Understanding the Zodiac
Signs and the Wheel of Life
An Esoteric and Practical Look

The twelve Zodiac signs are the twelve universal energies or spirits of this universe(some say omniverse). They give life or essence to our reality and are the forces behind all material manifestation.

Each of the twelve signs contain or encapsulate a group of principles necessary for the functioning of life. These principles take form or expression through or via the physical planets which in turn influence the physical and spiritual centers(chakras and glands) of all life forms on those planets.

Why twelve signs, and not eight or fifty? Because this is the universally agreed upon number for this time and/or creation. Originally, there may have been only two signs, as signified by the two-petalled Moon chakra. The chakras in the human body, from the two-petalled Moon chakra to the nearly 1000 petalled Crown or Sun chakra signify different stages of our development, from past to present to future. All of them are even-numbered signifying that matter or the Creation is an even-numbered or feminine manifestation. It also signifies that all zodiacs can only contain an even number of signs,

The most important zodiacs are 4 and its square(4,16,64,256,1024,etc). Everything before or between these is transitional. Zero is the void from which matter and force originate. Two is the male and female principles of force and receptivity, spirit and matter, and all other dualities. Four is the most basic elements(fire, earth, air. and water and their corresponding principles of spirit, matter, mind, and soul). Four is pivotal because the four elements combined result in the beginnings of SENTIENCY(Cancer) or the root of all individuated life. Six is physical order, intelligence, and diversity(Virgo). It is also flora or plant life. Eight is individuated sentiency or soul life(Scorpio) whose dominance is on the astral plane. It is also arachinid or reptillian life(8 legs/fingers/toes). Ten is skeletalized life(Capricorn) whose dominance is on the physical plane. It is also mammals and physical humans(ten fingers and toes). Twelve is astral or angelic man as blueprinted by the twelve current zodiac signs(a level most of us have yet to reach). Sixteen or higher represent even more future or complex versions of ourselves. Greater zodiacs are created when the various principles or characteristics comprising a specific sign are given their own independance.

The odd numbers and signs represent acting or shaping principles and forces while the even numbers represent reacting or resulting principles. 1,5,and 9 are the numbers of life and spirit, 2,6, and 10 are the numbers of matter or substance, 3,7, and 11 are the numbers of mind or relatedness, and 4, 8, and 12 are the numbers of soul or emotion. One is the force or impulse of life itself(Aries) and can represent both collective(God) or singular(drop or ray of God) oneness. Two is base matter(Taurus), duality, or the feminine-receptive principle that uses or absorbs spirit to give it life and mind. Some would say that matter is condensed or slowed-down spirit and therefore represents the dying or degenerative principle. Three is mental activity or conciousness(Gemini) or the result of raw spirit or force(Aries) interacting with pure matter(Taurus). Aries is the father, Taurus is the mother, and Gemini is the child. Four is primal soul or memory(Cancer) or the result of spirit's infusion into matter. It is also the child(female) of the first two numbers or signs, and as the last of the primal signs it acquires the form of an organism or cell. The next four numbers or signs acquire individuation or organic form. Five is will and creativity(Leo) as well as love and joy. The spirit acquires ego, centricity, or individualization. Six is duty, service, and the material mind(brain) and organic body which houses the spirit, focuses the mind, and expresses the soul. It is individualized matter. Seven is the principle of harmony and relationship(Libra) as signified by the seven basic aspects of astrology. It is the first of the objective or collective signs (Libra to Pisces) as opposed to the subjective or primal signs(Aries to Virgo) and represents individualized mind or conciousness and awareness of others as opposed to self. Eight is emotional death or degeneration(Scorpio) rather than physical(Taurus) and represents the individualized soul in a physical body. As the last of the individual signs, Scorpio eliminates all the dross in preparation for a more collective or higher state. Nine is growth or expanse(Sagittarius) particularly at the spiritual level. It is the first of the collective or universal signs which deals with the idea of god or immortality and benevolence or abundance. It is the super ego or higher self. Ten is organized or collective matter(Capricorn) resulting in mountains or lands as well as planets or planetary systems. The sign of Capricorn gives us our ten fingers and ten toes. Eleven is indivisible truth and freedom and universal brotherhood(Aquarius). Along with seven, which represents perfect balance and awareness, it is a mental and masterful influence representing collective thought and dynamic newness or origination. Twelve is inner or astral collectivity, the akashic records, and the universal oversoul(Pisces). It connects all that is through, absorption, permeation, or dissolution, and precedes the beginning or restart of any birth or cycle.

