Astrology and the Hand

You were made in the image of the heavens and your body reflects this through it's design. One of the most revealing features of your body is your hand. Your arms and hands are an extension of your brain or mind and it capacities. Your fingers in particular are the ten contact points between the brain and the outer world.

Ten is Capricorn, Saturn, or the last and most complex Earth sign ruling over form and matter. While Taurus is pure matter in its dual form, and Virgo is intelligized matter in its sixfold capacity, Capricorn is organized, limited, or defined matter in its tenfold expression. Capricorn or Saturn(Satan) is why we have ten fingers(or toes). Virgo is why we have six major body parts(head, thorax, two arms, two legs), and Taurus is why we have two of everything(two eyes, ears, nostrils, etc.). The right side of the body is supposedly masculine while the left side(slightly smaller) is feminine.

The left hand(its features and lines) represents your inherited or natal potential while your right hand is what you do with that potential. As you change, so do the features and lines on your right hand. Why do most of us use chiefly our right hand for most of our activities. I believe that equal use of both arms and hands will help to develop both halves of our brains equally.

Each hand is a complete summary of our astrological nature -the fingers in particular. The thumb, which represents the will, creative aspect, or fifth element(ether), out of which the other four elements are born, has two divisions; the upper part representing the masculine or positive energy, and the lower part representing the feminine or negative energy. The other four fingers represent the four common elements of fire, earth, air, and water. Each of these fingers has three parts which symbolize the three modes -cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Four fingers multiplied by three modes equals the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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