Names, Numbers and Esoterica

Your name can powerfully affect your individuality, personality, and destiny. Often, your name is decided before birth, and is subconciously sensed or picked up by one or both parents or whoever is instrumental in naming you. Ideally, your name will carry the vibrational signature of your past, present, and future potential. One of the ways to measure this energy signature is through the science/art of Numerology. Each letter in the name has a numerical and/or astrological value(A=1 or the Sun, B=2 or the Moon, etc.) which describes a particular part or phase of that individual's life. The numerical vibration of your first name(when each of the letters is added and reduced to a digit from 1 to 9) is uniquely your own, whereas your last name describes inherited influences. People who break away from the family mould or those who are highly individualistic, often modify or change their names. This includes actors, artists, musicians, writers, etc. If much of your true nature is not expressing itself, a name change can help. It is said that when a person changes his or her name a new guide or angel replaces the old one watching over that individual. Once the name is changed it takes approximately six months for the new influences to overshadow the old ones, and you in effect become a new person. How to change your name is a course in itself and cannot be discussed here. In short, your name has a powerful influence on your life and to change it can literally change your life.

An experiment was done in numerology wherein each letter of a person's name determined a particular time phase or period according to its numerical value. The full signature name(the one you sign all those important documents and papers with) was used, and the results were so convincing they terminated the project almost as soon as it was started. Here's how it works. Write your name down and below each letter write down its numerical value using this chart...

1685_111 93
born Jan.1,1950
planetary associations

The numbers represent years and the years begin and end with your date of birth. In our example, "J" is the first phase of that person's life lasting from Jan.1, 1950 to Jan.1, 1951(one year). "O" is the second phase of that person's life lasting from Jan.1, 1951 to Jan.1, 1957(6 years) and so on. When you reach the end of your name go back to the first letter(of your first name) to continue. Each letter/number/planet has its own characteristics which color that phase or time period in your life and cannot be covered here. By far the most interesting are the K(first two years in particular) and V(first four years in particular) phases which have to do with self-mastery. Long phases such as 9 years can be sub-divided into three periods of 3 years each, eight years into two periods of four years each, and six years into two periods of 3 years each.

The letter D is perhaps the most negative letter in the alphabet, especially when followed by the letter E or I. The letter D corresponds to the number 4, and the planet Saturn or Pluto, and the principles of of matter and death. The Chinese consider 4 to be the most unfortunate number and avoid it at all costs because it sounds like "death" when pronounced in Cantonese, and actually helps bring it about. It is perhaps our version of the unlucky 13 which adds up to 4(1+3) in numerology. Do you have a D somewhere in your name? If you do you are carrying a heavy burden.

Negative D words:

damning, danger, darkness, damage

death, deafness, debauchery, debasing, debility, debt, decapitation, decimation, decline, decadence, depreciate, decrease, decrepitude, decantation, decomposition, decommission, deduction, deformity, defamation, deface, degeneration, dejection, deletion, deleterious, deliberation, demon, demise, demean, delinquancy, delirium, deluge, delusion, demolition, demoralization, demote, denature, denial, density, denunciation, deplenish, deplorion, depopulation, deposition, deportation, derange, derelict, derision, desecration, desensitization, desegregation, desertion, desire, desolation, despair, despite, despotism, despoilment, destabilization, destruction, deterioration, detestability, detour, detraction, detriment, devaluation, deviation, devastation, devil, devise, devoid devolution, devour
diabolic, dictator, diefication, difficulty, digression, dimming, diminutive, dim-wit, dire, dirt, disability, disaccord, disadvantage, disaffect, disagreement, disappearance, disappointment, disapproval, disarray, disassociation, disaster, discardment, discarnation, discipline, discomfort, discommend, disconcertion, disconnection, discontent, discord, discouragement, discreditability, discrimination, disdain, disease, disfavor, disfigurement, disfunction, disgrace, disgust, disharmony, dishonesty, dishonor, disillusionment, disinclination, disimformation, disintegration, disinterest, disjunction, dislike, disloyalty, dismay, disobedience, disorder, disparity, dispersal, dispiritment, displacement, displeasure, disposal, dispossession, disproportion, dispute, disqualify, disregard, disrepute, disrespect, disruption, dissacociation, dissatisfaction, dissent, disservice, distortion, distraction, distress, disturbance, disunity, disvalue, divergence, divestment, division, divorce
dogmatism, dominance, doom, dope, double-talk, doubt, down, downfall
drab, draconian, drag, dragon, drain, drastic, drawback, dread, drifting, drill, drop(act), dross, drug, drunkard, drowning, dullard, dummy, dumpage, dunce, dung, dupery, dust

