Note: this is an attempt by the author to piece together some of the more controversial information
out there on our true history. In no way do I claim that it is entirely accurate so read at your own discretion.

The Middle Ages Never Existed!

The so-called Dark or Middle Ages never actually existed! It was made up by the Catholic Church in 1582 in its attempt to cover up the glorious worldwide civilization that existed at the time with which it was competing, namely the Moorish or Lemurian empire of which Tartary was a part.

All of the so-called ancient and modern Greco-Roman buildings and architecture still standing today belonged to the Moors and not Greece or Rome! Ancient Greece and Rome did not exist! Only the Moorish or Lemurian empire! Atlantis was a small part of this empire which became corrupted and evil and destroyed itself. It is on this continent in the Atlantic Ocean where science went amok and created all of the mythical monstrosities some of which were still around in the 1800's. Holy Rome used this science or technology to undermine and finally destroy Lemuria which took many centuries to do.

Apollonius of Tyana(the true Christ) lived in the early part of Lemuria's history. Jesus Christ or Yeshua is the Catholic equivalent or counterfeit of Apollonius. That is all these despotic Jesuit false Christians are good for; they copy and steal rather than create. They are the devil's children created and cloned by Yahweh who lives deep inside the earth. They are parasites and pedophiles who destroy everything that is good.

Our current humanity is a cloned and degraded version of the true humanity of the Old World Lemuria and is only some 200 years old. On October 4th 1582, Pope Gregory III not only changed our calendar from Julian to Gregorian(adding 13 days), but also deceptively added 1000 years to our timeline by adding the symbol of his Lord(I or J) in front of the actual year. In other words, 1582 AD(Anno Domini) was actually the year 582 AD. The I or J, over time, became accepted as a 1. What we know of as the Middle Ages is the invention or creation of these Holy Roman vipers to aggrandize their petty importance in history. They then set about to deviously destroy Lemurian humanity which were giants compared to them and longer-lived. This took centuries of warfare with the help of Yahweh's advanced technology.

Bit by bit they got rid of most of the giant peoples and trees and cities using flying ships and lasers and nuclear weapons. They made a mess of our climate and fauna and landscape and basically terraformed the Earth. They also killed off Atlantis and all of their monstrosities and all of the sexual deviancy(Sodom and Gomorrah). The final act was the Great Flood/Mud Flood which washed away most of the people and animals. This occurred only hundreds of years ago instead of thousands and was the Last Great Reset of humanity. Even the old maps show that this Earth was a very different place before 1800 AD.

Here is an old map of Florida supposedly dated 1597 when it is in fact 597

Here is a close up of the same map showing a definite...

...distinction between the I and the 1

A new smaller(about half the size) and dumber humanity was then cloned in the inner earth labs and seeded on the surface by the "Black Hats" who guided their initial growth and development. All those orphans of the 1800's and early 1900's were the first generation of new humans from which we all descended. After they were done, the Black hats returned to their inner earth Eden aptly described by Olaf Jansen in Willis George Emerson's book The Smoky God.

The very tall Black Hats who appeared during the last great reset of the 1800's

The two World Wars of the 1900's were further attempts to erase the golden past of beauty and freedom and replace it with our current inferior civilization based on money and greed. Electricity and dirty oil replaced free magnetic energy, and skyscrapers and box houses replaced the magnificent palaces and cathedrals found worldwide, the remaining ones of which the despotic governments and clergy now occupy.

Humanity's devolution continues as of 2020, as the dark ones try to poison us with their jabs and chemicals so they can have the Earth all to themselves, but they do not realize that in doing so they will also destroy themselves. May their plans be thwarted and may humanity rise once again and achieve its divine potential.

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