The following are past articles I have written, some of which
have been updated. New ones will be added in time.


Feng Shui


Names and Numbers

The Twelve Bodies of Man

Earth System Beings

Your Ascension Sign

Chakras, Aging, and the Inner Earth Sun

The Zodiac is in Your Hand

The Merkaba

Planetary Opposites

Planets, Signs, and Numbers

The Loop of Life

Earth Chakras

Dream Flying

Earth Signs and the Physical Plane

The First Two or Three Letters

Eris and 33

The Astrological Tree of Life

Understanding the Zodicac
and the Wheel of Life

The Twelve Ages of Man and God

Remembering Atlantis

Stars Are Souls
And Planets Are Oversouls

The I AM of Astrology

The Subtle Effects of Shape and Form

Astrology And Your Twelve Bodies or Selves

Dreams and Meanings of Houses

Communicating With Everything

Tarot and Astrology Correspondences

Fractured Earth

Astrology and the 64 Codes of Life

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