D First Names:
(not all of which are necessarily negative)

Dabria, Dacey, Dacia, Dacio, Dae, Daisy, Dagmar, Dale, Dalia, Dalton, Daly, Damara, Damia, Damien, Damon, Dan, Dana, Dane, Daniel, Danett, Dania, Danica, Danielle, Danny, Dante, Daphne, Dara, Darby, Darcy, Daren, Daria, Dario, Darius, Darlene, Darren, Daryl, Dash, Dasha, Dave, David, Davin, Davine, Dawn, Daya

Dea, Deacon, Dean, Deandra, Deanna, Debbie, Decker, Deborah, Debra, Dee, Deidre, Delano, Delany, Delbin, Delia, Delicia, Delilah, Della, Delta, Delores, Delphine, Delroy, Delsin, Demi, Dempsey, Dena, Denis, Denise, Denzel, Derek, Dermot, Derry, Deryn, Desa, Desi, Desdemona, Desiree, Desma, Desmond, Destiny, Deva, Devi, Devin, Devon, Dexter, Dextra
Diamanta, Diana, Diane, Dianthe, Dick, Didi, Didiane, Diedrich, Dirk, Dillian, Dillis, Dillon, Dina, Dinah, Dimitri, Dionne, Disa, Dixie, Dita, Divina
Dobry, Dodie, Dolly, Dolph, Dom, Dominic, Dominique, Don, Donald, Donalda, Donata, Donato, Donna, Donnelly, Donovan, Dora, Doreen, Dorinda, Doris, Dorothy, Dory, Doug, Douglas, Drew, Drina, Drucilla, Dusty
Drake, Drea, Drew
Duane, Duke, Dudley, Duncan, Dustin, Durand, Dutch, Dylan
Dwayne, Dwight,

D Places:
(not all of which are necessarily negative)

Dacca, Dalian, Dakar, Dakota, Dallas, Damascus, Dar Es Salaam, Darwin, Dawson, Davenport

Dehli, Delaware, Denmark, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Dodge City
Dhaka, Diego Garcia, Dijon, Djibouti
Dodoma, Doha, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Dortmund, Dover
Dublin, Duluth, Durban, Dushanbe


It appears there are at least three levels or stratas where numerology is concerned. The first is the single digit level from 1 to 9 which represents the human or common level. Then comes the double digit level which represents the superhuman or demi-god level, and then the triple digit level which represents the divine or godly level. The table below clarifies this.

The Three Levels

The numbers are placed beneath one another according to their root value. The master number 55 for example, has a root value of 10 or 1, 11 has a root value of 2, and so on. You will note that all of the Divine or Godly numbers have only three possible root numbers and this must hold a great mystery. I have included only the master numbers on both the superhuman and divine levels. The other double and triple digit numbers are subservient to these. There is no doubt a fourth level and beyond. The fourth level which contains four digits may be Planetary in Nature, the fifth level Solar, and so on throughout the remaining levels. Each level is separated by a factor of 10 or 11 demonstrating the vast gulf between each kingdom or heiarchy.