All of the twelve numbers and/or signs work together supporting and elucidating one another's meanings. The numbers are the bare bones or structural basis of our existence whereas the zodiac signs are the flesh and skin cover. There is no real reason why Aries should be considered the first sign on the wheel of the zodiac. This is linear thinking. The zodiac wheel is an eternal circle or spiral with no real beginning or end. Theoretically, any sign can be taken as a starting point, but because of the forceful or irrepressible nature of Aries it is generally accepted as the first sign. The fire element in general has this nature, and it is not uncommon for Leo or Sagittarius to lead the wheel also. On a broader scale, the masculine or positive signs(fire and air) in general are leading or initiatory as opposed to the feminine or negative signs(earth and water) which are reactive or following.

How the Signs Work Together
on a Spiritual or Esoteric Level

From Aries to Pisces: Aries is the newborn or first impulse of life after having fully recharged itself from its sleep or rest state in Pisces. It is raw or unbridled energy ready to unleash itself in the raw world of matter(Taurus). As it interacts with matter it learns(Gemini), remembers(Cancer), and acquires an ego or individualized self(Leo). Through the repeated use of a physical body or vehicle it then acquires technique or skill and efficiency(Virgo) to service both itself and others. In working with others it develops social conscience or awareness(Libra) which gives it a sense of completion or fullness, particularly through one intimate partner. The fruits or end result of this partnership or relationship are sex and reproduction(Scorpio) which ensure the continuation of the species. After having done it all and tasted of the forbidden fruit and facing death and decline, it seeks regeneration or rebirth through spiritual knowledge and faith and a re-linkage to its divine roots or higher self(Sagittarius). In addition to faith, this reconnection process requires the overcoming or relinquishing of unproductive habits or desires through fasting and discipline(Capricorn). After successfully achieving mastery over the material senses and world one is ready to contribute uniquely and selflessly to the betterment of mankind(Aquarius) freeing it of its own ignorance or vice. Enlightenment and utopia lead to the flowering of our full psychic and artistic potential(Pisces) and a collective merging into oneness with our oversoul(God) so that we may rest or sleep and then start anew again(Aries).

How the Signs Work Together
on a Practical or Day-to-Day Level

A complete understanding of each sign can be gained by using the House method in astrology. Taurus, for example, is the second house of money or possessions for Aries, and Aries is the second house for Pisces, and so on. Every sign is important or revealing in some way to every other depending on its aspect relationship on the zodiac wheel. The planets activate or modify these relationship potentials, each in their own unique manner. It is important for this exercise to memorize or see the succession of signs as made clear by the zodiac wheel. One can then choose any sign and gain a complete understanding of its workings via its suceeding signs.

It can be said that every sign of the zodiac is a composite of all the others with that one sign dominating. Aries, for example, is at least 50% pure Aries with the other eleven signs making up the other fifty per cent. This is the theory of halves which links everything to everything else whilst retaining its own integral identity.

Below are descriptions of the signs and how they complete or illucidate each other via the house system.

ARIES: With Taurus on the second house, fiery and impulsive Aries gets very basic or practical when it comes to money or possessions. They know a good deal when they see one and won't hesitate to acquire it. They gain through banking and investing and owning property. They can be quite physical or sensual when it comes to their basic needs. With Gemini on the third house Aries types think quickly and diversely and are not afraid to speak out. Reading, writing and teaching are natural conmmunicative outlets for them, and taking the car, bus, bike, or simply walking, are natural ways for them to get around. Cancer on the fourth house describes a typical home and family life with food and security issues always at the fore. Leo on the fifth house loves sports, romancing, and pure entertainment, and this is where they shine. Virgo on the sixth house makes Aries work very hard and meticulously such as in precision metal cutting, engineering, or optometry. Libra on the seventh seeks out beautiful and harmonious partners. Scorpio on the eighth is emotionally intense and investigates deeply into occult or hidden matters. Sagittarius on the ninth is eternal optimism and faith in things going right and lots of distant travel, adventure, and exploration. Capricorn on the tenth is slow but certain rise to success or prominence through realism and hard work. Aquarius on the eleventh is brilliance, ingenuity, and inventiveness and the realization of hopes and dreams through friends, groups, and organizatons. Pisces on the twelfth is loss or self-undoing through pity, guilt, sacrifice, or being alone or inactive.

