Covid Gematria and the Codes of Life

The official definition of COVID-19 is COrona VIrus Disease of 2019 but there are others.

One other is Certificate of Vaccination ID. Another creative one is Creation of Virtual Inserted Disease. Both of these, however, leave out the meaning of 19, which is very important.

More than the fact that COVID was discovered or revealed in 2019 is the symbolism of the numbers themselves. 20 may refer to chromsome 20 of the human genome which when targeted can produce severe immunodeficiency, but it is 19 which is so revealing.

In gematria or numerology, 1 is the letter A and nine is the letter I. Together they spell AI or Artificial Intelligence! So 2019 may mean that AI(19) is introduced into the human genome particularly affecting chromosome 20, and resulting in extreme immune dysfunction.


The beings who create viruses in their secret labs to tamper with the human genome are master geneticists. They've been around since the beginning and have steadily eroded or modified our genome for their own reasons. Humans may have undergone a total of 22 genetic resets or modifications!

The history of our biological evolution is contained within our cells in the form of chromosome packets. These 46 packets(23 pairs) contain the information and instructions for your complete physical growth and development, which in turn affects all the other levels of your being(emotional, mental, and spiritual).

Your cellular chromosomes are your LIBRARY which contains both your history and that of humanity in general. Below is a karotype sample of a male's chromosomes.

sample of male karotype chromosomes

A cursory and intuitive interpretation of the above karotype tells me that humans were initially much LARGER and probably more intelligent and sophisticated than today. This is signified by the larger size of the first base pairs of chromosomes as compared to the last ones.

You will note that the pairs become increasingly smaller denoting our degeneration (or manipulation) over time. Half of the last pair (x/y) is much shorter or missing a piece, turning the female into a male, and signifying that the male species is defective and of relatively recent origin in comparison to the female.

The way larger size of the x chromozome in the 23rd pair may signify that the female contains the male's missing piece and that it is through her that he will become whole again. Yet he continues to suppress his feminine side which may lead to his eventual extinction.

Genomics is a fascinating study and while the DNA strands of all 46 chromosones have been mapped out as of 2022, their meaning or significance is a work in progress. In essence, chromosomes are the books of life and the number and order of the millions of DNA gene base pairs(codes of life which create proteins) in them is what makes you unique.

The base pair codes and their sequence are evidently influenced by both hereditary and astrological factors and can change as the individual changes. The four code letters (A-T, C-G) may be connected to the four elements of astrology.

cell structure showing chromosomes made up of DNA strands

containing the gene base pairs that create life proteins

A good introduction to the diseases associated with the various chromosomes and their DNA molecules can be found at

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