It has been my observation that the number 7 in numerology is just as powerful as any of the so-called master numbers(such as 11 or 22). Many words or names reducing to this number carry an extremely powerful vibration that goes beyond the other common numbers. There are many reasons or this beginning with the obvious importance of this number in biblical scripture. Seven is a dominant number in both the old and new testaments of the bible from the 7 days of Creation to the 7 seals of the book of Revelation. Then there is the seven-day week and the seven traditional planets and aspects of astrology as well as the seven musical notes and colors, although all of these can be expanded to 12 which is an equally important number.

In numerology, 7 is considered a highly spiritual number with introverted qualities and is associated with the planet Neptune. I agree with the spirituial element, and to some extent with the introversion, but not with the planet association. Seven is an odd or masculine number whereas Neptune or Pisces-its ruling sign is an even or feminine number/influence. Just as the Sun or Leo is associated with the number 1, and the Moon or Cancer is associated with the number 2, so Uranus or Aquarius is 7(opposite on the wheel) and Saturn or Capricorn is 8(also opposite on the wheel).

Seven, the number of heaven, fits perfectly with Uranus the planet of heaven. Uranus is also the 7th planet from the Sun and takes 7 years to traverse each zodiac sign. It's exaltation is in Libra the 7th sign, just as the Sun's exaltation is in Aries the first sign(its opposite).

The number 7 is highly indivisible(mathematically), giving it much strength and originality. It is spiritual in the sense that it seeks and follows truth and concerns itself with the good of humanity. In the old schools of initiation, such as those of Pythagoras, candidates whose names or birthdays reduced to 7 were immediately accepted for training as they were considered to have a natural grasp or understanding of the higher laws of spirit.

Sevens are also prominent in the arts and entertainment fields where their powerful creativity and originality find a natural outlet. They can also be influential writers, speakers, or media people, bringing their truth to the masses. The downside of sevens is their almost complete lack of practical or business ability(also seen in 11's) which is where they need the help of a more worldly partner(such as a 4, 8, or 22).

The letters associated with 7 in numerology are G, P, and Y. G as in God, great, or good, P as in planet, peace, providence, and prosperity, an Y as in yin and yang, yod, and yearning. The ages are 7(childhood), 14(teenhood), and 21(adulthood).

The word seven contains the master letter v perfectly balanced in the middle of it also adding to its power(at least in the English language).

In this way, 7, 11, 22, and 33 or Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris(the "modern" planets), represent master vibrations in numerology.

Ideally there are 144 colors, or one for every planetary combination in astrology(12 planets x 12 signs). The basic colors, however, are only 6 to 12 in number, one for every sign/planet in the zodiac, as is shown in the chart below...

RedAries/Mars(light red)Scorpio/Pluto(dark red)
OrangeLeo/Sun(light orange)Cancer/Moon(dark orange)
YellowGemini/Mercury(light yellow) Virgo/X(dark yellow)
GreenLibra/Earth(light green)Taurus/Venus(dark green)
BlueAquarius/Uranus(light blue)Capricorn/Saturn(dark blue)
PurpleSagittarius/Jupiter(light purple)Pisces/Neptune(dark purple)

To get a color for Sun in Capricorn, for example, one would have to mix light orange with dark blue.

Each of us has twelve bodies -one for every planet in our system. The Earth system is a great being(the one we call God) and the planets (lesser gods) are its chakras or energy centers. We too are in the image of God and have twelve centers just like Him/Her, only on a much smaller scale, and are gods in our own right -as above, so below. Each of our twelve bodies vibrates on a different frequency making it possible for them to interpenetrate one another and occupy the same space. The lower frequency bodies, such as the Earth/Ascendant and the Moon bodies are the most visible and tangible parts of you. The higher vibrating bodies such as the Sun, Mars and Jupiter, are what animate you. Each of your bodies can contract or expand or slow down or speed up as it has the need to. This flexibility makes it possible for us to ascend or travel or rematerialize on any planet or dimension. It is our goal to master our twelve bodies so that the entire cosmos or realm we live in will become our home.

