves, not humans. Animal milk and all of its byproducts(cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc) will clog up your arteries and give you ear and eye infections. Raw milk is better than pasteurized, but it is still not meant for human consumption. You can get all the calcium you need from leafy greens and fruits. Mother's milk and cow's milk are in no way the same. There is much more cassein in cow's milk which can play havoc with your system. Mother's milk is necessary only in the early stages of growth when an infant develops very quickly. After that we don't need it anymore.

Most grains, like wheat, are artificially grown and processed and are therefore bad for you. They are responsible for many diseases such as weight gain, gout, arthritis, and tooth decay. Some of the better grains are the ones you can soak and sprout and eat raw such as whole rye, quinoa, oats, millet, kamut, and amaranth. Good grains go well fruit and make a satisfying meal. Nuts and seeds are also part of a healthy raw vegan diet.

After a child has finished weaning off of mother's milk(ideally from one to two years), fruit or fruit purees are the next step, preferably organic. Pears, peaches, grapes, plums, oranges, etc. Ideally, we should continue this fruit diet into adulthood, but societal pressures push us into vegetables, grains, and all the other stuff that we eat today. Sadly, this all works against our bodies prematurely stimulating our sexual and animalistic natures, and leading to disease, decay, and death. Your body can only fight so long(normally up to age 30) before it gives in to the degenerative effects of our modern diet. That's when we can't eliminate fast enough, and we become clogged, and we start to die slowly.

Fortunately, this process of degeneration can be reversed through fasting or diet purification, especially if you are young, but some of the damage may be permanent. It will take longer and require more effort if you are older. Diet purifation will not reverse aging, but it will slow it down. Even fruitarians continue to age. The only real cure is fasting or breatharianism. That's when all of the body's resources are focused on eliminating and repairing or rebuilding. We do this every night in our sleep, but when you stop eating altogether(please don't do this unless you know what you're doing) that's when the body goes into full repair mode. The first few days are rough, but if you can get past the third or fourth day, it will be much easier from then on.

All of the great saints and prophets practiced fasting, from Krishna, to Daniel, to Jesus, to St Francis of Assisi, and reaped great spiritual as well as physical benefits. It is definitely harder to fast today, with all of our pollution and degeneration, but it still can be done. Best to do it in a clean and warm environment with nobody around to bother you, or you can do the shorter fasts of one to three days, or practice something called intermittent fasting where you eat only during a narrow window of time, giving your body more time to do its job of elimination.

Is it possible to live without food(or water) indefinitely? Yes, but only if you prepare and are ready for it. It takes a very pure, strong, or high-minded soul to succeed, and since most of us are far from that, there will be very few breatharians in the world, but this will change if our plane or planet is restored to its original and intended condition. In truth, the first humans began as breatharians, then evolved as fruitarians, and vegans, and vegetarians, and finally carnivores. It's up to us to reverse or turn that around.

Not only are we killing ourselves from the inside through our lusts and appetites, but from the outside as well through the clothes we wear, and the ointments and grooming products, and the chemical-soaked linens, and the chemical-laden furniture and carpets, and the homes or shelters we live in, and the car exhaust and air pollution, and the radiation and by-products of all our technology, and the lies of our institutions, and the concerted effort of the evil forces to enslave or destroy us, and so on, and so on. It's a wonder we're still living at all! Goes to show you how resiliant or adaptable we are, or how the powers that be are being kept in check by even higher powers.

Finally, I would stay away from most drugs, medications, or vaccines, which often do more harm than good. If you're eating and living right there is no need for such things. I hardly ever get sick, and when I do it lasts for a day or less. I honestly haven't seen a doctor or dentist for decades. The few bad teeth I have I let dissolve or heal naturally(I replaced all my siver fillings with a resin base many years ago). Because of my basically raw vegan lifestyle, I rarely need to drink, nor do I need to wash or bathe frequently. It may sound astounding, but under optimal conditions, your body is basically self-cleaning and maintaining.

The truth is we were created for a purpose(some say to serve the gods, while others say to replace them), and so long as we can fulfill that purpose, we will never be entirely exterminated. It almost happened during the Great Flood, and possibly many times before or after, but here we are again, so let's make the best of it. Besides, death only gets rid of the body. Our essential essence lives on in one form or another, and will continue to incarnate in its evolutive journey through matter.

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