Vegetables Are The Devil`s Food

There was a time when vegetables did not exist. People only ate fruit. Then came the "gods" who introduced farming or agriculture and the seeding or growing of crops. One of these gods was Isis who was educated or instructed by Thoth(Mercury) in all the arts and sciences including agriculture. Isis taught the people how to work the earth and plant seeds and grow crops. At first the people resisted, but once they tried the veggies, especially when cooked or heated over a fire, they became hooked, and the rest is history.

Vegetables are a toxic food with a narcotic effect on the mind. They are not so bad raw, but most are hard and need to be cooked. Cooking brings out the flavor and makes them even more addictive. They are just like drugs which need to be heated and refined. Why would the gods introduce such poisons to the people? Simple. First there is the climate, which was ruined by the wars of the gods. Our planet was once warm throughout but the selfish wars of the gods unbalanced our climate producing the extremes of winter and summer. What are the people to eat in the winter when everything is dead? This is where veggies (and meat-eating) came in. The other reason is that a good part of the gods are themselves drugged and addicted and need humans to be so as well. Yes humanity is a drugged and addicted race and is why we are so controlled.

Chief of the fallen gods is Satan or Lucifer himself(the first male birth) who rebelled against his sister gods(the "tit"ans). The war wrecked the Earth and the climate, but the titans won and banished Lucifer(now Satan), to the cold and barren North. Here, in a cave, Satan and his loyal followers developed science and technology and a new food source from the surviving grasses -vegetables in order to survive the harsh winters. They even kidnapped some of their sisters for sex and the continuation of their species, and altered the female biology to make it smaller and more subservient. When the satans were numerous enough, they went out in their machine vehicles, with their new tech weapons, to conquer the planet, and they basically succeeded.

Most grasses are hardy and survive cold temperatures, and it is these that the Luciferians used to develop all of their vegetables and foods. They did this scientifically(genetically) and produced countless hybrids which are being continually produced today. Peppers, squashes, carrots, lettuce cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, beets, pumpkin, potato, yam, celery, onion, garlic, asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, corn, peas, kale, etc. Many of these were too hard or rather tasteless, but it was discovered that heating or "cooking" them over the fires that lit and warmed their caves not only made them edible but tasty as well. Later on, when they established themselves in the outer world, they spread their practices, and developed a few new ones like growing grains, and farming both plants and livestock.

I've always suspected that most vegetables were unnatural or unfit for human consumption and some even look "devilish" with their bright rich colors and halloweenish shapes. Some like tomatoes and cucumbers(sometimes considered fruit because of their seeds) are relatively safe because of their high water content. Thanks to Lucifer/Satan we have a new food source(vegetables), and a new industry(agriculture) which most of humanity has adopted and is highly addicted to.

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