On the site is an excellent description of what you or all living things really are in essence. Basically we are all electro-magnetic fields or energies expressing in temporal bodies or vehicules. When we leave them in sleep we function as our true selves, and when we lay them aside in death we look for new ones. In either case we exit through the right side or intuitive part of the brain which is not fully functional in our present state and time. The brain is our computer and the body is a working extension of the brain allowing us to experience the sensory world. You, as an electro-magnetic field, empower and program the brain and body to do its various functions. Both your life field and your body have their limitations and must make the best of it. When out of the body, whether conciously or in the dream state, everything is more free and fluid and the feelings or emotions dominate but there is less stability or definition. In the body there is less freedom or fluidity and the mind or reason dominates and everything is much more sharply defined. While our waking state defines our dream state, it can also be changed or transformed to suit our thoughts and desires. They are simply two different realities of four(spirit or hope and mind or thought being the other two). One of the present limitaions of our bodies is that it is ten-based(fingers and toes) and that it does not allow the twelve-based(astrological) nature of our force field to fully express itself. Also, etched in our force fields are traumas, both individual and collective, which we carry with us from body to body which shut down certain parts of the brain that would allow us to remember such negative experiences. In this way our full memory function and/or potential is impaired and only when we are able to still our minds through meditation and face and overcome these error ways or negativities or reenact and overcome them in real life will all the switches go on and the brain be fully functional again.

We normally move through sheer will or duty(such as getting out of bed to go to work), or when our emotions are aroused(anger, sex, love, etc.). We also move through the power of our minds(such as when we are curious about something). All of these movements require a certain amount of effort, stimulation, or skill to execute, but there is another kind of movement which has been lost to humanity. One that is based on thought alone as opposed to emotion, which presently dominates our movements.

In regular movement, a thought or imagination incites the emotions which in turn incite the body to move. What about "mind over matter"? Yes, this is certainly possible, but under certain conditions. For mind or thought to have absolute power over the body, the emotions must be quelled or put to sleep. There are several ways of quieting the emotions, especially the negative ones. One way is through meditation or rest. Another is through fasting. Still another is to be in a weightless environment(or close to it).

In our modern, stressful, indulgent, and fast-moving/changing environment, emotions(habits) almost completely dominate our activities. Here the mind always plays second fiddle to our emotions or desires. What little mind power we have left(there are of course exceptions) can be demonstrated through the use of a pendulum.

Pendulum users are well aware that the directional swing of the object hanging from a thread can be controlled or manipulated through concious effort(anyone can do this). This mental power(telekenisis?) increases drastically under zero gravity, as any astronaut will tell you(if he is allowed), or as is described by The Man when he reaches the hollow Earth's gravity center in the book Etidorpha by John Uri LLoyd.

People experienced in meditation or fasting will also tell you that body movements are much easier to control by thought alone when undergoing their disciplines -they induce a weightless effect which tames the emotions and empowers the mind.

When dreaming we are also nearly weightless, so that what we think fear or desire manifests. Levitation or telekinesis is very easy to do in the dream state -when we are out of our cumbersome bodies.

I'm sure we've all had times when lying comfortably in bed or on a chair and wishing that book or drinking glass to come over simply by extending your arm, or expecting yourself to rise out of bed, not through sheer effort, but through thought alone. You are right to suspect that it can be done, but your mental body, which envelops and interpenetrates your physical body must first expand and strengthen itself. This is done through purification techniques such as meditation and fasting, or by being in a weightless environment(which will naturally slow down all the metabolic processes).

When your mental body, which is elastic in nature, has grown or extended to envelop that book or drinking glass, summoning it to you will be no problem(see diagram below). Nor will moving your body(flying, levitation, etc.) be a problem through concious effort alone. Your mental body is after all the template or blueprint from which your physical body is built or developed.

An extended or mobile mental body is also how telepathy or teleportation works. There is apparently no limit to how far the mental body can extend.

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