Kitchens are Drug Factories

and Cooks are Drug Manufacurers

The modern day kitchen is truly a drug factory, and cooks are little more than druggists.

Food has come a long way since it first appeared on trees. Man's imagination and ever-growing appetite has changed eating from a simple and natural act to an epicurial monstrosity.

In fact, the first humans did not eat at all, nor did they have to. They were perfectly sustained by the life force itself. Curiosity and experimentation led to eating. Besides, the animals did it and seemed to enjoy it, so why shouldn't man?

Of course, God instructed the first human pair as to what they could or could not eat. Their biology was unlike that of most animals and so required a different diet. Fruits, which could be easily picked by hand, were deemed the ideal food for humans, and so it was that they ate fruit, not to sustain themselves, but merely for taste or pleasure. As a light food, "cooked" by the Sun, fruit complemented man's biology and did little or no harm. Fruit is truly the food of the Gods and keeps the nature pure and joyful.

But that was not to last for long. Anti-human forces and man's tendency to experiment and degenerate over time led him to eat other "foods" such as plants and herbs grasses and the vegetables or grains fashioned from them, and finally even meat and the milk of animals.

These heavier foods clouded and deteriorated man's mind and body and changed him into the lustful, aggressive, and ignorant animal he is today. Both his stature and longetivity decreased and he lived only for his base desires. The increased sexual nature led to a population explosion and all manner of violent or immoral activity and this is where we are today.

Can "unnatural" food cause this much change in human nature -from a god to an animal? Yes, and the way to reverse this condition is to once again move towards a pure or fruit diet, but habits are pernicious, and few be that have the the will or tenacity to overcome their lustful natures.

The destruction of the water or cloud canopy around our planet which resulted in the Great Flood unbalanced our climate, and the cold forced us to deviate from our natural diets and lifestyles. Fire and heating were invented to keep us warm and to prepare alternate foods which we now craved.

Plants, grains, and meats took the place of fruits and this changed our biology and lifestyle. These plants or meats when cooked or heated changed into a form so addictive and destructive that it hastened aging and suffering and death. People then turned literally into drug addicts who would kill for their next fix or meal. That is basically the state we are in today.

Who of you has the will or power to give up their favourite cooked foods and spices and return to a pure raw fruit diet? Not many. Nor is there much incentive, for our current unbalanced environment and society discourages this. Yet this is what everyone must eventually do if they are to regenerate and become the gods they once were and are to become again. In fact, they must even go a step further and learn how to subsist on life force alone. That is how far we strayed from our origins.

A dirty body produces a dirty mind and evil spirit. Cooked or dead food becomes dirt and poison inside our bodies and will kill us if it is not expelled. The life force is extracted from the food and used by the body while the rest is discarded as waste. All we really need to live is the life force which we already have. Everything else is excess and indulgence. We eat for taste and pleasure and nothing else. This pleasure, however, has a high price -your health, and eventually your life.

The effort needed to digest and eliminate your food takes up over 80% of your life force. That is why eating makes us drowsy and sleepy and tired. When the digestion process ends your borrowed life force returns to your brain and you become alert or awake again. Food, especially cooked food, is literally a drug, and like all drugs, it is addictive and ultimately destructive.

We eat and drug ourselves because we live in a cold and evil world ruled by cold and evil forces. Our true natures are repressed so we seek escape through food(and sex) which become our drugs or medications. Love, truth, and understanding are the cures, but they are strangers here, at least in this day and age. Money and materialism rule over everything else.

The sad fact is that people don't even know they are drugged or enslaved. They are shortsighted and see their current conditions as "normal". They are not normal. When the evil ones are chained and the climate is restored, and there is no more money or government or war and oppression, then things will be normal. In the meantime, we go to our kitchens and fridges and stoves and drug and desensitize ourselves some more so we can tolerate this abysmal life and planet.

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