Fractured Earth

The signs of Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio deserve a closer look in astrology as these three signs were closely linked in the past, perhaps even working as one, and describe a different Earth and past.

According to theosophical lore, our Earth was larger and we did not always have twelve signs. We once had ten signs with Virgo and Scorpio as one and Libra later inserted inbetween (some say all three were one). Both Virgo and Scorpio have similar glyphs (an M with a tail) except Scorpio's tail is erect and Virgo's is stifled. Scorpio represents sex and sin and Virgo represents purity and perfection. The splitting of these two signs may symbolize our transition from adrogenous to two sexes or the separation of good and evil.

Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio together endow perfect beauty and power, and accurately describe Lucifer. Lucifer's pride led to his downfall. Being too powerful, and negative (two negative signs and one positive), Lucifer had to be cut down, and so he/she was. Both the planet and the entity ruling it were shattered and defeated in a great cosmic war. Maldek or Marduk or Tiamat was destroyed resulting in the debris which now clutters our system.

Virgo-Libra-Scorpio became separate signs and rulers and their opposite signs also became distinct. Maldek/Marduk/Tiamat became Earth with it's other smaller pieces (Eris, Pluto, Chiron, Ceres, asteroids, TNO's, etc) scattered everywhere. All of these minor bodies are closely linked to those three signs.

Chiron (the capstone of pyramid Earth?), was discovered in 1977, one year after the great and tumultuous world events that rocked our world. 1976 was a HUGE turning point in our history, a convergence of many great and small cosmic cycles. This was only 7 years after the supposed lunar landing, one year after the 200th birthday of the United States and the election of a double Libran US President, and one year after the great and numerous droughts and earthquakes of that year.

Chiron, the first and king of the centaurs, signaled the awakening of China (note that both Chiron and China start with Ch). China experienced what is perhaps it's greatest earthquake ever that year (city of Tangshan, July 28 of 1976). It was in actuality Earth's kundalini awakening (chi is the Chinese word for kundalini) which happened to be focused there. China, by the way is a Sun in Libra nation.

Chiron also awakened or spearheaded the New Age movement of the late 1970's and 1980's. I remember this period clearly as a teenager; it's when I first studied astrology seriously and experienced my own kundalini awakening. Of course, Uranus, moving into its exaltion of Scorpio (1975-1981) also contributed to this period of occult exploration.

Chiron is also synonymous with Christ or Krishna and the spirituality that flourished both before and after its discovery. It may well incorporate the qualities of Virgo (discipleship), Libra(harmony), Scorpio(initiation), and even Sagittarius(rebirth). While most astrologers like Barbara Hand Clow assign Chiron to Virgo, some like Zane Stein give it to Libra where both its perihelion and north node are.

Pluto works very closely with Earth, speeding up it's evolution, as Edgar Cayce mentioned in one of his dissertations. This is another clue that Earth and Pluto may have been one in the past, or perhaps it may have been a moon of the Earth before being cast out into outer darkness following Earth's shattering in the Great War. Sitchin says it parked itself around Saturn before going further out where it is now. Pluto, rediscovered in 1930, of course now rules Scorpio.

Does Earth rule Libra? And are Eris and Chiron parts of it, acting like catalyzers for its ascension? In astrology, Earth or Gaia exercises its all-powerful influence via the Ascendant or Rising sign, and it appears to be best or most favorably placed in Libra, but it is not the full influence, which is perhaps why we are still stuck or grounded here. Eris, and perhaps also Chiron, may fill in the gap. All of the pieces of Libra need to come together to activate and complete this sign as well as the ascension process.

Most astrologers feel that the minor or dwarf planet Eris is linked to Libra, and this might well be so, but only in part. It works with Earth/Gaia and Chiron to be complete. It may be a piece of our once whole and larger Earth. Our world is fractured and so are we, and the heavens testify to this. Like Isis who went about collecting the scattered pieces of her husband Osiris, we too need to collect ourselves and be whole again.

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