Apeel: the New Toxin on the Block

Apeel or Epideel is a new Gates-funded food-grade coating to be applied to all fruits and vegetables, including organic, intended to preserve the life and look of the produce, as well as do away with most packaging. But is it safe?

Most fruits are already coated with a shiny food grade wax or coating that should not be eaten I peel most of my fruits) and now comes Apeel which may be even more toxic.

Apeel or Edipeel was created by Apeel Sciences, a US based company partnering with the Gates foundation, for the purpose of solving the food waste "crisis" which claims that some 14% of all fruits and vegetables are lost on their way to the supermarket.

Edipeel is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless coating made up of glycerolipids from plant oils. It is mechanically sprayed on the fruit/vegetable on conveyor belts. It uses an emulsifier known as E471 which is already found in most processed foods. Edipeel also contains residues (via the extraction process) of ethyl acetate, heptane, palladium, arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury, all which have a negative accumulative impact on health, especially gut disease.

Why is science continually messing with our food? First there was hybridization to render fruits seedless(sterile) and sweeter tasting(causing diabetes), then adding edible but toxic wax coatings for preservation, and now Apeel or Edipeel which will substantially increase the chemical load -all in the name of profit.

A big part of the problem is city living, where foods must be imported over time and long distances, degrading the produce, and necessitating artificial means of preservation. Everything you buy at the grocery store is already half dead and sprayed or coated with chemicals to keep it from wasting away completely, which is why most fruits and vegetables don't give us the health we expect from them.

The solution of course is local farms and even better - your own personal garden. Unfortunately many of us live in the cold barren northern hemisphere where it's warm only 3 or 4 months of the year. This makes us dependant on importation and that's where all the problems begin. Also, governments and corporations are not really interested in your health, only the money they can get from you, and the power that comes with it.

It's time to abandon the cities and cold zones which are traps for crime and disease and head for the warmer regions where you can sustain yourself all year-long, without depending on others. Dependence is evil and creates hatred and jealousy. Only the sun gives life and happines and gives it freely.

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