TAURUS: Calm, shrewd, and steady Taurus has Gemini on the second house, so that money comes through ideas and words and forms of all kinds. Books, speeches, and all forms of communication are profitable venues. Cancer on the third gives Taurus a very sensitive and impressionable mind who only likes to communicate with familiar people and organizatons. The thoughts are frequently on food, housing, and security issues. Leo on the fourth makes the home or family the center of entertainment and where love and generosity are naturally expressed. Virgo on the fifth describes a love for work, discpline, order, cleanliness, and people who personify these traits. Taureans are skilled lovers and entertainers. Libra on the sixth house seeks pleasant types of work and co-workers and is often employed as a beautician, artist, entertainer, counselor, or companion. Scorpio on the seventh seeks extreme, exceptional, or emotionally intense partners. They are jealous and possessive and it's all or nothing in a relationship with Taurus. Sagittarius on the eighth is fortunate in dealing with other people's money or resources and takes a spiritual or explorative view of death and the afterlife. Capricorn on the ninth has a practical and economical philosophy based on discipline and hard work. Aquarius on the tenth gives Taurus a unique or unusual career such as singer, electrician, scientist, or even astrologer. Pisces on the eleventh gives an intuiive or psychic genius and friends or associations that are artistic or Neptunian in nature. Aries on the twelfth is where Taurus releases all negative feelings and secrets -in private or seclusion. They have a very active dreamstate or subconcious.

GEMINI: Versatile, restless, and cerebral Gemini has Cancer on the second house gaining or profiting from home and family or fields like real estate, hotels, restaurants, the food industry, preservation, or safety and security. Leo on the third makes Gemini a prominent, authorotative, or influential speaker or communicator. They have very creative, expressive, and dramatic mentalities. Virgo on the fourth gives a drab, tedious, or critical home life but it can be an ideal place from which to work from. Everything must be clean and orderly here. Libra on the fifth needs beauty and harmony to get creative or amorous. They like to entertain as a team and take pleasure in decorating or beautifying. Scorpio on the sixth makes them secretive or intense about their work or services. They research and investigate and there is always an element of danger or death involved here. Sagittarius on the seventh seeks a positive, lively, and adventurous partner who will take them away to many travel destinations. Capricorn on the eighth takes a serious look at sex the occult and karma or indebtedness and there is a need to control their partner's money or resources. Aquarius on the ninth rebels against traditional faith or religion and comes up with its own philosophy. They like to travel freely and unexpectedly and often by air or plane. Pisces on the tenth is confused or nebulous concerning career or direction but it is often in the arts, film, or entertainment. Aries on the eleventh is active with friends, groups, and causes and discovers new things about self. Taurus on the twelfth has secrets or sorrows concerning money and material possessions.

CANCER: Moody, crabby, and maternal Cancer has Leo on the second house so that any form of creativity or entertainment will spell big money opportunity, and they will be the boss as far their finances are concerned. Other things valued or cherished are love, children, and paternal figures. Virgo on the third house makes the Cancerian mind highly analytical and observant, noticing all the fine details, and there is an habitual or routine way of thinking or communicating -often about work, health, or material needs. With Libra on the fourth house the Cancerian homestead is a place of beauty and harmony and co-operation. The home is the place for socializing, and marrying, and decorating, and the food is all nicely laid out, and any kind of fighting or unpleasantness is shunned. Scorpio on the fifth gives Cancer a liking for dangerous, risky, or intense forms of pleasure and entertainment. They are very jealous or possessive about their loved ones and harbour love secrets. Sagittarius on the sixth makes Cancer take many adventurous or risky jobs often far away from the home, and the health while often robust, can suffer from overindulgence or carelessness. Capricorn on the seventh is in search of a serious and reliable partner who can help organize or restrain the Cancerian proclivities and offer a realistic or objective viewpoint on all matters. Aquarius on the eighth has a cool, detached, or experimental attitude towards matters of death, sex, and the paranormal. Often they receive a surprise inheritance. Pisces on the ninth house makes Cancer very open or impressionable to spiritual guidance. They are charitable and forgiving. They also like traveling by boat or ship and are awed my marine life. Aries on the tenth house makes Cancer active and aggressive in the career and develops a warlike or militant public reputation. Taurus on the eleventh has wealthy and talented friends and contributes money to humanitarian causes. Gemini on the twelfth does a lot of thinking, learning, or communicating in secret and has a restless and versatile subconcious.

