Dreams and Meanings of Houses
In the study of dreams, houses signify our bodies and psyches and the condition of such. Damaged and empty houses signify poor health and lonely conditions, whereas resplendant and occupied houses represent good health and a convivial life.

Water leakages signify intrusions or energy drains, and cracks or openings signify bodily injuries or breaches. The breaking down of walls signifies the rebuilding or restructuring of part or all of one's life. Repainting signifies a renewed attitude or outlook on life. Loose or missing windows are tears or rips in the auric field, and insects or animals scurrying about are parasitical influences or unwanted company.

Going upstairs in a house represents going to higher states of conciousness while going to the basement represents accessing the subconscious or lower astral states. Closets signify restrictions or fears in one's life, while toilets mean cleansings or purges. Sleeping on a bed, sofa, or floor indicates sickness, weakness, tiredness, or disempowerment, and a need to recover. Kitchens and eating mean lack or disatisfaction with life, and living rooms or tv's signify a need for entertainment or learning.

Houses have foundations, just like our lives, and we live in and from them, just like we live in and from our bodies. Everytime we move or relocate we literally start a new life, and the number and quality of our moves often reflects the number and quality of our incarnations, past, present, and future. This can include moving to new countries our cultures, for the purpose of revisiting past karma or preparing the way for future lives.

Houses protect us from the wind and rain and cold and heat and other ravages, just like our bodies protect our souls and spirits from external physical dangers as well as astral or etheric ones. Houses give us a sense of identity, stability, and permanence, as do our bodies. Houses and are the material foundations for home and family life.

On a broader scale, different houses or residences represent different planets or worlds, and our cars, trains, or ships, are the different space ships or portals we use to get from one to the other. Planets or worlds are built and rebuilt or demolished just like planets or worlds or even universes.

In astrology, different transits or progressions will influence the timing and quality of your residence, especially the Moon and Saturn. Astrolocality can also help here: lines where the Moon shows up on the four angles, especially if the Sun, Jupiter, or Venus are also crossing it, are good or significant places to live. The local space Moon line as well as the paran lines also help.

In numerology, each of your residences will have certain numbers pop up over and over again. In my own case, the last two residences both had the same exact address(street is less important) numbers and root total, but rearranged in a different order. Example: residence one had 5221 compared to residence two which had 15112. The order or variations or even introduction of new numbers depend on the individual(s) needs or karmic lessons to be learned.

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