Dream Flying

I was off again, darting and skimming about, and enjoying the freedom of flight occasionally offered in my dreams -a stark contrast to the rigid and cumbersome state of waking life. This time, I set myself to go one step further by dislodging myself from the dream body and traveling at super-speed through the mental body. I achieved this for a brief but exhilirating moment.

I must digress at this point to contextualize the nature of my breakthrough by explaining that dreams have always played a profound role in my life, anchoring my psyche in a rich and varied state of emotional expression. The true nature of our being, I say, is formless and electromagnetic. The human vehicle is a temporary shaping construct for that formless and energetic you. At night and at death we escape the body's binds to return to our natural formless state -with only our memories to paint our astral adventures.

the true electromagnetic self

My favorite dream adventures always include flying or traveling to beautiful and populated places such as beaches, schools, and lush-green parks and hilly areas. Here, I would go about, almost unnoticed, taking in the wondrous sights and activities -but mostly from a distance; whenever I would try to get too close or impose my will, the scene would change or I would abruptly wake up. One of my very favourite activities at the beach is to walk or surf over the water without sinking or drowning. I just "will" myself to do so and before I know it I'm on the other side of the beach. In the schools, I sit freely in the classes, some beyond my comprehension, and inbetween. I struggle to look for my locker or schedule, and hop over flights of stairs in search of the right floor or room number.

beautiful grassy plains

The grassy hills and plains I fly over are truly wonderful. There is an incredible feeling of freedom and challenge, but also a feeling of longing -as though I am straying and need to find my way back home -wherever home may be. Occasionally the verdant scenery leads to a crevice or chasm which I either bravely attempt to cross or more often back away from. Other travels occasionally bring me through industrial wastelands, familliar cities and burroughs, or metroplolitan highways and bridges. In all such areas I'm flying rather low -some ten to fifty feet above ground level, and my speed is consistent at some ten to thirty miles an hour. Occasionally I'll fly higher and faster but this is difficult and dangerous. Sometimes I force my way up to a hundred feet or more(often at or above cloud level) to get a better view of where I am or where I should be going, only to be overcome by a dreadful feeling of darkness and negativity from which I quickly back out of.

flying too high

In all of my dream travels, I've noticed certain themes cropping up, such as the desire for freedom, love, simplicity, and meaning, but the overriding theme appears to be the soul's longing for its original home or source. In some dreams, I return to my childhood residential areas, only to find out they have changed or are no longer there. On my long journeys or quest for home I find my flying speed to quite inadequate and at one point my frusration led to a situation where I was apparently given the secret of high-speed dream travel. I would lay on one knee as though on a race track, concentrate, and separate my mental body from my astral or dream body, taking off at an incredible speed. For an instant I felt myself traversing the dream landscape at jet speed(like the comic book hero the Flash) -but that's when my dream ended and I awoke. Had I discovered a new form of dream flight?

flying at super speed

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