LEO: Proud, generous, and flamboyant Leo has Virgo on the second house so that money is obtained through hard work and developing a specilized skill. Precision, stamina, and good conduct are highly valued. Libra on the third makes Leo very susceptible to other people's words, thoughts, and opinions, and the mind is fair, just, and balanced. Scorpio on the fourth house describes a very emotionally intense home life and a deep-seated need for permanent roots. Many transformations are experienced here. Sagittarius on the fifth takes has a wild and adventurous attitude towards love and play and loves to gamble or speculate. There is pleasure in traveling and an open, trusting attitude in love. Capricorn on the sixth takes work very seriously as it is often hard to find. They are organized and industrious and strive for an excellent reputation. Colds and arthritis are frequent health problems. Aquarius on the seventh looks for an ingenious or unconventional partner who can stand up to dominance or dictate. They will also be friendly, unique, and unusually popular. Pisces on the eighth has a fated or martyr-like attitude towards death and the paranormal. They have a romantic sexuality and take an interest in investing in oil, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and the film industry. Aries on the ninth has a positive and inspiring philosophy and travels quickly or on impulse. Self-publicity is a big draw. Taurus on the tenth has a solid and enduring reputation or career as a money manager, land owner, stock producer, singer, artist, or entertainer. Gemini on the eleventh has versatile and amusing friends and many contacts with the media. Cancer on the twelfth hides fears and insecurities and harbours home or family secrets.

VIRGO: Orderly and efficient Virgo has Libra as its second house so that anything that beautifies or harmonizes is of great value to them. Virgo works painstakingly hard to achieve the perfection that is symbolized by Libra, whether it's appearance, workability, or personal conduct. Gains are made through partnership and co-operation. Scorpio on the third house describes the Virgoan mentality or perception which is razor sharp, intense, and often stinging. They are uncomfotably blunt and accurate and put all their focus on the task at hand. They also like to communicate about dark or secretive matters. Sagittarius on the fourth describes a religious or moralistic home life which is at the root of Virgo's good works or services. Family outings and travels are fondly remembered and cherished. With Capricorn on the fifth house, Virgo's tend to restrict or minimize fun and pleasure, and there is a coldness or inhibition in expressing their love and affection. They are, however, quality entertainers, and are known to be exceedingly sensual. Aquarius on the sixth house makes Virgo an ingenious and unconventional worker with technical or scientific aptitudes. They are honest, friendly, and independant workers who wish to help humanity in a practical and efficient way. Pisces on the seventh is looking for a sensitive, perceptive, and understanding partner who can see behind the cool and reserved Virgo facade, make them relax and unwind, and bring out their hidden emotions and sympathies. Socially, they are humble and receptive but lacking in confidence or drive, and may counter this through stimulants or escapist tendencies. Aries on the eighth house gives a fearless and active disposition in matters of sex, death, paranormal research, and all hidden matters. Taurus on the ninth gives a practical or materialistic philosophy of life, a green thumb, and a preference for ground-based travel. Gemini on the tenth house inclines towards mental or communicative type of occupations or careers such as journalism, writing, speaking, internet, and media work in general. The mail, phone, and transport industry are also common fields. Their versatility often makes them "jacks of all trades and masters of none". Cancer on the eleventh house makes them caring friends and associates with a genius for cooking or homemaking, safety and security, and collecting or preserving. Leo on the twelfth house is how Virgo unwinds in private -by turning up the music, watching a good movie, making love, or working on a favourite hobby.

LIBRA: Attractive and harmonious Libra loses all balance with extreme Scorpio on the second house. They either acquire all of their partner's assets or end up losing even their own -depending on how the relationship goes. Sex and secrecy are keys to maintaining a successful relationship, and the popular axim "till death do us part" certainly applies here. Sagittarius on the third is the way libra thinks or communicates -simply, faithfully, trustingly, openly, and honestly. They like to engage in philosophical discussion, and travel or culture are always good topics. With Capricorn on the fourth house Libra is very serious or strict about home and family life. The Libran household must be run efficiently and economically with everything in its properly assigned place. Aquarius on the fifth house looks for novelty and excitement in the love life. They are not afraid to experiment or be different here, and their attitude is often impersonal or detached. Pisces on the sixth house makes them confused or sensitive about the kind of work or services they should do(they're usually "artistic" in nature), and the quality of their environment can greatly affect their health. Aries on the seventh house attracts impulsive, energetic, and very often aggressive types of partners or mates who greatly challenge them. They rely on others to take the lead or make decisions for them. Taurus on the eigth house makes Libra gain through other people's wealth or belongings and they have a materialistic view or attitude concerning sex and death. Gemini on the ninth house gives them a versatile philosophy of life that puts great faith or importance on the ability to solve any problem or difficulty through open discussion or communication. They learn much through their travels. Cancer on the tenth house sees home and family as the ultimate goal or achievement where relationships are solidified or permanently defined. Leo on the eleventh house likes to entertain or show off with friends who are usually warm, proud, and creative types, and they have noble aims or aspirations. Virgo on the twelfth house hides its guilt and flaws and finds escape through work, routine, cleaning, or exercise.

