Silent Letters in Numerology.

Why does the letter C sound like a K or an S in the English language(,coin, certain, century), and why do we have to put a h after it(, cherry) to get its real sound. It looks like someone went to a lot of trouble to mask the true sound of C.

In Italian, the true sound of C is preserved without adding a h, for example, cibo(food) or cento(hundred). That's the beauty of the Italian(or Latin) language -there are no silent letters. Every letter is pronounced, and is why there are fewer letters in its alphabet(21 letters). J,K,W,X,and Y appear only in certain commercial applications(ex.jeans).

French and English, on the other hand, are loaded with silent or "extra" letters resulting in a longer alphabet(26 letters). Originally, all letters in all languages had their unique sound but racial migration and culture mixing has resulted in silent or unpronounced letters. This has a profound impact on the science or art of numerology as we shall see.

The lettes K and C and Ch are my favorite. K is always pronounced with the K sound and has a numerical value of 11 or base 2. C can be pronounced as a K(candle), S(cyber), or its true sound when followed by a h(change). In some cases, ch sounds like a K as well(character) and preserves its numerical eqivalent(C=3 + h=8 = 11 or k) In all cases, c by itself, retains a value of 3(third letter).

What if words in the English language were spelled or written as they sounded? Then we would have words such as Kandel or Karakter or Kanada, or siber or sentury or sinema. This would change the numerical value of the total name by 1 or 2. The point I'm trying to make is that the sound of a word is just as important as the letters it's made up of, so there are two or more possible numerical totals for certain words.

The nation Canada, for example is c(3) + a(1) +n(5) +a(1) +d(4) +a(1) = 15 or base 6(1+5). In reality, Canada should be spelled as Kanada or k(2) + a(1) +n(5) +a(1) +d(4) +a(1) = 14 or base 5(1+4). So Canada has the vibration of 6 or Venus, where as Kanada has the vibration of 5 or Mercury. Six describes Canada as a peaceful, productive, and homeloving country whereas 5 describes it as a dualistic(English/French), mercantile, and educated or skilled country. Both numbers are very different, yet describe key facets of the country's nature or personality.

As another example, church(34/7) should be spelled curc(18/9). Seven(Neptune) describes the church's spiritual nature while 9(Mars) describes its history of war and bloodshed. A third example, unrekated to c or k is blue(10/1) which should be spelled as blu(8). 1 is the Sun in astrology and 8 is Saturn. 8 or Saturn is much more appropriate as Saturn often gives us the "blues" rather than bestowing a sunny disposition.

Try it with your name as well. Instead of Nick calculate Nik or instead of Caroline try Karoline, or instead of Sarah try Sara, and so on. The standard number/planet equivalents are 1=Sun, 2=Moon, 3=Jupiter, 4=Uranus, 5=Mercury, 6=Venus, 7=Neptune, 8=Saturn, 9=Mars. Personally, I like to ascribe Uranus to 7, Neptune to 11/2 and Pluto to 22/4.

In short, words as they should be spelled according to sound , can reveal their true or hidden nature, and numerology and astrology hold the keys to their interpretation.

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