Your Ascension Sign

In Astrology the Rising Sign or Ascendant is much more than just your physical appearance or the way you relate -it is your Earth or Gaia body which you must master and re-absorb into your whole being.

Your whole being consists of your Earth, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and X(Vulcan?) bodies, each vibrating at a different level or frequency and interpentrating one another.

Your finer or higher-vibrating bodies form the brighter or more colorful layers of your auric field, while your denser or lower vibrating bodies form the more visible or solid you.

Your three spiritual bodies(Sun, Mars, Jupiter) are normally the finest or brightest parts of your aura, as these rule the three fire or spirit signs. Next come Mercury, Earth, and Uranus -rulers of the air signs, followed by Moon, Neptune, and Pluto -rulers of the more visible water element. Lastly are Venus, Saturn, and X(Vulcan?) -rulers of the Earth signs.

If our Earth is one of the higher bodies then why is it such a visible or dense part of our being? The answer is that because you are now focused on Earth it is this part of you(your Ascendant)that is now in the process of being formed or moulded -more than any other part of you. The Earth/Ascendant is actually one of your three mental bodies which uses the Earth planet's materials to form itself a physical body according to its sign it's in. The formation of your ascendant/ascension body begins with your first breath and is ready to be fully integrated with all of your other planetary bodies at around age 30. This is the ideal time for ascension(when you are at your peak) and which Buddha, Jesus, Appolonius and the like achieved thousands of years ago -and which anyone can still achieve. Unfortunately, most of us miss the boat during our Saturn returns and go downhill from there.

Astrologically, the Earth/Ascendant is linked to Libra, a cardinal air sign, and its symbol is the wind(active air). Libra has Taurus as its negative or night side, and unfortunately this is the level most of us and the planet are presently living in. We are in the Kali Yuga or materialistic phase of our development and must rise out of it at some point and become the air-beings we we once were and shall again become. Collectively, this is far off in the future, but individually there is no time frame -we ascend when we are ready to do so.

Ascension is merely the raising of your vibration through purification techniques. The purer you become, the faster your electrons spin and you "dissapear" into a higher realm or state. The Sun is bright or hot because it is functioning on a higher state or dimension in comparison to the other planets. If it raises its state any higher it can literally combust or dissapear from view! Every planet can ascend to Sun status or the other way around.

Humans also have this ability. They can rise to higher states or descend to lower ones. Just as the Earth and some of the other planets must ascend to their glorified original states and be reabsorbed or reconnected into the system proper, so must humans raise their Earth/Ascendant bodies to a level that will reconnect with the rest of their being.

Our present physical state is temporary and abnormal. Our true state is like the wind! The sign your ASCENDant or RIS(E)ing sign is in gives you a clue as to how you can best achieve your ascension -if that is your goal. Below is a general guideline as to how each individual can best achieve ascension according to his or her ascendant or rising sign. Note: the Ascendant ruler or any planets therein will give further clues to this.

Aries rising: ascension is achieved through courage, initiative, and believing in one's self. It will come about quickly and spontaneously and perhaps even combustively. Look to Mars in your chart for further clues.

Taurus rising: ascension is achieved slowly but surely, through quietness, stillness, and being in touch with every part of your body, which is your most important possession of all. Look to Venus in your chart for further clues.

Gemini rising: ascension is achieved through meditation and breathing exercises. Key words, phrases, sounds, or thoughts can trigger the process. Look to Mercury in your chart for further clues.

Cancer rising: ascension is achieved through the stirring of one's higher emotions, feelings, or memories. Running water and enclosed areas which produce a safe, womb-like environment can trigger or awaken the process. Look to the Moon in your chart for further clues.

Leo rising: ascension is achieved through love and being able to fully express one's being. Warmth, sunlight, and central locations can be triggers or aids in the process. Look to the Sun in your chart for further clues.

Virgo rising: ascension is achieved through purity, hygiene, discipline, yoga, exercise, and service to others. A pure diet and natural environment are essential to the process. Look to Mercury in your chart for further clues.

Libra rising: ascension is achieved through establishing perfect harmony with one's self and others. Balance, moderation, beauty, and detachment will set you on course. Learn from the wind. Look to Venus in your chart for further clues.

Scorpio rising: ascension is achieved through focus and singleness of purpose. Choose the straight and narrow road: rechannel your passions, conquer your demons, and let your kundalini rise and transform you. Become an eagle instead of a scorpion. Look to Pluto in your chart for further clues.

Sagittarius rising: ascension is achieved through faith, prayer, travel, exploration, and spiritual study. Know that there are great teachers and benevolent angels ready to assist you on your path. Look to Jupiter in your chart for further clues.

Capricorn rising: ascension is achieved through control, discipine, fasting, and frugality. Time and matter and death are the final illusions which you must and will overcome. Look to Saturn in your chart for further clues.

Aquarius rising: ascension is achieved through through the realization that you are not bound by anyone or anything. Learn the truth that will set you free -that all you really need is the air that you breathe. Be different. Be youself. Look to Uranus in your chart for further clues.

Pisces rising: ascension is achieved by going with your natural flow rather than against it. Listen to your feelings rather than your intellect. Meditate, visualize, and internalize. Let the Spirit flow through you. Let go and let God. Look to Neptune in your chart for further clues.

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