SCORPIO: Emotional and intense Scorpio has lucky Sagittarius on the second house so that money seems to come just when needed and often in abundant amounts. Scorpio's also appreciate or value anything "spiritual" or moral despite their lower tendency to cross moral boundaries. Capricorn on the third house makes Scorpio a serious, practical, and organized thinker. They think in terms of "use" and can be highly economical, industrious, or controlling. Aquarius on the fourth house makes the Scorpio home or environment modern and unique with all the latest gadgets. They treat family as friends and need lots of freedom and independance here otherwise there often separations or rebellions. Pisces on the fifth house gives a liking for mysterious or romantic love and there is a psychic link or understanding with children. Movies, art, music, romance, intoxicants, water sports, and the paranormal, are enjoyable pastimes for them. Aries on the sixth makes Scorpio an active and energetic worker who gives his all here. In one sense you can say they ARE their work. They like vigorous exercise and often complain about headaches or eye problems. Taurus on the seventh house is looking for stable, permanent, and profitable relationships. Their partners are often artists, singers, bankers, and the powerful or wealthy. Gemini on the eighth has multiple sources of income and a diversified interest in sex, the occult, or the paranormal. Knowledge or education can transform them deeply. Cancer on the ninth has an abiding faith in the home and family. Mother and emotions or feelings are sacrosanct and food or nurturing uplifts their soul. Leo on the tenth house seeks personal creative expression as a career outlet. Sex, love, and power are driving forces, and many make competent bosses, leaders, or authority figures. Virgo on the eleventh is very selective about friends and associations, who are often of a highly technical or skilled nature. They woukld like to help humanity through medical, technical, or environmental breakthroughs. Libra on the twelfth does all of its assessing, weighing, or judging in secret and will make sacrifices in the name of justice or fairness. They have beautiful and pleasant dreams.

SAGITTARIUS: Jovial and adventurous Sagittarius has economical Capricorn on the second house so that money is very hard to come by and requires lots of planning, discipline, and budgeting. Gambling and pie-in-the-sky schemes will simply not work. Aquarius on the third gives Sag a brilliant and unconventional mind although some might call it crazy. They are honest and forthright and can be quite fixed or stubborn on some of their ideas which they like to share freely with friends. With Pisces on the fourth house, the home is Sag's escape, where they can just unwind and let their feelings and imaginations take over. Drawing, painting, watching movies, smoking, drinking, meditating, or just plain resting or sleeping are favourite activities here. Aries on the fifth means lots of action and energy is expended on fun and entertainment, whether it be sports, traveling, gambling, or lovemaking. They are fearless when it comes to pursuing their love interests as they thrive on challenge and danger. Taurus on the sixth makes for a stable and productive worker who wants to be paid generously for his or her services. Most work will be of a physical or conventional nature. Gemini on the seventh wants an attractive, intelligent, and diverse partner with a flexible attitude and a good sense of humour. Multiple partners are often indicated. Cancer on the eighth experiences intense emotional transformations often through some family loss or secret. Real estate, food products, and security services bring in good investment returns. Leo on the ninth house gives a philosophy based on generosity, love, and playfulness. Warm and sunny travel destinations are ideal. With Virgo on the tenth, Sagittarius aims for very specific careers or professions, often of a very highly technical or analytical nature. Health, computer, and service-oriented fields are ideal. Libra on the eleventh looks for attractive and artistic friends and has a genius for correlating ideas and principles or for mediating disparate views or groups. Scorpio on the twelfth house harbours deep secrets which have the power to heal, destroy, or transform.

