The First Two or Three Letters

The first two or three letters of any word or name are always significant and have a powerful collective influence. I say two or three because sometimes a name begins with two consonants(th, ch, etc) and a vowel.

Vowels are the engines or driving forces behind words or names and signify spirit, wheareas consonants are the dressing, apparel, or flesh and bone.

With 26 letters in the English language, there are up to 676(26x26) two-letter combinations and up to 17,500(26x26x26) three-letter combinations in a name: aaa, aab, aac, etc.

I have found that the numerology systems which use SPACE(A=1, B=1, C=3, etc) only tell part of the story. The SHAPE of the letter, and its SOUND, are equally telling -if not more so and need to be taken into account.

The letter S, for example, is shaped like a snake(which starts with an S by the way) and has a snake's characteristics(slimy, slippery, subtle, secretive, sexual, secreting, etc), and makes a hissing sound(ssssssssss) just like a snake. So all words with S in it have snake-like qualities or characteristics.

The letter C has two sounds(that of an S and that of a K) and is not found in all alphabets and rightly so. Other than having a different shape, it just mimics other letters; and I often wonder why it even exists. It is one of the superflous letters.

B looks like a fat or pregnant lady, D is half a circle or the Moon(the Sun is a full circle) and so on. What a letter looks like(or sounds like) gives it a lot of it's meaning, and when two or more letters are put together it really starts to add up. Each of us expresses through or is shaped by the archetypal qualities of all the letters in our name just as we are by the planets in our astrological charts. The first two or three letters, however, pretty much sum us up, just like the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant do in astrology.

It's fun to study words or names with the first same letters to see if there are any connections or associations. Usually, having the same first two or three letters will reveal commonalities.

One of my favourites is En.

It is no coincidence that the first three letters in the word English are also the first three letters of the nation England. Nor is it a coincidence that the the English peoples are descendants of Enkii and Enlil, which also begin with the same initial letters. All other words beginning with en may be related in some way, and if your name begins with E or En you will no doubt be affected in some way. England's queen also begins with an E(Elizabeth). As a vowel and the 5th letter, E is often associated with royalty.

Have you ever wondered why most of the continents of the Earth start with the letter A: The Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Artic, and Antarctica, and even the the Atlantic! Only Europe starts with E(Enki/Enlil?). The Pacific(Pa'tah?) holds another mystery. In Anunnaki lore the An's and more specifically Anu were once masters over this Earth, and the continents were no doubt named after them. Same for countries and cities.

Na is interesting. N is the Nagas or Sepents who were here long before humans or the Anunnakis or any other extra-terrestials. A is alpha or beginning and so the Nagas were the first race here. They live principally in the under regions of the planet or Inner Earth and occasionally come to the surface. They have the power of kundalini and are the source our sexuality and reptilian brain/functions. N has a nasal sound to it(nnnnnn) which vibrates as you say it. There is a lot of power in this sound. This all sounds a lot like Scorpio, doesn't it? -and it is! In the Greek and Hebrew alphabets the letter N is related to the astrological sign of Scorpio. Scorpio rules the nose -hence the nasal sound of this letter. People whose names start with N and especially Na are very Scorpionic in nature. They usually have dark, sensual, or seductive features.

Ki is another interesting one. In many alphabets or kabbalahs Ki corresponds to the astrological sign of Leo, and no wonder; Leo is the king which starts with ki. Kingship and Kish, the first ancient city of kings, also start with ki. Kings have the power to take life -hence the word kill. The two ll's may be the shortcut for lulus, which is the Sumerian word for the first humans) -hence: kingship over humans, or the ability to kill them. K has a very unique and somewhat harsh sound(kkkkkk)and is a master letter(11th letter) in the English alphabet. The letter I has a fiery or spiritual connotation(Sagittarius/vowel/9th letter?) hence the DIVINE right or nature of kings. The Sun or Leo, by the way, stands for the God principal in all of us.

Sa has good and bad(two sides of the same coin?): Sabbath, sacrifice, Saddam, Saducee, sadness, safari, safety, sage, Sagittarius, Sahara, Saigon, saint, salve, saliva, salt, Salem, Salome, salvation, Samson, Samaritan, samurai, Samoa, Sanskrit, Santorini, Sananda, Santa, Sanat Kumara, sanity, sanguinary, sanctity, sapience, sapphire, Sargon, Sarah, Sardinia, sars, Saturday, Saturn, Satan, satyr, satire, satin, Saudi Arabia, Saul, saurian, saviour.

Je has few but important words or names: Jehoshaphat, Jehu, Jehovah, Jeroboam, Jeremiah, Jerusalem, Jericho, Jesus, Jew, jewel

Go is revealing: Goat, Gobi, God, Godzilla, Gogi, Goitre, Gold, Golem, Goliath, Gommorrah, Gonorrhea, Gonad, Gondola, Good, Goose, Google, Gopher, Gorilla, Gorgon, Gore, Gorge, Gospel, Gothic, Gout, Gouge, Government.

And so on. Obviously I cannot go into all the other combinations. Do your own research and discover the connections. Language is not created haphazardly but with great care and wisdom and rich symbolism. Unfortunately this is not taught in mainstream education.

Here's a fun method: start with the first two(or three) letters of your first name and see which words also start that way and how they add meaning to your name. Also, analyze people whose names start with the same letters and try to see the similarities.

The first letter is of course the most important. It's like the Rising sign or Ascendant in astrology. The second and third letters are like the Moon and Sun. Letters are collective agents just like the planets and signs, except they work mostly on the visual, mental, or sound level. We give them their power and they in turn give us theirs.

If your name is Paul, for example, you will be subtly affected by all the nuances or experiences of every Paul in the universe. That's how association and collectivism works. Not only the name, but any word that is similar to it, and especially the first three letters.

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