Chakras, Aging, and the Inner Earth Sun

Humans are twelve-fold beimgs with twelve bodies -one for every planet or sign of the zodiac. All twelve bodies are of different density and function, and interpenetrate one another. Each of these bodies is anchored by energy centers called chakras which are in turn linked to the major glands of the body.

Humans, who are just about the only creatures who stand upright receive mostly lower chakra stimulation from the Earth's inner sun. The exception is when we lie down or sleep -then we receive more or less full chakra stimulation. Most animals, by virtue of their horizontal position, always receive full stimulation and are therefore more in tune with their astral selves.

Inner Earth inhabitants who are more directly exposed to the inner or central sun receive even greater stimulation(prana) to all of their chakras or energy centers(especially the Third Eye), and are thertefore more astrally or intuitively inclined.

The 12 Chakras or Energy Vortexes

Chakras work in pairs, so that what appear to be 7(frontal view) are actually 12(side view). The crown and root chakras(vertical) are part of the same axis, as are the other(horizontal) pairs.
More upper chakra stimulation results in individuals who are dominated by their higher spiritual and mental faculties, whereas more lower chakra stimulation results in individuals who are ruled by their lower emotional and physical natures. Most animals are on all fours receiving equal stimulation to all their centers and are therefore healthier and more balanced than humans. Lying down(when resting or sleeping) permits equal stimulation of all human centers and is therefore highly regenerative. Standing on one's head or sleeping with a pillow under one's feet(instead of under one's head) not only increases the blood flow to the head, but increases crown and brow chakra stimulation which are responsible for our higher faculties. Your Pineal or Third Eye looks upward through the skull and ninety degrees all around for its light source but has more range(or access to the inner sun) when you are lying down.

Long ago, when the Earth was enveloped in a water or ice canopy(as it will be again in the future), the inner sun's rays were fully captured or contained within the planet's outer atmosphere resulting in greater and more uniform stimulation of all our vital centers. This, and the ideal climate and ecosphere gave us much longer, healthier, and more productive lives. When the canopy was destroyed or taken away, causing the The Great Flood, the deterioration process set in. The prana/manna which provided all of our nourishment needs on all levels, dissipated, and hunger and lust, and lower thinking and feeling set in.

Total regeneration begins at the physical level with a healhy environment, and this can only be when the planet's canopy is restored allowing the full measure of the inner sun's energy(what the bible calls the "holy spirit") to fully reactivate all of our chakras and energy centers and make us whole again.

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