CAPRICORN: Practical and organized Capricorn has experimental and ingenious Aquarius on the second house so that money or profit comes through friends, associations, and unusual ventures and projects. Science, technology, and industry are lucrative fields. With Pisces on the third house Capricorns are surprisingly shy or timid in their communications. They have sensitive, imaginative minds, and tend to be quiet and seclusive. Aries on the fourth house gives much activity in and around the home front, and this where Capricorns can simply let go and be themselves. Taurus on the fifth house gives Capricorn a very sensuous and torrid love nature and much money is spent on love or entertainment. Gemini on the sixth house makes Capricorn a bright and versatile worker who writes, reads, speaks, moves about, jokes, and multitasks. They are very effective media people. With Cancer on the seventh house, there is a need for a sensitive and maternal-type partner who can intuit and take care of his/her needs(mom is usually ideal). They themselves are caring or nurturing towards others. Leo on the eighth gives a powerful and creative sexuality and/or deep need for love and affection. There is also an enjoyment of morbid or occult matters and a desire to invest in gold or lucrative entertainment contracts. Virgo on the ninth faithfully believes in duty, hard work, order, cleanliness, punctuality, and perfection. They are meticulous travelers and discriminating philosophers. With Libra on the tenth, Capricorn's whole aim in life is to create a beautiful and harmonious order around him/her. Public relations, art, design, sculpture, architecture, the beauty professions, music, litigation, and law, are all desired professions. Scorpio on the eleventh makes few but powerful friends and joins exclusive or secretive associations to further the aims or objectives. Sagittarius on the twelfth harbours moral or spiritual secrets and seeks retirement in a distant or foreign location.

AQUARIUS: Unique and ingenious Aquarius has Pisces on the second house so that money or wealth is obtained through charitable or artistic means or there is an impractical or spiritual approach to material things. Film, photography, music, dance, art, acting, or psychic work are profitable or gainful activities. With Aries on the third house of communications, Aquarians can be quite vocal or feisty about their ideas or thinking. They are courageous and inspirational self-thinkers who blaze or pioneer the paths for others, often risking ridicule or notoriety in the process. Taurus on the fourth house often indicates a stable or wealthy upbringing or a firm and resourceful attitude towards domestic matters. These people don't like changing residence often. Gemini on the fifth means enjoyment through intellectual activities or pastimes with lots of variety here. They are turned on sexually or romantically by Gemini-type individuals. Cancer on the sixth house can mean working as a caretaker or in a domestic capacity. They use their feelings and intuitions to fix or repair things and are quite sensitive about the food they eat or the clothes they wear. Leo on the seventh house looks for a strong and dominant partner who can bring out the warmth and creativity of Aquarius. It can also indicate bossy or arrogant partners. Virgo on the eighth seeks change or transformation through ones work or services. They have a critical or analytical view of death and occult matters. Libra on the ninth has a philosophy of balance and harmony that is quite beautiful and uplifting. They often get married or form close partnerships overseas or in distant lands. With Scorpio on the tenth house Aquarians are very intense or private about their careers or paths in life. There is always an element of danger or death involved here. Sagittarius on the eleventh house means plenty of friends and the realization of spiritual goals or causes. Their friends are lucky for them and many are foreign. Capricorn on the twelth house means serious planning or organizing behind the scenes, and worries and difficulties are kept hidden or in control.

PISCES: mystical and illusive Pisces has Aries on the second house so that lots of energy is spent on financial matters. They earn and spend quickly and like to own anything sharp and metallic or that produces heat. Taurus on the third house makes Pisces a slow but practical thinker, speaker, or communicator. Money and posessions are often on the mind. Gemini on the fourth house can mean two houses or changing residence frequently. Lot's of mental or communicative activity occurs in the home. Cancer on the fifth house finds love and leisure through the home or family. They love cooking. collecting, or caretaking. Leo on the sixth looks to the entertainment world for work. Most Pisces types make fine actors, artists, musicians, and entertainers in general, and take great pride in their work or skills. Virgo on the seventh house seeks a very discriminating or disciplined type partner to balance their own vagueness or lassitude. Close or intimate relationships are usually established at the workplace or through some service. Pisceans require beautiful, peaceful, or harmonious people and environments in order to achieve regeneration. They have a balanced view of death, sex, and occult principles or ideas. Scorpio on the ninth indicates a deep, intense, and selective, philosophy or spiritual nature. They undergo many transforming or life-changing experiences during their travels. With Sagittarius on the tenth house Pisceans decide to take up spiritual professions, such as priest, monk, mystic, or philosopher. Other professions include publisher, explorer, travel agent, athelete, hunter, or the import/export business. Capricorn on the eleventh gives Pisces an organizational or defining genius. They are good with numbers and facts and lists and have few but quality friends whom they often go into business with. With their extreme sensitivity and perception Pisceans well know the truth on many things but they keep it secret or locked up inside of them. Many of their inventions come through dreams or visions.

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