Planet Node Ephemerides: 1900 to 2049

Planetary nodes are where the planet's orbit cuts through the ecliptic. The northward intersection is called the North Node while the southward intersection is called the South Node. The North Node point is the Zero Aries point where the Zodiac begins while the South Node is usually(but not always) directly opposite. Our Western Zodiac is based on the Sun/Earth relationship which creates the ecliptic plane which the Sun intersects at two points(0 Aries and 0 Libra).

In the tables below, the Sun's north node is always 0 Aries, because our current western zodiac is Sun-based. Other zodiacs, however, can be created by using the north nodes of the other heavenly bodies, most notably the Moon. In the lunar zodiac, the Moon's north node or Ketu becomes the zero Aries point, changing the signs(but not the aspects) of the solar chart. The Moon's South Node is always directlky opposite. In the Mercurial zodiac, Mercury's north node becomes zero Aries, and so on. The south nodes of the planets other than the Moon can vary some degrees, not always being directly opposite.

While the Sun's north node is always at 0 Aries, the north nodes of Moon, Mercury, and Venus go through all the twelve signs. Mars, further out, is always only in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, or early Cancer. Jupiter is always between 28Gem and 21Can(23 degree span). Saturn is from 16Can to 0Leo(15 degree span). Everyone has Uranus from 10 to 16 degrees Gemini(7 degree span). Everyone has Neptune from 8 to 14 degrees of Leo(7 degree span), and everyone has Pluto from 17 to 22 degrees Cancer(6 degree span). Chiron is between 21 Libra and 6 Scorpio(16 degree span) and Eris is between 3 and 7 degrees Taurus(5 degree span). The nodes themselves become collective influences with the outermost planets.

Nodal astrology is soul astrology. It adds other layers to the self and shows us our multi-dimensional nature. We have not one but twelve birth charts at any given moment and nodal astrology maps this out. Once you know your node positions you can construct your many birth charts. An astrology program is recommended for quick and accurate results. can do this for free.

The tables below show the daily tropical north and south nodal positions for the ten known planets plus Chiron and Eris for the years 1900 to 2049 AD. They are calculated for noon UT/GMT time. Choose the years you are interested in by clicking the links below...

Planet North and South Node Tables
1900 to 1909 1910 to 1919 1920 to 1929 1930 to 1939 1940 to 1949
1950 to 1959 1960 to 1969 1970 to 1979 1980 to 1989 1990 to 1999
2000 to 2009 2010 to 2019 2020 to 2029 2030 to 2039 2040 to 2049
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